Anda Seat launches Kaiser 3 gaming chair featuring magnetic pillow and arms

Anda Seat Kaiser
Anda Seat Kaiser (Image credit: Anda Seat)

What you need to know

  • Anda Seat's new Kaiser 3 gaming chair is now available.
  • The Kaiser 3 features a magnetic head pillow, arms, and an optional tabletop.
  • The gaming chair also has built-in four-way lumbar support.
  • The Kaiser 3 is available today with a starting price of $500, with early bird discounts running from March 14 until March 20.

Anda Seat just launched its Kaiserr 3 gaming chair, which features magnets for attaching its head pillow, arms, and optional tabletop. The Kaiser 3 also includes built-in four-way lumbar support. Two sizes of the new chair are available: large for $500 and XL for $550. The seat is available in nine different colors and either PVC leather or linen fabric materials. If you order the Kaiser 3 between March 14 and March 20, you can save a bit of money.

Unlike many gaming chairs that have pillows attach with a strap, the Kaiser 3 uses magnets to hold its pillow in place. Anda Seat claims that this makes it easier to get the pillow into the right position. Magnets are also used to attach the 4D adjustable armrests of the chair, which also allows you to swap out the arms for different colors.

Anda Seat Kaiser

Source: Anda Seat (Image credit: Source: Anda Seat)

An optional tabletop is sold separately for the Kaiser 3, and it also attaches with magnets. The tabletop looks like it would easily house the best gaming laptops or a keyboard and mouse setup.

Inside the Kaiser 3 sits four-way adjustable lumbar support. The chair can also recline between 90 degrees and 160 degrees.

Two sizes of the Kaiser 3 are available through Anda Seat. The large model starts at $500 and is recommended for people between 150-190 cm (4'11''-6'2'') that are under 120 kg (260 lbs). The XL model ($550) is aimed at gamers between 181-210 cm (5'11''-6'8'') that are up to 175 kg (395 lbs).

Anda Seat Kaiser 3

Anda Seat Kaiser 3

This gaming chair has its head pillow and arms attach with magnets. It's available in nine different colors, two different sizes, and in either PVC or linen.

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