Any developer can now make a DirectX 12 game with updated Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games had previously announced that its Unreal Engine 4 tools would support Microsoft's DirectX 12 API in Windows 10. The developer has released an updated version of Unreal Engine 4 that allows anyone to make DirectX 12-based games with the tools.

The new Unreal Engine 4.9 still uses DirectX 12 as an "experimental" feature. Epic Games says:

"DirectX 12 offers a much lower-level rendering API that is more efficient and allows for rendering commands to be submitted in parallel across many threads, a feature inspired by console rendering APIs. Going forward, we'll continue to improve support for DirectX 12 and look for ways to leverage the new API in upcoming versions of the engine."

Microsoft and Epic previously offered DirectX 12 support for Unreal Engine 4 to a limited number of developers, but this launch will expand that access to all game creators. Unreal Engine 4 is free to download and use to make commercial games, with Epic taking a 5% royalty on revenues. Microsoft's upcoming free-to-play game Fable Legends for Windows 10 and the Xbox One will use both Unreal Engine 4 and DirectX 12.

Source: Unreal Engine

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  • Cool! Lets make our own Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies 2
  • UE supports only Windows desktop.
  • Not true.  UE can target mobile platforms, I believe just iOS and Android, but that nearly covers the full marketshare.
  • That's really not the case. UE 4 supports all new platforms. Xbox one included. Fable is on UE 4 on the Xbox one. Look it up. Thought it was common knowledge by now
  • Out of wikia:
    "The current release is Unreal Engine 4, designed for Microsoft's DirectX 11 and 12 (for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Windows RT); OpenGL (for OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, Ouya and Windows X); and JavaScript/WebGL (for HTML5 Web browsers)."
  • From UE FAQ: "What platforms are supported? Unreal Engine 4 enables all developers to deploy projects to Windows PC, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, VR (including but not limited to SteamVR/HTC Vive, Morpheus, Oculus Rift and Gear VR), Linux, SteamOS, and HTML5. You can run the Unreal Editor on both Windows and OS X. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console tools and code are available at no additional cost to developers who are registered developers for their respective platform(s)." I guess you can use HTML for Universal apps, or add the support by yourself, but they do not seem to be supported by default.
  • Getting a new amd card setup as amd are better than nvidia for dx12. Its not just better performance, its better performance with the new graphical effects dx12 brings to.
  • im with ya they are usually on the cutting-edge r&d-wise if only mxm was cheaper
  • I`m presuming when it says open to all, that it means Windows and Xbox game devs.
  • I've been considering switching from Unity to UE4.
  • If you're not into mobile development then it's a safe move I guess.
  • Do you really need DX12 so hard?
  • I don't care about DX12, I can't imagine anything little old me is doing will need to push the bleeding edge that hard.  I've just been having some issues with Unity and UE4 is the obvious alternative.  Has anyone here tried both and can compare?   Also, why do I suddenly have 2 accounts going on, wierd.
  • I tried both Unity and UE4, and for me Unity is the clear winner. Simply because as a coder, im always iterating, compiling, debugging, and UE4 takes forever to compile a simple change. (Or maybe I need a better machine)  Also, since Unity removed the limitations on the free version, you can now do all the fancy graphics with custom shaders. That is a huge bonus imo. UE4 is still great and offers overall better performance/graphics. Perfect for big projects. 
  • You can't build for Windows Phone.
  • I'm building for PC, I tried my hand at mobile games, and there's just no money in it.  Plus I was tired of targetting the lowest hardware.  I want to make something that looks good.
  • Wish I could get started on game development
  • Unity or Unreal? Which is better?
  • Yeah I'm looking into this too.
  • DX12 seems to run on my Surface Pro 2 just fine. I'm not using any fancy effects in my game though.
  • MS ain't playing with em
  • If only they supported UWP....
  • Why?  This isn't a big deal at the moment?  Targetting win32 will get you essentially the same marketshare and more capability.  There's no reason to target universal apps at the moment.  The Xbox One store still isn't open for everyone, the Hololens is still a ways off and Windows 10 for Mobile or whatever they're calling it doesn't have enough units for developers to make much money.  PC devs are still best off to make standard exe's and sell on steam.  At least then they can target higher specs and not worry about their game needing to run on phones too.
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