And ... The Verizon Touch Pro 2 once again is not in stock

Well, that didn't last long. Sorry, folks, the Verizon Touch Pro 2 is out of stock, at least online, again. (And unless Verizon dumps a truckload of these things on our doorstep, you're on your own for a while. We're not gonna keep chasing that monkey.) Thanks, hoodracer!

Phil Nickinson

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  • With this never ending ineptitude on behalf of VZW and their line-up of smartphones (and 'availability') AT&T is looking better all the time. Come time for my NE2 upgrade it may be adios to VZW if they don't get it together, and soon.
  • this is ridiculous. i put my order in yesterday after i got off work and when i emailed customer service asking why my order was still being processed after a full business day they told me it was backordered. i've been trying to get this thing literally for weeks now. i mean VZW has the biggest network with the most subscribers so why don't they order enough phones for them. they priced it to be a popular device so why do they seem so shocked it's popular. i shouldn't have to jump through hoops to give them my money. they keep offering me the Imagio but i don't want that one, since it doesn't have a keyboard. i've been pretty passive about it so far with just checking the website and retail store, but from now on im gonna be on the phone to customer service until i get this device in my hands. reading from a few success stories this seems to be the only way to get one.
  • There is a huge shipment expected on 10/20. That should fix all of the backorder issues. Them being back in stock yesterday was just an added bonus.
  • do you have a source for that info? that would be awesome if true. i just called customer service a little bit ago and she couldn't find one. she also said they had a meeting in which they said they wouldn't be getting a lot more of them at all (which i don't believe) and to push the Imagio. i'm going to be calling everyday now until i get one so hopefully my search stops 10/20 cause this reaching the point of obsession for me.
  • Push the Imagio?!?! That worked well...Now the Imagio is out of stock too!
  • Gosh I am really sorry guys! I did post as soon as I knew the TP2 was available the other day, so I did my part. On the sad side of things, the one I got today is still on WM 6.1 :( So VZW can't even use that as an excuse for being out of stock for so long!
  • The online verizon chat agent told me that i could upgrade the phone from 6.1 to 6.5 via the windows website for free once i received my TP2... is that not true???? (btw I also was suckered into ordering it friday while in stock only to receive an email next day stating it is on backorder...)
  • I was lucky enough to get my order in before it went out of stock again.
    Also, I went to a local corp store and they said the TP 2 is going to be online only for awhile due to demand.
  • So for once it appears I wasn't completely crazy for waking up at 6AM the very first day this phone was availible and ordering sight-unseen? Cool! For all those trying to get one... ot trying to rub it in or anything... but keep at it. It's worth it, really.
  • Wow i love this phone. I ordered mine the day it was restocked and i had it the next day. i love this phone! i knew if i didn't order it right away this would happen. so glad i did.
  • I called Verizon to order the Imagio this past Wednesday night. The rep told me they had 641 Imagios in stock. I replied by stating that I REALLY wanted the TP2. "Let me check" he says, then replying that they had 635 of the TP2 in stock (even though the verizon website was still showing Out of Stock.) Got my phone Friday afternoon. Still figuring it all out, but so far it is pretty darn impressive!
  • What store in what city are you in? In my area, Western Wa. state, no VZW stores have ever had this phone in stock, based on the 3 or 4 I called when it first came out. I was also told they may not get them in the stores. But the sales rep at 2 of these stores were sure trying hard to push the BlackBerry devices. The way VZW operates in many of these instances makes absolutely no sense and is very frustrating to us end users.