AOC has gamers squarely in its sights with its latest duo of monitors released as part of its Agon lineup. Carrying the delightfully catchy designations of AG241QX and AG241QG, both monitors come in at 24 inches and pack QHD (2560x1440) resolutions. Each also features some flashy red and black styling meant to appeal to the gaming crowd, similar to what you see with designated "gaming" products from other brands as well.

AOC Agon

Aside from their superficial quirks, both monitors pack some solidly gaming-focused features. Each includes a high refresh rate, with the AG241QX coming in at 144hz and the AG241QG at 165hz. More importantly, the big differentiator between the two is that the AG241QX includes Adaptive Sync while the AG241QG packs NVIDIA's G-Sync. Both technologies are meant to eliminate screen tearing by synchronizing the monitor's refresh rate with a game's frame output, but G-Sync notably only works with NVIDIA graphics cards.

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Aside from the G-Sync and Adaptive Sync differences, both monitors feature TN panels and 1ms response times. That doesn't stop their prices from varying quite a bit, however, at the Adaptive Sync model comes in at $499, while the G-Sync model bumps things up to $699. If you're interested in either, both can be ordered now on Amazon at a discount.

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