AOC's new Agon G-Sync display will go all the way up to 240Hz

Gamescom is the perfect time to reveal a new 240Hz monitor and that's exactly what AOC has done with the new Agon AG251FG (opens in new tab). This display is available in Europe this week, offering an impressive 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for optimal gaming performance. NVIDIA G-Sync, ULMB (helps tackle motion blur) and other features are bundled in for good measure.

The panel itself is a 24.5-inch TN display, rocking a resolution of 1080p. That's a bummer for those who enjoy 1440p and beyond, but with the Full HD experience it'll be easier for those with mid-spec gaming rigs to hit frame rates into the hundreds, which is supported by this screen. Those of you unfamiliar with G-Sync and are wondering why on Earth this should matter to you, if you have a compatible GPU from NVIDIA, this monitor will work with the graphics card to minimize screen tear and input lag.

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Display24.5-inch TN
Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate240Hz
Response Time1ms
Ports1x HDMI
1x DisplayPort
4x USB 3.0
Sync TechNVIDIA G-Sync

As is the case with other Agon monitors, AOC is packing in a headset holder (I'm a massive fan of this on displays), the company's Ergo Dial Base, as well as eye-protection technologies for extended sessions. The display itself will set purchasers back $499 (£519) and is available in Europe this week.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Small 1080p TN panel for $500? This product will spectacularly FAIL
  • Thats actually a normal price for 240hz; thats the selling point not the size or the resolution; But I would go with the ASUS PG258Q over this AOC any day.  
  • This panel actually supports 1440p @ 144 herts which is the first of it's kind (also supporting 1080p @ 240 herts).  This review missed that very important info. Pretty great for gaming.  I want one.