AMD's latest Radeon drivers add support for Xbox Game Pass PC

What you need to know

  • Adrenalin 19.6.1 adds support for Xbox Game Pass PC.
  • Update through the app or download directly from AMD.
  • AMD announced at E3 2019 it will bundle 3-months of Game Pass PC with purchases of the new RX 5700 graphics cards.

If you're on a PC that uses AMD Radeon graphics and you're excited about Xbox Game Pass PC, you'll want to be hitting up the latest Adrenalin drivers. AMD has pushed out the 19.6.1 update that doesn't have a massive amount in it, but does add support for Xbox Game Pass PC. It comes after AMD announced at E3 2019 that it would be bundling 3-months of Xbox Game Pass PC with purchases of its new RX 5700 graphics cards.

Not that you couldn't download the games beforehand, but added support is always welcome, especially when Microsoft released the new Xbox (Beta) application with a big focus on Game Pass.

Also included in Adrenalin 19.6.1 is a fix for the AMD Link mobile application where controllers weren't recognized by some installs when streaming games. There are some issues still present, such as being able to broadcast to Facebook from ReLive, so it's worth checking out the release notes before you download, and the drivers are available for both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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