App Update Roundup: Fresh Paint, 2flicka, Adobe Reader and more

Before the weekend hits everyone, there have been a handful of apps updated on the Windows Phone Store. If you've somehow missed the updates of these popular apps, fear not as we've got you covered with download links and information after the break.

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint 2.0.4057.1

Microsoft's Fresh Paint app for Windows Phone is a must-download for anyone who's a fan of drawing or coloring. While the previous update wasn't a major one, today we're seeing a bunch of new features hit the platform.

The changelog in the app description still shows off the old info from the last major update for Fresh Paint on Windows Phone. Notice anything new in this version? Sound off in the comments. 

There's also Fresh Paint on Windows 8, should you be interested in the counterpart for larger screens.


2flicka 1.8

If you cast your mind back a few days, you would recall an update being pushed out for 2flicka, the popular unofficial Flickr app. Today the developer has released yet another small bump for the solution, updating the visual layout for photo information, groups, galleries and more.

Here's what is new in version 1.8:

  • Updated visual layout for photo info, groups, galleries, photosets and users sections for smoother integration
  • Fixed uploading in foreground sometimes (rarely) crashing the app
  • Fixed settings layout for 16:9 support

We strongly recommend you check the app out if you enjoy snapping photos with your Windows Phone and sharing the results with others.

QR: 2flicka


Surfy 3.6

Surfy is a tabbed web browser available for Windows Phone 8. The browser utilizes tab viewing to match what you would see in a desktop browser. While most browsers for the platform attempt to mask or hide the tabbed experience, Surfy puts multiple instances in view.

The developer of Surfy has included the following in version 3.6:

  • Download Manager allowing users to transfer files over Wi-Fi or a USB connection,
  • Download and save YouTube videos, and export audio files to the Media Library.
  • Integration with Data Sense capability to warn users if they are over their data limit or when roaming.
  • Configurable search provider that supports Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo! or Google.
  • Cookies can be cleared along with the internet cache when deleting history
  • Performance improvements
  • New language support: English: Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, and Turkish.

There are two versions of the app available, with the free variant carrying some limitations.



While Facebook still needs to launch Paper for Windows Phone, we've got a fairly active developer community (contrary to popular belief) and Booklet is an unofficial app for Windows Phone that lets you browse Facebook in a unique way. The app has been updated with the following additions:

  • Fixed notifications count inconsistencies
  • Fixed freeze when stopping scroll at "people you might know"
  • New notifications center (Facebook, messages and Social Scout notifications)
  • Fixed posting issues
  • Added option to separate notifications from messages
  • Other fixes

Should you be bored with browsing Facebook the conventional way, Booklet offers a rather unique experience.

Odds and ends

Interestingly, the above apps and games aren't the only Windows Phone content to receive new versions. Check out some more updates below:

Check out more updates (or add ones you've discovered) over on our community forum.

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