App update roundup: UK Trains, Line and Calendar Calleague updated with new improvements

Another day, another batch of updates for Windows Phone apps. While we're still in the season of festivities and incredible retail sales, today we'll be looking at UK Trains, Line and Calendar Calleague, each bumped to a new version.

Head on past the break to find out what's new in each update.

UK Trains

UK Trains 2.5

We haven't covered UK Trains here on Windows Phone Central yet, but it's an interesting app available on the store for those of us who reside in Great Britain. As the name suggests, UK Trains helps you stay on top of the rather complicated rail network across the country, providing up-to-date status reports on trains at hundreds of stations.

Version 2.5 introduces the following:

  • Use alternative data source for more efficient data use
  • Only fetch the arrival time for the first 4 departures to reduce data usage
  • Disable auto-refresh by default and add an option to enable it
  • UI improvements

Grab UK Trains from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Line WP

Line 3.1.4

If you're not familiar with Line, it's a free messenger app for Windows Phone and other platforms with millions of users worldwide. The app for Microsoft' mobile platform has just been bumped to and is a minor update at that. According to the change log, we're only looking at bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can download Line from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Calendar Calleague

Calendar Calleague 1.0.1

Calendar Calleague is a sweet app for Windows Phone for anyone who makes good use of a calendar, as well as conference calls. If you're struggling to keep up with all the connections you have listed down, this app helps make your life easier through automation.

Here's what's new in Calendar Calleague 1.0.1:

  • When swiping the month view up/down the month will always change.
  • Feature store now loads consistently
  • Fixes to help prevent stuck Live Tile
  • Added new settings to display the week # on the Month View, Live Tile, and Lock Screen.
  • Added double-tap to add new appointment on the Month View
  • Added 3 larger font sizes
  • Added new prev/next navigation buttons and a new today button to the Agenda, Day, and Week Views
  • Live Tile and Lock screen only show the current day's meetings
  • New Contact Pane. When tapping on the organizer or attendee on the details page, if the person is in your contact list, all of their phone #'s and email addresses will display so that you can either tap to call them or tap to email them.  If the person is not in your contact list, you will be able to just email them.
  • Minor performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Update: Turns out, we've jumped the gun on this update. The above list of features will be included in version 1.1.

Download Calendar Calleague from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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