What you need to know

  • Apex Legends Season 3 is coming on October 1.
  • To celebrate, there's a new trailer for Season 3 showing off the new Legend, Crypto, as well as the new map: World's Edge.
  • World's Edge is themed on a clash of ice and fire, with extreme elements and weather conditions.

Apex Legends Season 3 is coming soon, as recently announced on Twitter. To tease what's coming in the next season, Respawn has released a new, stylized trailer showing the cast everyone is familiar with dropping into new territory alongside the mysterious newcomer Crypto. That new territory is an entirely-new map called World's Edge, which features strong themes of fire and ice. You can check out the snazzy new trailer below:

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World's Edge is on Planet Talos, which is a seperate system altogether, as the previous map was set on Planet Solace. We'll likely learn more about this new world (and the new Legend, Crypto) as Season 3 gets closer to release on October 1. Apex Legends is entirely free-to-play, with paid Seasons that allow players to complete different challenges to unlock different cosmetics skins and items.

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