Android app support rolls out to Windows 11 Insiders

Android Apps Windows
Android Apps Windows (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced the first preview of Android apps on Windows 11.
  • Android app support is now available for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel running Windows 11.
  • Only 50 Android apps are available for testing on Windows 11 at the moment.

Windows 11 now has preview support for Android apps. The feature is rolling out in testing to Insiders in the Beta Channel. Microsoft's blog post on Android app support explains that the feature works with eligible devices running Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm processors.

Android app support did not launch with the initial release of Windows 11, causing some disappointment. Now, Windows Insiders can test out Android apps on Windows 11 PCs. Android apps run side-by-side with Windows apps and support features like Snap Layouts. You can also pin them to the Start menu or Taskbar.

Microsoft outlines five requirements to get started:

  1. Your PC needs to be on Windows 11 (Build series builds) and meet these hardware requirements.
  2. You may need to enable virtualization for your PC's BIOS/UEFI. Click here for a guide on how to enable this on your PC.
  3. Your PCs' region must be set to the U.S.
  4. Your PC must be in the Beta Channel. If you are new to the Windows Insider Program, click here to get started with registration and joining your PC to the Beta Channel.
  5. You will also need to have a [U.S.-based] Amazon account to use the Amazon Appstore.

Only 50 Android apps are available for testing for Windows Insiders at the moment. Microsoft explains that it worked with Amazon and popular app developers to curate this list. More apps will come out for testing in the coming months.

Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel will not receive preview support for Android apps today. The Dev Channel is on a new development cycle that "isn't matched to what is released to the general public," according to Microsoft. The company explains that Android app support will arrive for Dev Channel Insiders "down the road."

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  • Wowv. Cool, nice
  • What is a S.- Amazon account?
  • They cut if off a bit - it is a US based Amazon account.
  • Ah, ok. Thanks. Thought it was some new Amazon account type. Was thinking they gave it a weird name lol
  • Impressive, love the Windows integration... This will be a game changer, especially on products like the Surface Pro 8...
  • Just a heads up to anyone not finding the Amazon Appstore on the Microsoft Store. In my case, there was an update to the Windows Store app and once I did the update, the Amazon Store was suddenly available.
  • I'm pretty shocked that a) they decided to do this at all and b) things are rolling along so quickly. Great news for consumers who like their Android apps, like me. I am hopeful 12th gen Intel will give us very good (mobile tablet-like) battery life for some Windows devices, which will mean I just won't need my (otherwise very nice!) Samsung tablet anymore. If it all pans out, I'll be able to do literally everything from my PC. Very convenient.
  • Can confirm sideloading APKs via ADB works like a charm. Guess we will have an official apk installer eventually. For ADB you just need to `adb connect` and then `adb install some_app.apk`.
  • This is probably a good chance for Microsoft and Amazon to bury the hatchet on the Jedi Project and hopefully make it easier for future adventures that the two might co bid on... Maybe lol
  • I would love to have the Android version of some of my fave drawing apps. In many cases the desktop version isn't optimized for touch or have the tap to undo features like on Android. Hope this beta test goes well.
  • Even in preview in a VM, the Android Kindle app is a better and more feature complete experience than the Kindle for PC abandonware.
  • Seconded; working great for me.
  • What does MS not understand about Dev, Beta, Release?
  • Just install BlueStacks on your windows 10 computer/Laptop that is VM enabled and you will have access to Google play store where you can download as many Android apps as you can.