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Anthem Demo schedule: All times and dates

Anthem (Image credit: EA)

Electronic Arts is preparing to launch pre-release demos for Anthem, its upcoming shared-world role-playing game, headed to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. While the all-new franchise isn't set to launch until February 22, 2019, two planned preview sessions are your chance for early access.

The Anthem demo splits into two separate periods, from a limited-access "VIP Demo" to a wider "Open Demo." The former is limited to those who preorder Anthem (opens in new tab), subscribe to EA Access (opens in new tab) on Xbox One, or use Origin Access on PC. Alternatively, the Open Demo is accessible for all.

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However, both Anthem demos are tied to tight three-day schedules. We've wrapped up all the times and dates you need to know, via EA.

Anthem VIP Demo dates and times

Anthem's VIP Demo commences on January 25, before concluding on January 27.

  • Start – January 25 (12:01 PM EST / 9:01 AM PST / 5:01 PM UTC)
  • End – January 27 (9 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 2 AM UTC)

Anthem Open Demo dates and times

The Open Demo is scheduled for February 1, before wrapping up on February 3.

  • Start – February 1 (12:01 PM EST / 9:01 AM PST / 5:01 PM UTC)
  • End – February 3 (9 PM EST / 6 PM PST / 2 AM UTC)

Be sure to check back for any potential tweaks to demo times or scheduled downtime.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown

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  • Download from here for xbox
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