Another SkyDrive app appears in Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft in a surprising move has updated the Windows 8 Marketplace so that there is now another SkyDrive app available. This is not the WinRT version but instead a shortcut to the full-blown desktop app that is currently available to all. SkyDrive is going to be a linchpin of Microsoft’s cloud based continuous client strategy. So what are they up to?

Windows 8 already has the WinRT version of SkyDrive, but currently that does not support folder synchronisation. I have to say I find this rather odd. I would have expected MS to simply update the existing built-in app to support such a function.

I do think there are number of reasons they have chosen this route. Firstly, it could be that a pure WinRT version will make it impossible to execute that level of interaction with the classic desktop environment. It could also be there to help aid install until a fully featured SkyDrive app baked in  with the WinRT environment and the Classic environment.

The Marketplace makes it easy to use the Web

I have been using SkyDrive and its previous incarnations for a long time now. I love this service and want the folder syncing to work natively in Windows 8. I am also, like many others, hoping that they update the client to allow choices that are more granular, concerning what syncs across all the devices.

I am actively using over 100GB of my SkyDrive storage. That is mostly my photos from my various world tours and almost anything else I can think of. I certainly can’t sync all that with my Laptop, the SSD is only 120GB so a solution for this problem has to be coming. As a Windows Phone user, you’re likely already using SkyDrive, that’s where your (currently reduced in size) photos are uploaded to and where OneNote sits awaiting the occasional sync. If you haven’t tried SkyDrive, I do urge you to head over and get the client and get syncing! If you happen to move between multiple devices it’s just perfect, the client is available for Mac, iPad & iPhone too, so nobody is left out. Oh wait, there is not an official Android app, but it’s rumoured to be coming.

Windows Phone 8 is rumoured to include a more fleshed out feature set. Granular control over what is synced from the higher capacity devices such as my coming Surface tablet and desktop PC is essential. Even with the addition of expandable storage on the phone, I really just don’t want to have everything in my life syncing everywhere. It is not practical or wanted.

Currently users of more traditional versions of Windows have the nous to nip off and fetch any software they care to install. Times move on and once a Windows user is exposed to a Marketplace for browsing and installing software, well, they might forget the old ways? Perhaps there won’t be a full version of Skydrive available for Windows 8? Is this just a neat link to grab the software from the web in the short term?

Would really like to know how you guys are using SkyDrive. What features do you want to see from the client going forward? 

Robert Brand