Apex Legends confirms new Legend, Loba Andreade, ahead of Season 5

Apex Legends Loba
Apex Legends Loba (Image credit: Respawn)

Many fans speculated that the next hero to be announced would be Loba Andrade, a girl who was orphaned by Revenant in the Season 4: Assimilation launch trailer. Respawn confirmed Thursday that, indeed, Loba would be the next hero coming to the game.

A new Stories from the Outlands trailer, which you can watch above, details Loba's past and how she became a titular Apex Legend. She was a thief who lost her parents at the hands of Revenant and decided to seek revenge when she saw that her rival, Revenant, was competing in the Apex Games.

Her abilities haven't been detailed yet, but the Apex Legends website describes her as "stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful, whatever Loba wants, she takes. Good luck stopping her." This is in line with her background as a thief.

Like other characters before her, Loba was datamined and leaked last year, so many thought she was going to be an upcoming legend in the game. Other legends that were leaked included Wattson and Crypto. However, Respawn has attempted to counter dataminers, specifically with the launch of Revenant. Ahead of that character's reveal, Respawn launched teasers for Forge, who was promptly killed in a video by Revenant. In an interview with Dot Esports, designer Rayme Vinson said that this was specifically to misdirect dataminers.

That means despite leaks, anything is fair game.

In additional news, and as something that usually comes along with hero reveals, Apex Legends also released details for Season 5, called Fortune's Favor. It's set to launch of Tuesday, May 12 and will include a new game mode called Quests, which will have players searching for treasure and "answers." Whatever that means in terms of narrative, it means more loot for players.

There's, of course, also going to be a new battle pass with over 100 more excluisve items.

Respawn also announced Ranked Leagues Season 4. You can check out details on what the team is working on here but it looks like not a lot will be changing from past season in terms of splits and tier separation.



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