AMD gains more ground on Intel, according to survey of PC gamers

Ryzen 5 3600X
Ryzen 5 3600X (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • AMD gained 0.74 CPU percent market share among Steam gamers on Windows in May 2020.
  • Intel still leads AMD in CPU Steam market share by more than 55 percent.
  • AMD has gained more than 1 percent CPU Steam market share since the beginning of 2020.

AMD continues to gain ground on Intel when it comes to CPU market share among Steam users on Windows (via TechRadar). While Intel still holds a lead of more than 55 percent in the category, AMD gained 0.74 percent CPU market share among Steam users in May 2020 and has gained more than one percent CPU market share since January 2020. AMD is now at 22.45 percent in the category while Intel is at 77.54 percent. Steam releases its Steam Hardware and Software Survey each month, which illustrates AMD's growth this year.

While Steam users don't account for all PCs, they represent a significant segment of the PC gaming market. Figures fluctuate from month to month, but general trends in the Steam Hardware and Software Survey give a good indication of how PC gamers are shifting. Based on these recent figures, gamers are interested in AMD's CPU offering and at least some of them are shifting over.

AMD dealt a blow to Intel in 2019 with Ryzen advancements

While AMD is doing well in the CPU market for gamers, its struggling to crack the top of the charts when it comes to GPUs. NVIDIA holds the top nine GPU spots in the Steam Hardware and Software Survey, with AMD only holding the last spot of the top ten. NVIDIA holds all but three spots among GPUs that hold at least one percent market share among Steam gamers.

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