AMD Radeon Software now available through the Microsoft Store

AMD Radeon
AMD Radeon (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • AMD Radeon Software is now available through the Microsoft Store.
  • The software allows you to change your GPU settings and install driver updates.
  • The software is also available through AMD's website.

AMD Radeon Software is now available through the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). The software makes it easy to adjust GPU settings and to perform driver updates. AMD's Radeon Software was already generally available through AMD's website, but can now also be downloaded through the Microsoft Store. The software was spotted in the Microsoft Store by Twitter user WalkingCat.

AMD has a wide variety of PC GPUs, including the RX 5700, which was one of the company's first GPUs based on the 7nm Navi architecture. The new 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 is also powered by an AMD chip.

By combining AMD Radeon Software with an AMD GPU, people can customize their gaming experience, including tweaking settings to get a game to look exactly how they'd like it to. The software also helps people keep their systems up to date and running smoothly.

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  • I think I will pass, i will do it the old way, no doubt MS will want us to have an MS account to use their store.
  • Actually, you don't need an account to download or update free apps 🤷‍♂️
  • Yet, with the home version of Windows 10 almost forcing people into having a MS account unless they disconnect from the internet on installation, I can not see it being that long before Ms pushed everyone who use the store to have a MS account. Even so using the store without a MS account gets naggs about sign in with your MS account.
    so much better to get it from the AMD site and also at least you know it is the latest version.
  • @ ad47uk Actually, previously you needed a Microsoft account to download apps and extensions from the store. However now you don't as you can simply skip signing in or adding an account to the store. In regards to the Microsoft forcing people to signing into an account at installation, that is a pretty crappy move.
  • I already have the desktop version installed, but this is still cool nonetheless, even if I don't always upgrade to the latest available GPU driver release because more often than not it introduces bugs (i.e. breaks night light).
  • Can they do this for Nvidia too? That'd make life easier lol
  • NVIDIA Control Panel is already available in the Store.
  • Oh what I had no idea! Thanks
  • I'll pass too - I already have the desktop version which constantly nags me to update the driver which I don't want to do as it blue screened my PC several times after I originally installed it and I had to spend ages in safe mode rolling it back.
  • I never had that problem with new driver updates for my AMD card, i just updated to a RX5700 from a R9 280. so far so good.
  • Hmm, was curious to see what we can do with the store app if we can do exact samething as the Win32 Application then that's a massive step in the right direction. But getting Error Code 0x803FB005 when trying to download it.
  • But why? You get this control panel with every AMD Driver anyway.
  • Beause it shows that the UWP apis are maturing and allowing devs to replace Win32 executables which are more susceptible to code injection than UWP apps. For the latter, since it's coming from the store it's already screened and any code injection would have to be done at node, isp, network and local level - so much more difficult.