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Live Photos, 3D Touch & Universal Apps: Apple hijacks Microsoft's lingo

Consequently, companies work diligently to present their products and services in a fashion that ensures that what they are selling is perceived as superior to what their competitors are offering.

Rarely in history, however, does a company leapfrog significantly ahead of competitors in a given area legitimizing a lasting claim to superiority.

As such, we are often left with a battle of words over similar product offerings as competitors wrestle for the minds of consumers. Some companies are better at this than others.

3D Touch, Living Images and universal apps, for example, are familiar terms to many Microsoft fans. Apple, however, has positioned itself to wrest those terms from Redmond as they market their flavor of similar technologies.

iPhone 3D Touch

Again, as most people know, marketing has far more to do with perception than with reality. It is often the better marketer that wins the day.


I'd first like you to propel your memory over the mountain of excitement Microsoft produced on October 6, 2015, and land ever so briefly upon the September 9, 2015, event of that other tech company. Recall, if you will, how Apple, with apparent systematic intent, seemed to usurp those three terms that Microsoft has used to describe features (and potential features) within its ecosystem of products?

  • 3D Touch is being used by Apple to describe on the iPhone, what is called Force Touch, when the same underlying technology is applied to Apple Watch. Of course, the term 3D Touch brings astute Microsoft enthusiasts minds back to the (canceled) McClaren, which boasted true three-dimensional interaction.
  • Live Photos, which automatically provides users a "gif-like" image of any photo looks very much like Microsoft's Living Images.
  • Apple applied the term Universal Apps to apps that run across just two (iOS and tvOS) of the several operating systems the Cupertino company maintains. Of course universal apps as part of Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform will run on all devices and are, therefore, well, universal.

Live Photos

It's all in the mind

Names matter. The frequent litigation we have seen as firms battle over product or services names is proof of this statement. To be clear, I'm not claiming that Apple's use of the aforementioned terms is a legal matter. I'm looking, rather, at how the extent to which companies go to protect a name validates the psychology of it all.

Firms spend millions of dollars on market research in an attempt to discover what appeals to the mind of consumers.

You see, when all is said and done, fancy specs and features don't ultimately sell a product. It's the message surrounding a product and how it is presented to and received by the human mind that essentially entices us.

The company that can occupy a certain place in the mind of a consumer wins the day.

The name of a product, feature or service is key to its taking root in the mind and having preeminence over similar offerings from rival companies. Thus, whichever company has the better message, not necessarily the better product, usually wins the coveted position in the minds of consumers.

Furthermore, whichever company has the more powerful brand name usually has the more effective message.

What's in a name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

This line by Juliet from Shakespeare's timeless tale was the maiden's assertion that Romeo's family name was, despite the feud between their families, irrelevant to her.

Most members of each family, without deeper contemplation, simply followed the status quo. The standard set by an established behavior of categorizing members of the rival family based on their name simplified how each family evaluated the members of the other. (Stick with me.)

There was no intellectual effort required to delve deeper into understanding an individual. No patience needed to hear the rational arguments from the opposing side. For the Capulets and Montagues, an efficient system of limited critical thinking provided a simplified means to keep each member of the families thinking the way the majority wanted them to think. There was power in the names.

There's power in a name

You see, sometimes powerful names are leveraged to control human behavior. In Romeo and Juliet, the unwary members of the rival families were easily moved by the will of the majority. Powerful brands have a similar influence on consumer behavior today.

Some brands are so powerful that they influence the establishing of an efficient system of limited critical thinking in the minds of consumers. Such a level of devotion is elicited from these fans that they have no motivation to delve deeper into the messages from the firm to which they are devoted. Nor are they open to entertaining the arguments of rival firms. They simply follow the status quo. They trust the brand. Thus, any message emanating from a firm in such a position has a profound market influence.

Apple is clearly one of the most powerful brands on earth. With the event-like status of its product announcements and the firms undeniable influence in the media, Cupertino's ability to influence consumer behavior is undeniable.

It is against this level of marketing prowess that Microsoft finds itself positioned. Redmond is in the precarious position of trying to retain its grasp on terms that Apple wants the industry to associate with its products.

Lock in

Once we know the name of something our minds begin to place it into a category. This categorization is where things begin to lock into a particular place in our thoughts. Once locked into that place any information that contradicts that established position is often rejected without much thought.

This "lock-in" status is the position every company wants its offerings to occupy in a consumer's mind. They want a feature or product name so intricately associated with their company that similar names of similar (or superior) technology are rejected by consumers with little thought.

For this reason, I believe Apple, with clear intent, seized upon the names 3D Touch, Live Photos and universal apps during their globally publicized "Hey Siri" event. Cupertino wants consumers, developers and the industry at large to think, "Apple," when they hear these and similar terms despite previous or potentially superior offerings by rivals.

3D Touch so close, yet so far away

Microsoft's highly anticipated McClaren, which boasted 3D Touch and an exploding tile (opens in new tab), mix-view interface was slated for the Fall of 2014 before its untimely cancelation. Unlike Apple's apparent "play on words" implementation of 3D Touch, Microsoft's vision for actual 3D Touch is "Hololens" ambitious. Microsoft's version, which even recognized gestures, allowed for touchless interaction with the device.


I concede that Apple's application of their take on 3D touch is first and foremost – here. Rather than being a hoped for function on a now defunct device. Second, I understand that it is still early, and developers will likely develop imaginative ways to utilize Apple's 3D Touch.

If Microsoft does bring its vision of 3D touch to market, its touchless and mix-view manifestation will be technologically beyond Apple's implementation. It will, however, have an uphill battle in that its execution will have to be flawless. Any hiccups will be compared critically to what will be a more familiar 3D Touch "Apple's way."

With the Apple name backing it, the idea of 3D Touch when applied to smartphones may be lodged in consumer's minds as something that "Apple" does. This perception is exactly what Apple wants.

Live Photos

Microsoft fans have long enjoyed Living Images on their devices. As mentioned above, Live Photos is Apple's take on this long established concept (Samsung uses Animated Photo). A Living Image/Live Photo is created by brief videos being recorded whenever a photo is taken. These images reveal momentary movement before they settle on the still photo. Apple's implementation also adds the dimension of recording sound.

A recent video (below) highlighting the advances in Microsoft's camera app reveal that Living Images will now be shareable across all Windows 10 devices as well as social media.

By contrast, Apple's Live Photos, though shareable to all Apple devices, are not shareable to social media. Apple's purposeful promotion, however, of the feature during the widely viewed "Hey Siri" event will likely propel it to the forefront of the race to reach consumer's minds.

Microsoft's marketing of Living Images via obscure videos and techie blog posts, unfortunately, keeps Redmond's offering hidden in that space where the normal consumer is unlikely to find it. This strategy virtually ensures that Apple's Live Photo's will become the recognized representative of this tech in the minds of consumers.

Universal Apps

Microsoft has successfully built a Universal Windows Platform that allows for a shared OS core and single app platform across all device families.

By contrast, Apple's implementation of Universal Apps is restricted to iOS and tvOS, excluding OS X and watchOS. Its limited breadth makes the application of the term "universal apps" ironic.

Apple's direct appeal to consumers, however, positions the idea of universal apps via the Apple TV(tvOS) and the iPhone (iOS) connection conceivably within reach of the minds of general consumers. If Apple TV becomes popular enough that these "universal apps" are frequently used across iPhone and Apple TV, consumers will begin to associate the term universal apps with Apple.

Furthermore, Apple's 19 million dedicated developers may begin to embrace the idea of Apple's universal apps. It is no secret that Microsoft has found it challenging to solicit developers support for the Windows ecosystem. Even with the clear benefit a 1.5 billion install base, 6x increase in app downloads in Windows 10, and a four-time increase in revenue to developers, Microsoft is still trying to win developers.

Apple already has developers. These developers will simply be learning an additional concept about how apps function across Apple's platforms. This association can conceivably become how many developers begin to view the name universal apps.

To the masses

Microsoft's Universal Platform, Living Images that can be broadly shared and a hopeful revisit to true 3D touch, gives Redmond the technological edge over Apple in these, as well as other, areas. However, perception matters especially in marketing. Because of Apple's brand, the company's name has a powerful influence on the masses. This is a frustrating reality for many Microsoft fans.

Microsoft is in a place it has never been before. Their investments to be the platform of platforms are beginning to materialize. Additionally, as seen during their #Windows10Devices event, they've learned to define what a product is based on how it will help a consumer get things done rather than by the specs the device possesses.

Still, Microsoft's fundamental approach to marketing, per Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela, is less focused on ad campaigns and TV spots and is more geared toward building marketing into their products. (Capossela conceded that Microsoft gleaned this from Apple and Google.) In essence, Microsoft is building connections into products that encourage users to use its other products (i.e., integrating Skype into Edge).

Conversely, Apple spares no punches with their diverse and aggressive consumer-focused ad campaigns. As we stated earlier whichever company has the better message, not necessarily the better product, wins the coveted position in the minds of consumers.

Living Images/Live Photos, 3D Touch, and universal apps are representative of the battle between Apple and Microsoft for a position of particular features in consumer's minds. The war is one of ecosystems. As such the recent Windows 10 and unprecedented "PC Does What?" campaigns are representative of Microsoft's attempts to position its ecosystem in the minds of consumers.

Perhaps Microsoft will succeed in conveying a message that, like Juliet defied the Montague name, causes consumers to defy the influence of Apple's name.

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • apple invented one thing...COPYING!  
  • iCopy ?
  • iCOPY-EVERYTHING-THEN-WE-LIE. We are CrApple, the home of COPYING, STEALING, FOOLING, PRETENDING, MISLEADING, BRAINWASHING,........and the #1 invention we have done is/was, we have created world's dumbest """"iSHEEP"""", that buys anything at any price we feel like selling it to them at, for prods that is 4 years ""behind"" ALL other Brand's technologies. So if you are an iSHEEP, come on down we sell you our overrated junk, and rip you off, again and again and again..................  
  • Complete agreement there. The only thing I'll give Apple credit for is iTunes.
  • iTunes was and remains junk.  The only thing that iTunes dominates in is content, however, competitors like MusicMatch were far superior back in the day.  Even as a music player it is crap, players like Winamp/Foobar/MediaMonkey/even WMP were and to this day are better. Two reasons why iTunes prevailed: - Name begins with 'i' - An Apple service
  • lol... btw i think microsoft didnt push the living images like apple is doing... and the implementation of it on the lockscreen is pretty sweet... hope ms comes with something like that.... 
  • Exactly. "Microsoft's marketing of Living Images via obscure videos and techie blog posts, unfortunately, keeps Redmond's offering hidden in that space where the normal consumer is unlikely to find it. This strategy virtually ensures that Apple's Live Photo's will become the recognized representative of this tech in the minds of consumers." No kidding. Living Images was great - but useless. Not even the built-in Windows Phone app could show them!! How crazy is that? You had to get a special app or go into the Camera --> Preview to see them, and only by going back and forth to a picture could you see the animation. Even in W10M, where the Photos app shows the animation, you still have to go back and forth to show it (as far as I can tell, I haven't been able to do it any other way). Why isn't Living Images on the lock screen? Start screen? Live tile? This article just highlights how Microsoft manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time.
  • Well. It might help is MS was actually even trying. I live in Europe. No advisertising what so ever. No Microsoft store. Nowhere to be found. There is one budget telecom shop actually advertising Windows Phones. At bus stops.. Look around, and you'll find lots of apple stores. Stores only dedicated to selling Apple stuff. Apple commercials everywhere. It's like MS is non-existent. Then you get the Xbox one launch. In the benelux area, we got it 10 months later then the rest of the world.. 10 months. And then the quation why sales lack..
  • yep. in Romania Apple and Samsung commercials all over the place.
  • None of this matters. Apple/Samsung makes commercials and MS sends videos to tech sites...Apple/Samsung makes commercials that advertise the features their workers created...MS makes commercials about how kids from another country MAY use their products in 10-15 years...   Guess who's winning?
  • Who's winning? Let's see, MS has more than 15 businesses over a billion dollars! That makes them stable through decades! Apple has what that really matters? The iPhone, just one line of products with like 2 models a year! Once this goes down, well in the long run, "Guess who's winning"?
  • You say they make two models a year like it's a bad thing. It means they're focused like a frakking laser, something I wish MS was with the Lumia line. I have a feeling that if you don't like how Apple handles their product releases, then you're not going to like what Panos Panay does with MS hardware. Less models, more focus, higher profits. Also, everything Apple has matters to Apple. All of their product lines are profitable, and that really is the only thing that matters.
  • I guess, I wish, In the age of Nadella there could be some differences. Just wait and see.
  • This article makes me hate apple so much
  • This article makes me hate Microsoft's marketing department so much.
  • As you should! Microsoft desperately needs to fire its entire marketing team and hire a REAL PR firm. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." That's a common phrase used in sales and marketing. Apple and Google do this as well as anyone. The biggest advantage Apple has, in my opinion, is the stranglehold it has on the film, music, and photography industries. Unfortunately, in our society, people want to be like celebrities; they wear the same clothes, use the same lingo, and buy/use the same products. In general, people are sheep. They'd rather take advice on technology from Kim Kardashian, rather than computer expert. They'd rather take car advice from Blake Griffin, rather than a mechanic. As little as it makes sense, it's the truth. Because of the wide-spread use of Apple products in the entertainment industry, entertainers use Apple products, which in return, is the best marketing platform a company can use. If I were MS, I would work on getting someone like Mark Cuban (who's not only famous, but known for his technological prowess) to endorse/support the MS platform.
  • I think the fundamental issue is that iPhones are good and Windows Phones aren't.  It's basically that simple.  Apple may have better marketing and a "reality distortion field" but they don't really need it.  At least compared to Windows Phone, there is nothing to recommend MS' offering. If there was something -- anything -- you could do on a Windows Phone that you can't do better on an iPhone, then there would be some room for discussion.  But as it stands, there isn't.  There's only some interface differences which, at the end of the day, aren't really all that profound.  There isn't even an advantage if you are a MS "fanboy." Not Skype. Not Office. Not Lync. Not Exchange. Nothing is better on Windows Phone. And so, people use the iPhone because they know that whatever they want do to, even have strong continuity with their PC/Windows/Office-based life, there's a good chance they can do it best on an iPhone. In contrast, there are tons of things you can do on Android that you can't do on an iPhone, and thus, Android sells in droves.  You can argue forever about whether a Galaxy or G or One device is better than an iPhone.  But you'll be laughed out of the room if you try to argue that WP is competitive with those devices. MS has to differentiate its product somehow.  Actually, MS had to differentiate it somehow.  They didn't.   And now, even on the cusp of launching something pretty cool that you can't do on an iPhone (Continuum) or, really even Android, nobody cares. The window of opportunity has shut.
  • Yeah, you nailed it here. I don't think they EVER have a chance to get the marketshare that apple or google has in the mobile arena, but if they keep their promise to make enthusiast devices, and if the steam of UWP eventually bears something then I'm fine with a small marketshare phone. That being said, I'm not a huge app user, so there's nothing lost for me personally.
  • The differentiator with WP used to be the cameras, but great cameras have now become ubiquitous on flagships.
  • Lol are you serious? There are many, many things that windows phones can and do better than iPhones and others still that iphones cant do at all. To name a few : File management, transferring files through bluetooth, customizing home screen, simple things like setting mp3 as ringtones, copying movies and music from a pc/other phones without having to sync through iTunes. A much better camera Experience wirh control over pretty much everything except aperture. There are other things but this is what imediately comes to mind
  • And other OEMs churning out W10 devices and sd cards and NFC (Apple just got this so not on older devices) and let's be honest, Apple have just 19% of the smartphone market share, that means 81% of people are NOT choosing iPhones :)
  • In the world in the US on the other hand they have about 44% market share and furthermore the user above said everything correctly, nothing is better on Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • There are bajillions of apps that let you transfer files via Bluetooth and otherwise on iOS. Home screen customization is one of those " interface differences which, at the end of the day, aren't really all that profound."  Live tiles are okay and all, but don't work very reliably and have been 98% superseded by the notification drawer. Also, while you can't get to system files, you can browse your documents and photos on iOS, which is 95% of what you can do on WP. As to things like mp3 ringtones, copying movies and music, etc., it is true that needing to use iTunes is seen as a negative to some, but honestly it works just fine (for all those things) for most. And the camera...No...That's an iPhone selling point.  No phone takes better pictures more reliably than the iPhone.  Under optimal conditions, some Lumias and even the Galaxy S6 can take better pictures, but there are tons of apps available to extend the iPhone's camera's functionality, too.  In the "real world," however, the iPhone crushes all comers. But even if I grant you that there are a few, very marginally useful things that WP can do better than iOS, they are just that, very marginally useful.  You can't seriously defend how crappy WP is compared to iOS.  It's just not possible.
  • So doing something 95% as well as a Windows Phone is an iPhone strength, but actually exceeding the iPhone in some areas can just be explained away with made up stats and opinions. Ok.
  • 137% of The People think your post is 1000% crap
  • Nah it's just you Posted via the Windows Central app for Android because it's infinitely better than the WP/ WM one
  • And nobody will ever know because nobody buys them...... yet. Hey I am a WP user and fan but the sad reality is until more people take the leap and use them, Apple and Android will be tops in the hearts and minds of the masses. Zune with Music Pass was light years in front of ipods and itunes yet Microsoft was terrible at marketing and nobody but a few experienced how great it was. Two weeks ago I had an iFan tell me that the iPad Pro was a "game changer". Yes if slapping a keyboard on a iPad with the same crippled OS to make it look like the third gen Surface with full windows is "ground breaking", then yes Apple has another "innovation" notch on the belt. This new Microsoft is killing it and I hope they continue to do so. But again they are pooping the bed. Still no release date on the L950? Really? Apple always steps up with a release date at their shows. Honestly though with talk of a Surface Phone, I think they 950s will be a non event. If my L920 wasn't dying, I would probably hold out until spring for the SP although I may not have a choice.
  • these things are too few...Android does all this and does it better and guess what, there a big thing on both android and ios that prevent users to come to wp: APPS: numbert, quality,features
  • I agree with most of what you've said, however there are several things you can do on a Windows phone that you cannot do on an iPhone "better".
    1) Sideload media such as pictures, music, or documents.
    1A) Use a MicroSD card
    2) Continuum(coming)
    3) Resuming... :P
    4) RAW file export
    5) Live Tiles... (How'd you miss this? and if you take away RAW export because not every WP does it, then Peek/Pop doesn't count for the iPhone in this case either...)
    6) Home screen layout. I had a hell of a time setting up my iPad screen how I wanted to the other day. I ended up compromising. iOS automatically forces apps into order rather than allowing gaps between apps for categorization, and creating folders makes the icons so small its annoying.
    7) Pin to Start ("Shazam" a song from a live tile, My Commute, Pin a contact...etc.)
    8) Press "Back".
    9) Charge with Qi
    10) AMOLED screen with Glance (personal preference... I used to hate amoled but it grew on me)
    11)FM radio
    Like I said, I agree with a lot of what your post says, but you missed quite a few things that Windows does well that iPhone does worse or doesn't do at all.
    You come across as a hater.
  • Unfortunately, everything you just listed only appeals to a very small subset of phone users. To be more specific, it appeals to tech tinkerers. Most people just want to grab their phones, make calls, capture moments, post on social media, and do very specific day to day tasks efficiently. The iPhone does this to perfection. I do not know why this is so hard for most people here to understand.  It is ok that you prefer Windows Phone but most people do not have the time or patience to be searching online forums to figure out the right third party app to replace a popular or needed app.  And when someone points out these facts, people like you jump in and call them the ever popular, hater.  Amusing. 
  • Did you even read my post? He said "" "Nothing is better on Windows Phone"
    I pointed out several things that are unique or better on Windows Phone.
    Your response is to invalidate my response by claiming that only tech tinkerers want microSD cards, FM radio(people call my job all the time asking for this because they heard on the radio that carriers are blocking it. That is incorrect info but people, not tinkerers, call in all the time asking about it. It has to be built in) ,wireless charging, and conveniences like one press to tag a song or begin a commute. Such rubbish.
    I DO prefer Windows Phone but what has that got to do with anything? I gave valid reasons why "x I'm tc" was incorrect in their over-generalizations and you pulled out the fanboy handbook and tried to smack me over the head with it.
    I even clowned on Windows Phone in my list. Did you really think "Resuming..." was a valid point? Also, who said anything about searching online for apps? Keep setting up those straw men and knocking them down if it makes you feel better.
    Lastly, I stated they sounded like hater...but didn't call them one. You know, when someone comes in and tries to lay down the law of the land with irrefutable "facts" about why thier choice is superior without providing anything other than anecdotal evidence? Or specifically frequents a board of a platform they dislike just to stir up trouble. The more of used term is troll, but I don't think it fits that well due to this persons prior posts. But the attitude conveyed in that post was full of shi* talking for no other reason than to talk shi*.
  • Then there is the videos and sound recording -amazing and low-light photos, Poor/ irregular lighting is what WP do great at and thats why its a better Camera. 30% of people shots fall into this area. If it doesnt for you then it just means you dont bother to take a pic as you know it will be shitty. The US dilema I think will always be there... Nokia in it hayday was almost non-existant in the US yet ruled the mobile market. WP does significantly betterl in EU and in AU is almost 10%. Actually I think the strong US dollar and prices of $1100 - 1400 for a flagship is good for WP as their strength is affordable ones that run better than the laggy droid ones.    
  • Press Back :))))))))))))))))) =))))))???? how can you post that here as a missing great thing. FM Radio? lol Continuum?? lol we have phones, tablets and laptops, no need for continuum.
  • Good thing I'm off work today. This is such a waste of time... Press back is something that you can do "better" on a Windows phone because it has a Back button. I was pointing out that x I'm tc was wrong in that "nothing" is better on Windows Phone. You CAN press back on an iPhone. People call my job every day because of this website ( and others like it. FM Radio on smartphones is a big deal. Unfortunately people didn't realize that Windows Phones have had it since before it was cool. Yes you do have phones, tablets and laptops. I for one will use Continuum when I get a device that is capable of it. Not only do phones use it, but so does the Surface and other laptop like tablets. Some people will have a need for it. You apparently do not.  
  • Congratulations on being off work! Radio is a nice featrure, for sure.  I'll chalk that one up for a bona fide better thing about Windows Phones. The "back" button and most everything else everyone has posted (file system access, icons vs. tiles, glance, keyboard preferences) are part of the "interface differences which, at the end of the day, aren't really all that profound" that I mentioned. Sure, there's piddly little things here and there that are better about Windows Phone -- I suppose you could argue a back button is one of those -- but they're really inconsequential compared to the substantive differences in app quality and availability, which can be described as nothing short of vast. And notably, the gulf doesn't narrow much when talking about MS own apps.  They're all better on iOS.
  • I'd like to tell you are dead wrong, but I can't. I switched to an iPhone (quite reluctantly) but after powering up my gimped 1520 running Dev preview it's hard to see Windows Mobile beating out iPhone. Besides Cortanta (how I miss her) there is not one app that runs better on Windows; even MS's own apps. I have a band and that works better with a WM than iphone, but still not enough to give up countless of actually useful apps on iOS. iOS intreface is good, not charming like WM, but it isn't a slog either. Lack of file managemnt is a deep rub, but again, not enough to switch back. After getting burned by Windows 6 to 7 to 8 and now another reboot to 10, I have to sit this wone out and hope it picks up momentum and developers. I know there is the chicken and egg scenario, but I can't add yet another useless phone to my desk drawer. The only thing that'd make me switch now is a buyout so I don't lose any more money. If Microsoft store would buy out my iphone 6' and I could trade in my 1520 as well to allow me to switch to a 950, I'd highly consider it.
  • Sure. While you might be right that the window of opportunity is now shut, you're wrong in quite a few other points. i.e. the Typing, Messaging and Email Experience was always better on WP. Still today. OneDrive lis way ahead of iCloud or Google Drive,... in the End, MS will succeed, but they've put themselves on the slow lane. Also, it is not really important anymore, which platform you use. MS is there with their best apps. Being able to package Android, iOS and Win32 Apps into Universal Store Apps will be - next to Continuum another major differentiatior FOR Windows 10 (no matter if phone, tablet, pc or xbox).  
  • For me it's how the Carrier's have pushed the phones. When the 1st iPhone came out it was a wonder.. this fancy touch screen that everyone had to have. Then Android arrived. the Carriers could put all their CRAP on it, but that's what they push. Walk into a Phone store here and you get pointed at the latest Samsung. If you say no, they lead you to iPhone. Windows Phones are tucked there and because they can't be flooded with Carrier Apps, they get ignored by the resellers.
  • But Apple has only 19% of the smartphone market worldwide.
  • And yet is the most profitable..
    Japan alone has its market share in the 50-70% and the US has it around 44% Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • I just love when iFans defend profits from Apple, 15% worldwide market share pays for 85% profits; which only means an older & lower specs device at over 6 times it's real today's retail value! This forces other companies to make much better products at really low prices globally! Thank you iFans! It's even worse for Japan (50-70%) and US (44%), because they are subsidicing the rest of the world buying those better products at lower prices with much better Cost-benefit! Keep up the 'Profits' excuse for us... Thanks again!
  • All which make life better for most consumers, when 'sheep' buy into getting what celebrities have instead of asking experts, plus all the free Marketing that Apple gets with ingnorant bloggers, also stating better profits (basically when 15% market share pays for 85% of mobile devices profits, means it's a higher priced lower specs Apple product in order to make those higher profits). All this forces other companies into making much better products at much lower prices, which make us non-sheep costumer have a really high 'Cost-Benefit' in everything related to Apple prodcucts! Traditional expensive watch Companies will lower their overrated watches now that the crap Apple put out as a watch came out!  I whish Apple comes into electric automobile industry, heck, hopefully Apple goes into all sectors so that I can get much better products at the lowest prices posisble! So let all celebrities, bloggers and sheep do what they do best for me to benefit out of it!
  • Where's Rodney?
  • And actionable notification.
  • Love that iCOPY video, so true and funny. EVIL CrApple SUCKS even more than ever before. Made ONLY for Brainless/Brainwashed iSHEEP.
  • & they may come up with iris sensor with their next iOS phone..
  • iScan Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iriscan would make much better sense.... iscan will be for their scanner...
  • iEye Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • iEye El Capitan!     Had to say it.
  • Siriscan   ​edit: i'm patenting this tbh
  • Siriscan? Are you Sirious?
  • And somehow it'll be seen as 'revolutionary'...
  • Dont think so, their fingerprint sensor is quick as hell, but looking forward to test out that iriscanner though. Regarding 3D touch I think determination which way to go at Microsoft keeps them lagging behind others. Lets hope they are on right track, there's lot of stuff in the pipe and the usability of those feature will be important for a bright future. ...and of course we need a bunch of solid apps too with #W10M
  • They'll call it the "Apple Hello!"
  • Nah, it will be "Apple Hi"
  • The only place in the world where an Iris Sensor on a mobile device makes sense,  is on Microsoft fan sites. It's 10 steps backwards, and will likely be dropped by Microsoft next year.   This article is reaching. Seriously grasping at straws.
  • Why is it 10 steps backwards? Plus, that wasn't even mentioned in the article. It was mentioned by a comment. Everything the article stated is *literally* factually true other than the philosophy of marketing. Anything tech related is actual history.
  • It's a step backwards in any scenario where you cannot stare directly at your phone to unlock it... Fingerprint scanners are great in scenarios where you need to quickly unlock your phone while you're doing something else. 
  • Get back to me when you're operating your phone in the cold with gloves on. In any case, if you want to make an argument that the technology isn't mature yet, fine. However, eye will always trump finger in regards to security. Plus, advances in the field already allow for non-direct views of the eye to work (ie: the phone is not directly in front of your eyes... the camera is pointed at you, but at an angle), and advances with working through tainted glass as well (polarized is a bit more iffy, but still technologically feasible). Fingerprint is only extremely useful in less secure scenarios when you don't actually plan on having to look at your phone at all, which is still rare in this day and age as voice controls don't allow you to do that much. So, in the end, if the technology is advanced enough, I'd vote eye any day over finger. So, it's not "backwards" its at best, behind, but honestly has more potential.
  • We will see when it's out, how accurate it actually is. To be honest I find the thought of iris scanner to be a pain when you want to change music when driving or relaunch the maps app after it's crashed for the 10th time.  Whatever works for you though. I'm fortunate enough to live in a climate where gloves are never necessary. 
  • If you weren't using iMaps it wouldn't be crashing tens times. How is picking up your phone and holding it so the camera can see you eye is that much harder than the fingerprint scanner. I must be exceptionally dexterous because I can pick up my phone and hold it in my hand while I'm driving, and since my eyes are open while I'm driving the camera should have no problem registering my eye.
  • It didn't look very fast or simple when Daniel Rubino used it. He needed to stare directly into the camera. Let's wait and see, I could be wrong.  
  • Waylon has a point there... I don't think one should be using phone while driving... But its better to keep your finger on the TouchID rather than pick up to your face and risk getting caught by Police... Another place where TouchID is better is on the Bed when you are half asleep or just waking up... Probably there are more scenarios where Fingerprint is better... The only scenario where iris scanner works is in Cold and you are outside wearing gloves...
  • Waylon doesn't have a point. If you shouldn't be using your phone while driving, then *you shouldn't be using your phone while driving.*  If you can unlock it with your finger, that's great, but you still need to operate it after that point. All of that makes unlocking it moot. "You won't get a papercut when opening the rat poison you wanted to drink now." It doesn't matter how safe the unlocking mechanism is if you're then going to do something that completely obliterates any safety precautions. Both eye unlocking and fingerprinting or both easier than anything you will then do with your phone. Moreover, again Waylon, I stated if you want to say the technology isn't ready, that's fine, BUT the concept is not backwards. Those are two extremely different ideas and getting them confused is ridiculous.   So again, you've never made any actual point as to why its a step backwards. In any scenario where you can either look or touch your phone, eye always wins, assuming the technology is there. That's the biggest possible issue, but still doesn't support your original accusation of it being backwards.
  • You know that a lot of people play music in their cars streaming via Bluetooth. It is not inconceivable that they would unlock their phone to choose a different album.  Personally I just see it as a new solution to a problem that has already been effectively solved. Also it's my opinion at this stage and I'm entitled to it...      
  • Fingerprint takes up a hell of a lot of space. Phones have to be bigger because you need a fingerprint scanner. Camera lenses are much smaller. I'm curious to see a study that shows how many activities people do on their phone and how many of them involve the person at least looking directly at the phone to kick off the activity. It's also easier to injure your finger than your eye. Plus, the eye is biometrically more secure. There's even technology out there than can tell if you're under duress so people can't even force you to unlock against your will. It's not in phones yet obviously, but it can be. All they have for fingers is being able to detect a heartbeart. So again, just because technology is immature does not mean its backwards. When I use my phone, I look at it. If it can be easier to unlock (literally just have to look), that trumps having to use a physical action to unlock, plus it doesn't make my phone into a giant and we can avoid a home button lookalike. That seems backwards to me. I'm just really curious why you think using the eye is backward. Writing a report on your phone is a lot more difficult than on a PC, but that doesn't mean the presence of Office on the phone is backward. Just because something doesn't work in every single situation doesn't mean its backwards. It just means it doesn't work for you, and even then, its generally 'yet.' Maybe that's the problem. We just have different definitions of backwards. For me, that means the opposite of progress. For you, it just means a technology that isn't useful in one of your use cases.
  • Only apple's junk crashes 10 times trying to do the same thing.  My windows phone is rock solid.  nice try!  Maybe if you bought a real phone instead of a fisher price childrens toy (iphone [insert number and letter here]),  You would have a perfectly functioning phone. 
  • Your argument makes 0 sense.
    Get back to me when you're operating your phone in the cold with gloves on.
    Are you advocating for phones with buttons too? We should go back to non touchscreen phones as well!  Like I said, Microsoft will drop this by next year. People here will blame the marketing as usual.
  • Sorry to inform you that most Lumia phones (since 2 years ago) have "Supersensitive touch". It allows using the phone while using gloves. Don't worry, some day iPhone will have it too. ;-)
  • They will name that miraculous magical new technology supersensitive itouch.
  • Nothing I said mentioned bringing back hardware buttons. I apologize if I just assumed everyone knew you could operate a Lumia phone's touchscreen with gloves since its been around for years. Even beyond that, gloves for touchscreens have been around for a long time too. So your entire post is pointless, let alone trying to refute mine.
  • Fingerprint scanners have also been dubbed "insecure" as its easy to bypass
  • Ohh really...thumbs can be..dirty..oily & sweaty at times
  • We'll se how the implementation is, but iris scanner makes as much sense at least as a finger print scanner. Seems like a much easier way to identify - IF it works well.   Plenty of hardware had fingerprint scanners years ago (tablets and laptops), but the implementation sucked. It wasn't until the iPhone that it was done right. Let's hope Microsoft can do something just as good with the iris scanner.
  • iRis.
  • Romeo and Juliet predicted market competition confirmed
  • I don't mind so much that Apple copies it a while later - that just shows the ideas and concepts are solid and the way forward - but it does irritate me when Microsoft (or any other company) doesn't get a mention of having done it well already.  
  • Hey... Apple copied & stole it
  • Apple are dead in the water. After the Microsoft device event apple are dead.
  • The lines at the Apple stores compared to MS says not really. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Surface book isn't out yet. And there's a 8 week wait now on preorders worldwide. Also windows 10 is destroying ios and osx. But what im referring to is not current sales. Its innovation and premium devices. Apple came this with iPad pro. A device that is very poor in all aspects. Microsoft are the new apple. Great innovative hardware. Apple lately = nothing of note and they seem to have no idea where they want to head. Especially also admitting they cant do productivity by having Microsoft on stage at apple event. Apple are at a crossroads. Right now.
  • Great post Richard.  Yes Microsoft is killing it right now with hardware and soon to be a universal windows 10 across all devices.  But also in their court as opposed to Apple's is that Microsoft has Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and many more third parties making excellent hardware for it's OS.  This is something Apple never has had and quite possibly never will.  It is time the Giant crushes the imposter and Microsoft will really start to see the rewards come middle of 2016 once the Desktop,Laptop, Tablet, Phone and Xbox are running Windows 10.
  • Actually, Apple did have OEMs in the time between when Jobs left the company and when he returned. But none of the OEMs made good-quality Macs, so Apple cut ties with all of their OEMs to re-establish the Mac's image as a computer of quality. Of course, I could be a bit wrong in my history. I got that from Wikipedia.
  • Apple isn't "dead" by any stretch of the word.  Apple doesn't even worry about market share.  There will always be more Windows devices than OSX because of price differences.  But that doesn't matter because of profit margins which causes Apple to be the most valuable company in the world.  So please, they ain't dead.  They ain't even down.
  • Apple has plenty profit because they sell $300-$500 laptops, tablets and phones for 3X more money. That's being a$$holes! MS will begin doing that with the Surface line, but I feel those devices are far superior.
  • Soooo. It's okay for MS to do it but not Apple? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is doing no such thing with the surface line. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even so, Apple is not dead. They haven't been dead for the decades they survived and will continue to be a commodity. To say that MS products are sold out doesn't say much without numbers. I could have 2 phones and be sold out. Now I do agree MS is at the forefront with some innovated technology, but what they are doing is pushing tech in a new direction others will continue to follow. It's the same in the car industry, or any other industry. No one is dead. Just reinvents. Cause people was trying to say MS is dead as well... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ofcourse there is 8 week wait as they manufactured 100 devices and preorders were by 200 people... Those poor people will have to wait... /S The wait is not because of millions of people pre-ordering or showing interest, but MS being overly cautious after 900 million writedown of Surface RT devices and are afraid to manufacture in bulk...
  • I'm pretty sure Apple is rounding up hobos and dressing them up to stand in line. Why else would someone be lining up at the Apple store? You'd think they sold something useful...
  • Nope because Apple products are easy to use and they just work. So is Windows to an extent. I like Windows 10 bit it's not as easy to use as Windows 7 was or even Windows 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They just work? Then explain to me why my brand new video iMac (27") lab at the school where I teach video production had three (out of 24) die in the first three months and another had the screen fall off. Plus, every day FCPX freezes up and I have to do hard resets. I also whonder if you've ever used Windows 10, because it's not harder to use than 7 or 8.
  • People often confuse old muscle-memory issues with a new products value. w10 is better in nearly every way, I initially found w10 to be not as "intuitive?" But my intuition is based 90% on muscle memory. After a week I used a w8 device and had to stop and go "oh yeah w8" ( in touch mode). They just work? Apple in their history have achieved to instil this myth even from the Apple IIe. It never lasts though. I do think the phone is the ideal device for Apples view of computing and the walled-garden approach.   
  • Sick burn bro.
  • in all seriousnes, I saw a "homeless" person here in D.C. area , at least that is what their sign said, pull out an iPhone 6 (yellowish/gold in color) and started sharing her contact info or something with the other girl there taking her place on the median.
  • If only those lines were people returning their stuff in favor of Microsoft's...
  • I think Apple's still alive and kicking. Despite how good the MS event was. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There was a time when people showed the same level of craziness for a BlackBerry that they show for iPhones now but who cares for a BlackBerry now Posted via the Lenovo K900
  • Yet Apple has survived Blackberry and has proven that its not a craze. Truth be told Blackberry reminds me of Windows Phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • "OMG I MUST HAVE THE LATEST BLACKBERRY!! (≧▽≦)" Said no one since 2009.
  • Apple is a follower, but they're not dead. That's a dumb statement to even make. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple is getting ready to give us a car. Microsoft can't even give us a mobile payment system. Let alone any kind of car entertainment implementation or anything car related. Stop living in a dream bubble.
  • Yes, maybe, a long time from now. And then it will only be desirable by rabid Apple fans. But, ibviously, that's all they need to keepo them in the money, No other company has such a cult like following. 
  • "Apple is getting ready to give us a car."   HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!
  • Apple's great innovation is a "smart" watch like everybody elses (minus GPS). Microsoft shows a stand-alone head-mounted computer that displays interactive holograms. Really same league... not. Apple introduces a totally "innovative" bigger iPad "Pro" with the same mobile OS with rows of icons, no standard ports and a keyboard that allows to stand the tablet in only one position. Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 4 with Full OS, USB, mSD, displayport, multi-angle kickstand, Windows Hello authentication, up to 16 GB RAM and 1024 GB SSD...
  • The car isn't official yet. As of right now (and probably the next year and a half), it's all speculation.
  • How is 2020 getting ready? I don't think anyone will want an iCar.
  • Apple has 461 to 92 stores for Microsoft. Not to mention 20+ of those are "grand" flagship style stores while MS is only opening their first flagship store next week in New York City.
  • I think the 3D thing would be awesome in PCs. Imagine you don't have to touch anything. Just swipe around in the air and the machine reacts.
    Would be great to see this technology in upcoming Surface machines or in PCs in general.
  • Kinect would like to have a word with you.
  • Oh right, didn't thought about that.
    But I have to say it's not that perfect yet. I rather use voice recognition on the Xbox than hand gestures. The gestures thing doesn't work like in science fiction movies :D  But improving Kinect in that direction on PCs and for consumers would be awesome.
  • Finger print smudges on my touch screen AIO would be a thing of the past! Except I guess even without touch screen I still touch the screen all the time :(
  • That's what I was thinking of. No smudges on my AIO. :D 
  • Many of you don't remember that Microsoft filed for a patent where a use uses his or her eyes to control a PC, phone, or tablet sometime back.
  • This technology has been there since Kinnect V1 on the 360.  when the device was available to Windows you could also do the same which is not expanded in the Xbox One and consequently with the new Kinnect V2 for windows.  However ALL that being said... it still lags and to behones is not really usable in it's current form.
  • That's already a thing, thanks to Intel RealSense.
  • Really interesting - I had suspicion that was going on. Esepcially since a friend of mine was showing off Live Photos. I tried to remind him how I showed it off long ago but said it was useless and no one wants it. Now that "that other company" did it, he won't stop talking about it. And their Unversal apps are a joke. What's in a name? Nowadays, everything is in a name...
  • Typical iFan fashion Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Apple fans are freaking out now with such great innovation from Microsoft. First they are in denial... then when Apple copies, it is revolutionary. These are all signs of lacking confidence. I was talking with a guy that was trying to make a case as to why the Apple stylus is revolutionary... his argument boiled down to "it's not a pen/stylus, it's a pencil." I was lmao
  • That was his argument?!? Goes to prove that you don't need much to follow Apple...  I'm surprised they didn't call it the iQuill, for a feather-light experience - ink bottle sold seperately
  • I think Wacom should market their pen tablets as "slates" at this point. I mean, it sounds much better, and pen tablets don't have built-in displays like normal tablets do.
  • They should call it what it is the 8hr pencil with accessory cord.
  • Yup. A friend of mine was like that too. Dunno what apple gonna do next...hmm "continuum" like how Microsoft demoed? Let's just wait and see. If we see another similar thing, then we know they're out of ideas.
  • Continuity is to Continuum like Apple's universal apps are to Microsoft's Universal Apps.
  • Yup, in both cases Apple came up with the name first ;) - or at least they came out with it first... We don't know who thought of it first. I like too see some enthusiasm for Microsoft here, but the fanboism is running a little rampant. With continuity and handoff one could argue that Apple has a much more useful concept, i.e. ability to continue your work across idevices and Macs. Microsoft on the other hand still has a fresh concept with Continuum and its worth is yet to be proven - for phones. I like how MS is adding text messaging and missed call notifications across PC and phone in the latest builds. That means they will hopefully be catching up with Apple on that front. Regarding universal apps, this was a name that Apple had for years until Microsoft started using it. The idea was that universal apps would work on phones and tablets - and lately Apple TV too - but they don't work on desktop. Microsoft had Windows Store apps that worked on desktop and tablet, but not on phone... Soon Microsoft will have universal apps that will work on almost all form factors, including Xbox and Windows IoT, but not the Band (yet). Oh and we have yet to have enough market share for Windows Phone for the universal thing to matter... So Microsofts implementations may in some ways be more powerful or far reaching than Apples, but this was a story about marketing, and how Apple was "copying" Microsoft. The only clear case of this, of the examples given, is Live Photos, which I really do feel is a missed opportunity for Microsoft. I am just not sure that they could have gotten away with trying to sell that message. The 3D Touch thing is a little far fetched, IMHO. I will give the author half a point for the effort.
  • Sorry but I never heard of Apple "universal apps" until Apple TV came out 2 months ago. Suspicious timing, no?
  • Continuity by Apple is quite a different thing - it means apple apps handover data between devices. MS' Continuum is more of an umbrella term for several technologies including but not limited to the data handover. It's also being able to accomodate to different screen sizes and use cases (with or w/o keyboard) and I think Continuum will be developed further in other areas.
  • You could showed again and not tried to remind him -> "cool, I'm using this since last year"
  • Early bird an all that
  • Good article.
  • *Like*
  • @Zachary and DaxyB Thanks so much!
  • Apple was too lazy to even create a new name for Achievements, using the same word in Game Center. To be semi-fair, Apple did use the word Universal years ago to describe apps that could run on the PowerPC and Intel CPUs. If it were Microsoft overloading a term like that, we would have people screaming about how they are creating confusion and people will be unsure of what they are supposed to do, and Microsoft must change the name (then when they do change the name, they would be attacked for creating more confusion).  
  • My old schoolmate suddenly showed up proudly talking about the Live Photos he has on his new iPhone 6S Plus. I laughed at him and told him that I have been taking Living Images from my phone since last year. He was embarassed.
  • +infinity Now that's funny xD
  • How did you use your living images? How did he?
  • You don't use it. You just look at it after you've taken the photo. On Windows 10 Insider Preview you can view on Photos App. I connected my phone to my PC and copied the photos it does show the Living Images as well. You just lose it when you edited the photo.
  • mate was showing off live photos to a canteen full of colleagues on his £700 6+ then I showed them my pics on my £140 640xl he soon stopped showing off.
  • How did you show them? In which app and context?
  • Marvelous tale, my good lad.
  • Let's be fair.  Apple first used the term "Universal Binary" for applications that would run on both their PowerPC hardware and their new Intel-based systems at their WWDC in 2005.
  • Well "Universal" is a universal term. Apples original usage of the term was vertical as opposed to horizontal. Now they are using the term the same way MS is.  
  • Apple first used the phrase,  "hey,  lets copy that and call it revolutionary".  the isheep will never know.  Apple is actually the lowest denominator when it comes to actual products.  Just their marketing team makes up for it in spades.
  • Thanks Nadella.
  • The thing is Microsoft has great ideas but apple is a doer. They get stuff done. And since they are the standard in mobile they are always first with whatever the idea was regardless of who came up with it. Microsoft has only themselves to blame.
  • Oh please. Apple used "universal" as early as refering to desktop applications that run on both PowerPC and Intel. On iOS "universal" has been used to refer to apps that run on both iPhone and iPad for years. And are you roasting 3D Touch using a technology that no WP users get to even see let alone enjoy? Only thing I won't debate much is Live Photos. Everyone can see it's Cinemagraph/Zoe.
  • Again, they were using the term differently. Now they are copying MS' usage.
  • Who cares? Google copying everything in bugdroid, not one complains. If MS won't do it, someone else will
  • Yeah, I'm as big of an MS lover as anyone, but this whole article is grasping at straws with a few salient points peppered throughout.
  • TBH, the 'liquid cooling' claimed for the 950XL is OOT, it's just a heat-pipe
  • Not sure what OOT is, however, the pipe *does* contain liquid and the method behind how it works is superior to simple fan and heatsink... sooooo... if it uses liquid AND the liquid causes cooling...
  • Name me the previous smartphone that had liquid cooling.
  • Yes, they went Apple route with calling it that. Actually, they went full Apple on their event. They had no other choice but beat Apple with their own weapons. I don't like that style (emotional overblown presentation) but I give it to MS that there is no other way to beat Apple presentation nowadays.
  • The reason I hate Apple... Apple and their worthless piece of crap products Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Their iPads are good
  • You mean the icopied the surface pad
  • Eh... I used an iPad 2 for a year and a half (school-issued. Didn't have a choice). I could do everything it could do on just my iPod touch 5G.
    When I had to return the iPad when I graduated, I mused having a tablet. But didn't miss having an iPad.
  • That's a very compelling and intellectual assessment. Please do tell more Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • So what's new Apple have always taking existing terms and technology for that matter and declared them as their own.
  • Microsoft is bad on marketing and too slow to get products to market after announcement but when that 950xl flop and the price drop ill try it
  • Rather than 3D Touch, just tap on the tile to show extra menus (exploding tiles), then double tap to launch the application. That's how we open apps in desktops anyway. You don't need extra hardware to accomplish this, keeping the costs low.
  • And what is wrong with it? While Microsoft is only good in bla bla bla (talking) , Apple is good in actually doing something! May be acts from Apple will force MS to actually think faster and do things faster.
  • Actually, it is the other way around. Microsoft has shown that they are the one who does it - releasing these features long before Apple decides to "invent" them. But then when Apple thinks that someone is copying them, hen Johny Ive goes out and whines and complains in the media about everyone copies Apple's precious designs.
  • Where is 3D touch on Lumia's? Microsoft even killed Live images, but brought them back after Apple released their own version of it. Thats why I really do not care if Apple took the idea and implemented it as this was IDEA, not the real implementation.
  • It is called a context menu. and what does it have to do with the article? You are losing on the point I mentioned, so you need to try to side track with a completely unrelated feature. And of course if Microsoft did implement 3D touch (a horrible idea, BTW) you and Apple through Jony Ive would be out here complaining about Microsoft copying. So if Microsoft implements something, stops, then does it again, then that is Microsoft copying Apple? Are you not contradicting yourself about it really isn't copying?
  • microsoft never killed living images. that's definitely not true. so either this is a sign of how bad MS's marketing is OR its a sign of the bias against MS in various circles. However, in regards to 3D touch, its only a half-truth. The technology existed but they couldn't figure out useful function prior to release. Apple's 3D touch is far less of a technological advance than Microsoft's concept of 3D touch. Apple's 3D touch is literally a right-click menu. Soft touch gives you right click, harder touch does a left click. It's not that advanced at all in regards to technology or concept. In any case, they weren't saying this is a reason to dislike Apple. it's just showing Apple does deal low blows (3D Touch is a terrible name for its function... there's nothing 3D about it..., however MS was working on something called 3D Touch, now Microsoft will pretty much have to rename it if they ever want to release it). It's just that Apple chose a name based on what a different company was doing, not based solely on what they themselves were doing. They decided to pull the seat from out under MS. Is it illegal? No. It's ethically gray. You can go either way based on your philosophy.
  • I'm guessing if Microsoft revives their version of 3D Touch, they'll call it something like "Floating Touch" or "Floating Point" (as a hat-tip to any developers out there). Besides, both of those ideas have a better ring to then than "3D Touch"
  • I think this one is Microsoft fault
  • I rather have other companies 'copy' the ideas, expand it and let the consumers enjoy it. Much better than MS, invented the idea and did almost nothing or too slow to develop it. For example, Skype, 3D Touch, MS tablet back in 2000...
  • If Apple made a toilet that flushed clockwise, Australian style, for the Northern hemisphere, they would come.
  • ಠ_ಠ Where are you going with this, exactly?
  • I may have missed this bit of info but why is i in front of Apple product names? Does it stand for something?
  • it stems back to the original iMac, which apparently stood for internet (remember, it WAS 1997 afterall) the rest of the products jsut followed to maintain some sort of familial relationship. Though you are seeing that change with the appe logo being in front in lieu of the i. I believe this is trademark related. Everyone and their mom started making an "i" something. You can't do the same thing when the company's trademarked logo is part of the product name :)
  • I compute, therefore iAm(TM)
  • Microsoft is slow...
    I am a ms fanboy. But recently Im getting so much disappointed.
  • I do not understand unhappy. Microsoft had a 3D touch technology but returned off. Apple sells his product. There is no problem. Microsoft made lots of announcements but nothing is sold. That's why after four years of waiting for Windows Phone, I bought an iPhone 6S. All we see now at Microsoft would have to arrive with Windows 8, they have three years late.
  • I don't blame Apple in the least for blatant copying. If Microsoft's Marketing department can't get it together they deserve to have their message, idea's an ultimately their customers taken like a thief in the night. They have Billions just like apple,so whats the problem. Hire the same firm only pay a little extra to get their best ideas first. They'll take the check. They always do. It's like you have a girlfriend that likes you for your charm, whit and good looks. But along comes another charming good looking man, only he has better jokes, a nicer suit, a better haircut and some nicer smelling cologne.Well he starts to whisper in her ear and before you know it, she's disapperared. Don't get mad at him or her. Get better, evolve, embrace the competition, stand across from Joe blow and let them know you're not going anywhere and a force to be reconed with. Have some swagger about you and get your message out. In other words, grow some balls and go get those customers back. As the Nature Boy has told you for years. If you want to be the man you have to beat the man!
  • That's exactly what I thought :) No needs to blame Apple, blame Microsoft and their CEO who ruined everything.
  • MS knows to talk and ditch things...and especially users, with their OS never ending reborns: WM6->WP7->8->10. When someone else takes one of ther ideas, makes it to look great and knows how to MARKET and SELL it, every WP fanboys starts to yell and swear. Go do this at MS and their incompetent teams responsible for the flaws. Having great engineers is not enough. Because that's pretty much what MS has demonstrated that it has, it only has..No good design team, reckless marketing team and even more absolutely horrible customer service. With MS is always "soon...." and " not compatible" or simply "     "..complete silence. It took thousands of complaints from users for MS to think bringing back Lumia Camera app to most phones, especially Denim phones, after they failed miserably with the Windows Camera app in windows 10. Only MS can ditch a working thing before they have a better replacement. There is no company that is perfect, but there is a difference when we talk about trying to offer good quality and to simply pretend to offer good quality, and until now MS has not proved much at quality.
  • Apple is a unique animal. They don't control the mobile market. Their mobile hold is laughable compared to Google's.
    They don't control the desktop market. Their desktop hold is laughable compared to Microsoft's
    They never really invent anything.
    They are always a year or two behind their competitors. But still their hold over popular culture is astounding. Argue as one might, they control the pulse of pop culture. Why? Two reasons. 1.) They have the best damn marketing team I've ever seen.  2.) Because they ONLY develop for their own devices, their products perform with more polish.
  • This. Their products are like poor people's tokens of exclusivity. Why? Because really rich people buy Zondas and Lamborghinis, not phones.
  • Don't forget that real rich people use Vertu phones not apples garbage. 
  • I agree with all that youi say except their products performing with polish. When they work, yes. I've had so many problems with Apple products that I would never waste a dime on one.
  • seeing the phones side by side, I like the microsoft phone better -- but I'll have to wait until I can get my hands on a 950 to be sure. The way I cover my 6S, I forgot what it looks like.
  • I'd say Apple us closing in on Google thanks mainly to the bigger iPhones introduced last year in the iPhone 6 in fact the iPhone 6 really hurt Android with a lot of people defecting from Android to iOS because of the iPhone 6. And the trend is only going to continue with the iPhone 6s. Google is under pressure from Apple now. I'm currently use Android but I'll be heading back to iOS because iOS works best for me and it's taken me 3 months of being on Android to realise that. IOS just works best all round than Android. I think Microsoft is also better than Android in terms of performance also. They just need to take their marketing cues from Apple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • wells said from an apple fanboy ! apple rarely invent something but they always introduce things in more polished way and this how consumers become happy with it.....marketting cannot be done anything better than them. I used iPhone before, haters may say anything but these are really good in every quality. selection...battery optimization....what else a oridinary people OS is great and fluid but app selection is still way poor than android or apple and android crappiest of all no doubt but man i have to use android for some apps (low price phone or back up phone). Still many people switch to android or iOS from wp mainly because apps....I never see people complain about wp os (those who know what is OS, no apps do not mean OS is bad,,,,i)...
  • Based on what statistics? the ones wandering around i your head?
  • Great article. Apple controls the mindshare. I would say it's more than an uphill battle -- we simply won't be able to change the minds of the devoted until they begin to fall out of that devotion of their own accord. It'll take a combination of Apple stagnating/regressing long enough for consumers to notice and Microsoft executing to a level of perfection that leaves no doubts who offers the better technology. If Apple is a religion with its devoted followers and Microsoft is its own religion, the only way Microsoft will start to convert Apple devotees is by making the prophecies from the Book of Microsoft come true for all to see. You can try converting people all you want until then, but they simply won't believe you unless you have the answers ready to offer.
  • Thank Penny: Yes Apple has a profound influence on the market. Chaging people minds is a very difficult task. Hopfully Microsoft will be persistent with great products and communication to ensure that consumers are aware of all of its great offerings! :-)
  • @Jason Ward, Microsoft and Communication don't really go hand in hand lol.
  • @TechFreak1 Lol true, but I do see some hope with Panos and how well the October 6th event went overall. I'm surprised the worst marketing management of the 21st century still hasn't been completely replaced, but at least we have events covered now. Comparing it to religion once again, prophets are who you should model your marketing efforts off of. Forget selling you a religion, those guys convinced you to sell them your soul. Steve Jobs was a modern prophet for Apple, and Apple's devotees are still subcribing to that religion. And you're right, Microsoft is not good with communication. It seems like every time you just hope for a little bit more definite information or more exposure from popular online sources, they just fail to do it. For instance, why did they fail to attract MKBHD (one of the biggest YouTube tech bloggers) to their press event. Why doesn't he have his hands on the new Lumias? In another instance, what about the Lumia announcement with no definitive carrier information immediately afterward? Your fans have been waiting for a new device for two years, you didn't think to at least have this information to quell their curiosity at the ready? They listen to our product feedback. They have cohesive long term product strategy. But their marketing team has had its head in the sand for years.  
  • BS from MS as they could have properly released these features instead of blah blah blah and then 00000 action. Wtf did you expect?? Ms should have released all that shit with WP 8.1 update and then add to it on wp10m. That way when apple announced theirs all of us would have for the first time say "oh you now have that" but surprise surprise MS prefer to play for the bronze and then say the race isn't a fair one.
  • BS from Microsoft? You do know that this site is not authored by Microsoft, don't you? If you want to claim that since it is a site devoted to Microsoft so therefore it is them making these claims, then sites like 9to5mac, macrumors, TheVerge, so on and so forth are Apple run. The rest of your whining is irrelevant because of your first three words.
  • No one is saying it's fair or unfair. They're just commenting on a move by Apple. Jeez, do you get this upset when a commentator points out a slick move that takes particular advantage of the other team in football? No. It's just commentating. It's just being aware of what's going on. Some people may not have noticed what was going on behind Apple's moves. It's just talking about it and how effective it is and how its a weakness of MS that they need to address or else it'll keep happening. Why is everyone viewing this as complaining?
  • In 1997, Microsoft rescued Apple with a $150 million investment just so that Apple could survive as a viable competitor. Without Bill Gates today's Apple probably wouldn't exist. So, fu.k them.
  • That was the last time I touched a Mac, to use Netscape for X-files fan chatroom during break at University. Pre-Tinder. Memories.
  • wrong spot, deleted
  • Apple hijacks and MS does nothing. Time to fire the MS marketing team. They're the reason why consumers and retailers know nothing about their products.
  • While protracted legal cases are usually not my idea of the way to handle issues, in one of these cases I think it might be necessary. Microsoft has way to much invested and on the line to allow Apple to highjack "Universal Apps." I agree Apple's marketing prowess could plant the term in peoples (developers) minds and totally undue everything Microsoft has done. I also don't believe the move was accidental on Apple's part. They know thier market power and aren't afraid to use it to undermine competitors.
  • After jobs died the only thing apple is doing is copying . After Steve died apple is not making anything new !! True they copies everything 3d touch that main thing !!
  • MS had two years at a chance to release a flagship phone to highlight and take advantage of all these things and they didn't.  I don't really feel sorry for them on this one. 
  • guess we forgot when Apple was calling the applications compiled for PowerPC and x86 "Universal Binaries"?
  • Depends on how big your universe is :P
  • 3D touch is something great IMO. I don't usually like what apple does in general but this one is really revolutionary. I wish MS brings 3D touch to w10m . it will be really handy to peep into each app from live tiles and that will also make the live tiles interactive.
  • What's in a name? Had Romeo and Juliet been called Ethel and Hickey, Shakespeare would never have made any success ;) Now, seriously, Apple have always been selling ordinary things under flashy names. When I bought Surface, my mother in law said it was an Microsoft iPad. And there's no helping it.
  • Microsoft Ipad? Least she didn't call it a Galaxy Iphone *face palm*. Yup, that's what one of my neighbour's called it when he first saw my L920 and used it for a bit. If I wasn't laughing my guts out I would've pointed out the Nokia logo right under his nose.   
  • Also, there actually is a difference between Force Touch and 3D touch. Force touch is just "press and press harder", 3D touch can actually detect multiple pressures. It's a stupid differentiation, but a differentiation nontheless. I expect them to eventually converge. Though, for everyone to keep bringing up that McLaren phone which we know so little about... it really feels like grasping at straws. Did anyone happen to think that perhaps it got shelved for good reason?
  • Hi Garysang: Thanks for your input. :-) Yeah as we know the McLaren was cancelled in essence because MS felt the tech was not ready for prime time. I did include several links to previous WC stories about the McLaren. We certainly didn't see a lot about this device but those links do provide some insight. Also, can you elaborate a bit on "grasping at straws"? :-)
  • Companies go through ups and downs.  It was not so long ago that Apple was on its death bed, everyone seems to have forgotten that though.  I remember several of the publishing companies I had to deal with back then saying that they would not be replacing there Apple products with more Apple products...  Technology moves fast and the top dog can be push aside almost overnight.  I think Mircosoft was in danger of being pushed aside, so they started to change.  The change will take time, as it is I think we have only seen the begining of the change - the foundation as it were; the real change will come over the next few years.  The changes other companies make in responce will be the deciding factor. Its worth bearing in mind that Apple was in a far worse situation than Microsoft ever was, but where Microsoft would be had it not had such a large PC market share to begin with is an interesting thought. As for what will come; well I think that WindowsHolographic and Continuum will focus the mind of Microsoft they have invested alot now they just have to perfect it all.
  • I think that the credit for living images and 3D touch should go to NOKIA and not Microsoft. So actually, "Apple copied Nokia". What a headline!
  • This article is pure journalism. Loved reading it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @thethakkar. Thanks for the support. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)
  • Is anyone really feeling a threat from apple these days? I'm guessing smart people don't.
  • Plus I think that Apple is working on something really big, in complete secrecy, and it may be related to an unified hardware module no bigger than a smartphone. I am a big fan of Microsoft but I can feel the silence before a major storm.
  • Well if they are planning somthing it had better be more inovative than their last offerings.  I used to watch the Apply product anouncments, but I did not watch the last few as I was not expecting much... so far I have not regretted tuning out.  However, I now watch the Micorsoft ones with interest.  Currently I think Apple have got stuck in a rut.  The spmartphone, tablet, Mac product devisions have been very profitable for them.  Now they either stagnate or accept that there is an apparent convergence of devices (larger phones replacing both smaller phones and tablets and larger tablets replacing tablets and full computers) so either they canablise there own markets or have to make their products more affordable so more people can afford them.  The joke of an iPad pro is evidence that Apple are resisting canablising their own market, I am sure they could have inovated a serious contender to the Surface Pro 4 but it would have smashed Mac Book, Mac Air, Mac Book Pro and iPad sales.  If they lower the price they rist loosing the "desirability" and "exclsivity" they currently enjoy. If you sell devices and you move to a world where one device meets all your needs you have a problem; that is the world we are moving towards.  In a few years a phone will have all the computing power most folks need for their personal computing (gamers, graphics and science fanatcis aside - they will never have enough power!).  Ironically it was the successs of the iPhone and the iPad that has driven the divergence of the market.
  • Yeah...Microsoft did NOT come up with Living Images. NOKIA created it.
    So yet again, Apple just took something Nokia created and copied it. This time they even did it with help from Microsoft because it was Ballmer's brilliant plan of attacking Nokia that led to some engineers of Nokia's imaging team to leave... And go work for Apple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Agreed Nokia tried hard to come back eventually they failed. Ballmer was stupid to buy Nokia. But there have been times Microsoft Research have innovated many things. Great things Happened under Ballmer except one main thing that was marketing.
  • @AashIsh13, Nokia's D & S division.... Nokia still exists... come on, you know better lol.
  • Sorry,  I am for the most part siding with Apple on this one. 3DTouch.  Microsoft had something, working but, never brought a product to fruition.  You snooze you loose. Nothing stopping Microsoft from bringing their 3Dtouch to the market stil. Actually, I thought the demos I saw of Microsoft 3DTouch were a little (to say the least) rough around the edges. I am sure there are lots of cool sounding names created during the development cycles at Microsoft that Apple uses today (and vice versa) but unless you can show me an actual released product we shouldn't complain.   I take that back,  we should complain about Microsoft dropping the ball, but not about Apple taking the ball and running with it.  As for the name 3DTouch for all we know Microsoft would have called it an  eleaborately long and forgettable name  if they actually released a product with the tech.  Universal.  come on that has been used long before to describe application development across platform.  Case in point, I once used a development framework called Zinc in the mid 90's that allowed you to use the same code for OS/2, Windows and DOS development.  You want take a guess on what they called their programs. Yup. Universal Programs.  I am sure we can find lots of instances where that term has been used prior.   Is Apple using it disgeniously, probably.  But, stil it is not like the idea originated with Microsoft they are just the ones truly using the term correctly as most tech people would define it as today. Live Photos/Images - this the only one that I seem to have an issue. I am only have perturbed because they didn't actually tkae the same name. Microsoft seems to always throw the proverbial "crap" on the wall and sees what sticks or likes to start from scratch way too often.  I mean how many photo related apps have they created  over the years.  Plus,  personally I think Apple did a much better job on the Live Photos idea.  That being it does violate my first example above (as it is an actual Microsoft released product) so I agree Apple could have come up with a different name that is not so similar. But, it is not like it doesn't describe the product.  Microsoft issue is marketing, this  always has been their  issue when dealing with consumers.  People commenting here are  rightly complaining that  most of their commericals are abstract.  Currently it is "Look what re kids future will hold" mantra.  Sure, it is nice to have a few of those in your arsenal.  But they always forget to tell you about the product.  Commercial of dancers around a fountaing snapping their keyboard to a deivce or have the Surfaec shown in some 3D  rotation video without explaining how life is actually improved seem to waste time.  Yeah cool you keyboard snaps in, don't have to make a whole series of videos about that. They really need to sit down and explain features that matter and how they will make their lives better (not years from now but today).  What they should do is take the group who  puts together  those great "future tech" videos Microsoft does every year or so and have that same group apply Microsoft's current technolodgy for todays world.
  • #StopRebuilding
  • This is one reason why I hate some of the things Microsoft does. They have mostly non-effectively marketing,not enough marketing the right message and amount of it. Also they come up with the best products (like The Courier,McLaren) and then cancel/delay them and other companies mainly Samsung/Apple/LG gets to copy them and get all the credit and benefits of them.
  • I was excited about Living Images when it came out. The idea and technology was brilliant. Then I tried to take Living Image pictures and display it. It was a difficult and painful experience. In its current state, I would not recommend to anybody. Microsoft is innovative, but more times than not they fail to deliver polished user friendly software/products for the WP platform. I always feel like I am using beta products. This is one area where I think Apple has the upper hand. I pray Microsoft will do better with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • What a boring article...
  • Satya knows the position of windows phone and he really windows phone cant make a dent now with a great market share. That doesn't mean he would give up on it. He said that he wants to make our data mobile. And finding nee categories. First we had desktops then we had laptops now smartphones as mobile device and in future there may be an other thing. If Microsoft really wins the next mobile device snd set a great marketing team behind it and keep evolving mobile technology then very less companies can come close to Microsoft to compete.
  • "Living Images" - who the hell thought it was a good marketing name? Apple's "Live Photos" actually sounds better and slides easier off the tongue. It may be a copy, but their marketing team is just better than anything that Microsoft can offer.
  • The new products apple is announcing... 'Apple doing it again. iSteal and iCopy both new products that we have innovatively used to swipe our competitor's ideas. It's what we do.' 
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Apple used term Universal Apps since the unveiling of iPad in 2010 - they call apps that run on both iPhone and iPad universal. Support for tvOS is just a late addition of yet another platform to that. Unfortunately it's Microsoft who copied the term.
  • Actually, you will find it even predates Apple, "apps" are not something Apple "invented". Just like the Xerox Alto which predates Apple and Microsoft, heck if you dug deeper you will most likely find the Xerox Alto was also predated by something else. In simple terms it's natural progression through the ages.
  • We are talking about the term universal - which was applied, for the first time, in this particular context, by Apple.
  • It's Microsoft's fault for poorly marketing their great features/products to everyday consumers, thus allowing the competition to flaunt these features as being available FIRST on their products.
  • Good and reliable source of news regarding Windows, but the ads are everywhere.
  • I often wonder what would have happened to the world as we know it IF Microsoft didn't bail out Apple? Needless to say, I do often use that in a debate amongst friends as it is one yard stick no apple fan can ever dismiss. As if they do then the reveal themselves to be a fanatic and that just opens up several dozens of doors of ridicule :P.    
  • MS has not done a very good job of marketing any of these things.
    Apple can do fast moving hipster flashy musical adds because all they're doing is mesmerizing the current fan base.
    MS needs to bring in new fans, and you cam only do that by putting the information out there on what your product can do and why it's better.
    Nobody really knows about any of the things in the article except those if us who follow Windows.
  • 1. People (Tech Journalist& Bloggers) need to STOP calling Apple's newest Marketing Gimmick 3D-Touch, & call it what it really is which is "Force Touch". This is what Apple does when it needs to separate itself from another feature that it feels will make product sound more appealing. They didn't invent any new technology they just changed the name from Force Touch to 3D-Touch for the new iPhone.
    2. Their Living images is bit misleading in that what Microsoft does is record a short video clip when you hit the shutter button so you end up with a 1-3 second clip. Apple however starts to record the clip as soon as you hit the focus button & doesn't stop until the picture is taken which ends up being anywhere from 2-6 seconds. Also Microsoft doesn't turn the microphone on when it takes it's Live Image, where as Apple does so you end up with creepy audio when playing back the Live Image.
  • MSs 3D R&D means squat until they bring something in the market. So on that one all the power to Apple. Living Images/Live Photos - well, one of Nokia's top camera/imaging gurus jumped ship to Apple and was probably heavily involved in developing Apple's version.  
  • And as usual Apple does it better. Windows Phone does not have 3D Touch where it was out already on the Apple Watch and their Macbook (Huawei as a good Chinese fashion copied them) and their live photos are definitely superior to the one Windows Phone have those two combinations alone are way ahead and superior to the Windows Phone counterpart. And furthermore you have marketing which Apple reigns king as while Microsoft's is actually mediocre truth be told. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • Doesn't matter Apple zombies will always be zombies
  • Name Live Photos itself sounds Product of Live Tiles
  • Its not every day that one sees Shakespeare quoted on a tech blog. Good article.
  • there are so many ppl out there that will buy an item from its package.... they do not read.... or study about it.... they want to not understand what is better.
  • Free tip for MS. STOP using these two words. They are horrible marketing words:
    "devices," "productivity"
  • 'Living Images' is amazing with the Lumia Storyteller app, these work really well together and I am frankly surprised no one is mentioning it. Maybe people will start noticing this when Apple releases their 'iStories' app. sigh... I blame the so called Tech Media, PR, and Business Analysts for their bias towards everything Apple. You know who they are and they need to be called for it on every piece they publish! 
  • Apple pays the media off.  This is not new news.  as for the person above talking about crapples magical "3d" touch,  I had that on my pc way back in windows 3.11.  It was called the right mouse button.  Something else apple said it does not need or use.  MAGICAL HEY?  Apple is crap.  fisher price devices with leappad software.  So simple a 2 year old can use it....and for the most part,  apple users have the mentality of a 2 year old.  Don't forget the tube of moustache grease with every apple purchase.
  • Actually ForceTouch and 3D Touch isn't comparable to each other. ForceTouch is more like a next step for touch screen interaction while 3D Touch is entirely new beast that is another form of NUI (Natural User Interface). Though 3D Touch may have to touch the screen on some actions, its all about implementations. 3D Touch can have action like holding down an item then lift the finger slightly above the screen and move around to drag the item. ForceTouch on the other hand is all about actually pressing the touchscreen based on pressure, its like having digitizer pen with 1024 levels of pressure but not for drawing but for 2nd or 3rd actions. Actually 3D Touch in theory can also emulate pressure when doodling which can be useful for art too. For me I want 3D Touch too for Windows since the tech is there and it works really well at the moment, also its really feasible and easier to implement. 3D Touch on the other hand is little bit tricky but still great concept, though this needs more reasearch and Microsoft have to come-up with natural interaction using 3D Touch, natural is an important aspect here to be usable. It would be nice to have 3D Touch + ForceTouch all together, that when combine is the next major step.
  • Apple offers exclusivity, top design and sleek looks. Microsoft needs to copy Apple's approach to marketing. Surface, Band and 950 are a step in the right direction.
  • Winning over consumers is often a psychological problem, more than a technological problem. 
  • Apple no doubt is the best marketing company in the IT space. There is no real reason why so many people would so blindly follow iPhones if not for best marketing campaigns. One thing the article missed completely out here is how apple went on promoting iPhone 6 for its camera capabilities. There have been huge billboards with images that were captured on iPhone6. Did iPhone6 really have the best camera? I don't think so. reading at so many reviews and camera comparisons, I don't think it even is the second best camera. But then it has the best campaign going for it. Same is the case with 3-D touch (which is not 3-D in my opinion, it is just an improved version of hold and tap feature, which is cool but nothing extraordinary). Living images as the article mentions has been around since ages now on Lumias. However, no matter how good the marketing is, it needs a great product. Apple does produce great phones and therefore the following. However, they are not truly the best and are undeniably the costliest (at least to those who do not buy phones on contract with their service providers). So I don't see many peope jumping ships from Android or Windows phones to iPhones. There will be some, but that is the case other way round as well. In the long run, the company with truly innovative features will win. That is why I still trust MS to comep on top despite their 'poor marketing', low(est) market share and seemingly lack of focus towards windows phones. I am sure that things will begin changing for good once we have surface phones in the market. I do hope that that MS puts its might behind these phones and aim to capture more and more market share with those.
  • I guess when all you know how to make is crap (or in this case iCrap) the only choice you have is to use stuff created by the people that have had the better product from the beginning.
  • Let's versus the spec, should we understand Apple and Microsoft have created,
    Lumia 950 : Scratch-resistant glass (Corning Gorilla Glass 4), 26mm wide angle lens, f2.0(Carl Zeiss), 1/2.5" camera sensor size, camera setting(ISO control, White balance presets, Shutter speed control),
    Advantages: USB-C, crystal clear photo as camera sensor is 1/2.5" and 2.5mm lens by Carl Zeiss, Optical image stabilization for video and night photo shot.
    iPhone 6 : Scratch-resistant glass, "Oleophobic coating", 29mm lens, f2.2, 1/3" camera sensor size, camera setting(Exposure compensation),
    Advantages: 3D screen (*unstable: For screen cover will harden the screen to will perform which why MS did not care to use), ipay(*might be onsite, credit card is beginning to make use of chip). Etc that not any advance...
  • when Windows Central needs clicks they just mention Apple and the herd come runnin
  • @JasonWard, As usual I have a different opinion than yours. But I agree with this point: "Some brands are so powerful that they influence the establishing of an efficient system of limited critical thinking in the minds of consumers." Indeed. Microsoft is one of them isn't it? The underling problem of this article is one that you set apart Microsoft from the group of super brands. As such the lack of critifcal thought goes directely at your door. When it comes to Microsoft your critical thought simple stops as far as your articles go. In a previous article of yours about the recent Microsoft devices presentation you totally fail that Nadella in his speech totally deminishes the importance of devices, this concluding an event totally dedicared to device innovation around Windows. We both understand why he has done that considering that the competitiom in particular Apple the experience starts on the device. But if you have any kind of critical thought over MS you would have written how counter productive is such an argument in event such as the one I mention. It's a CYNICAL argument. But worst it means nothing from all and any angle you see it. Anyway ... 3D Touch: I think you arguement is based on naming not tech. Because comparing the 3D touch presented by Apple and 3D Touch prototyped in Nokia Lumia Maclaren you can only conclude that the resemblance is only in the name. Being more literal, considering the audience, 3D part on Apple 3D Touch is one of pressure. Unlike the one prototyped in McLaren that is one of waving a finger close to the glass to fire actions. On another note, the thing Protyped in MaLaren lacked any kind of interaction language, its was a bit like, "Look I can Wave my finger on top of the glass and somerhing seams to happen". This is years away from what is now presented by Apple. Speaking of years, actually as I recall, by the time of iPhone 3GS was laucnhed (5 years ago), it circle on news sites that follow this stuff deeply, that Apple had just bought a company that was researching some kind of tech that would allow the measurement of pressure and finger distance to the glass. Just look that info you will certainly find it!!!!! This is to say your all theory behind Apple hijacking MS tech is very, very weak. You see, you are trying to explane how the formation of Waves by standing on the beach analysing the foam left on the sand. I invite you to go deeper. Live Photos - Well I agree that is the same. You can argue copying here. But look its not Apple faul that Lumia 930, the first MS phone that came out with this feature is not commercialized in the US. But hey is this really transformative innovation? Universal Apps - Your quite right, from the looks of things Apple is copying MS but ... Putting aside that this is yet to be delivered to the general consumer by MS ... we can all argree that both companies will be delivering this across Smartphones (WindowsPhone / iPhone), Tablets ( Surface / Apple TV), Consoles (XBOX One / Apple TV),  Watches (? / iWatch), PCs (Surface-Windows PC / ?). The question mark is used to signal a device range that one or the other does not have a clear consumer support as of yet. So Apple universal app stretagy does not encompass its PC range of devices as Microsoft does and MS does not have a watch in this realm. That is the only difference from this perspective. Let me clear, I think Surface is better than an iPad, its more versatile and works well enough. MS universal app support on the PC can huge to the consumer, it all depends how it is delivered. What is the Point? is the question. It huge from a technical perspective too. But here is the thing. The Apple DevKit costs $1 to registered developers. How much does it cost the XBOX One app dev kit? ... Apple seams to have the  edge here. Furthermore it has business processes and economics that seam well defined and designed to take its Universall App approach to impact consumer and developers in more positive ways than MS. From devkits to family share Apple seams to be engaging its Universal Apps approach in ways deeper than tech alone, unlike MS. This is the kind of stuff that actually can change things. I hope MS sorts out quickly the role of Universal Apps in XBOX One. The role of Universa Apps in its App Store economics across devices, within families. At the moment no one know anything about this from MS. Everything is vague. To be honest I think it is vague even for MS.  So blaming the consumer of these lacks is a futile exercise.  
  • One more note for last since as a person who wants MS Surface, XBOX One, Windows 10 to succeed by being simply one thing: Definittely better!!!! This artticile really pisses me off. It was made two cross 2 points in an ill informed way: 1. Apple is all about Marketing 2. Apple does not innovate, it simple steals from MS and everyone. 3. Apple is a mighty super brand guiding mindless consumers. MS is the poor company that truly fightts for innovation, missed understood by the general consumers, only understood by super brainy MS fans that can see through the prototypes and MS efforts and work in progress examplified that I had to use chrome to submit this post rather then Edge as it does not work for editing comments in a MS fan site (Using Surfave Pro 3). There is not critical thought. Nothing. Apple in 2007 was mosttely a ... no brand company compared with Microsoft. Microsoft was all over the place, from PCs, Laptops, Consoles, Smartphones. A very strong brand in the consumer space, from OS to productivity software Office. What happened? Yes what happened? Explain to us in your own words JasonWard what happened? What happened to a company, Apple, with almost no mindshare outside its fan space and tech enthusiasts? Just Marketing? How many peole would by a Mac Magazine, namely say MacWorld and how many people would buy PC Magazine? Give me a break guys. There is no point in this reasoning. No point and I hope if this is the best MS fans can do for the MS I hope the all company fails, fails.. This is not my Microsoft!!! Cheers, Nuno  
  • Hi Nuno Thanks for your input. :-) The basis of your first argument rests upon a notion that I am not critical of Microsoft. This article itself contains several points of criticism I level against Microsoft. Please see some of those excerpts below. MARKETING Since the premise of the article is about marketing lets first consider these foundational points I presented in the piece: "Again, as most people know, marketing has far more to do with perception than with reality. It is often the better marketer that wins the day." "...You see, when all is said and done, fancy specs and features don't ultimately sell a product. It's the message surrounding a product and how it is presented to and received by the human mind that essentially entices us." "Furthermore, whichever company has the more powerful brand name usually has the more effective message." "Some brands are so powerful that they influence the establishing of an efficient system of limited critical thinking in the minds of consumers." As I wrote that sure the primary focus was on Apple because we were looking at their marketing power in the industry. But I can honestly say that I had companies like Microsoft and others in mind as well. It is inclusive of ANY brand that elicits such devotion from fans. Trust me I had Microsoft fans in mind as I wrote those words inclusive of more than ONE brand. Again my primary focus was on Apple due to their undeniable market prowess. THE MCCLAREN "brings astute Microsoft enthusiasts minds back to the (CANCELLED) McClaren" "Microsoft's highly anticipated McClaren, which boasted 3D Touch and an exploding tile, mix-view interface was slated for the Fall of 2014 before its UNTIMELY CANCELLATION. That quote is in reference to Microsoft materializing on something fans were anticipating. Of course we know no one could have cancelled it at the 11th hour but Microsoft leaving fans such as myself quite disappointed. Here's another: "I concede that Apple's application of their take on 3D touch is FIRST AND FOREMOST – HERE. RATHER THAN BEING A HOPES FOR FUNCTION ON A NOW DEFUNCT DEVICE. Second, I understand that it is still early, and developers will likely develop imaginative ways to utilize Apple's 3D Touch." That above acknowledgement is also critical of Microsoft. The horse they would have had in the race, they pulled. I'm sure they're view that it wasn't ready is legitimate. But the statement is clear and true. Apple has a presence utilizing that name, Microsoft does not. Again, this shows I am critical of Microsoft. Here's another: "It will, however, have an uphill battle in that its execution WILL HAVE TO BE FLAWLESS. Any hiccups will be compared critically to what will be a more familiar 3D Touch "Apple's way."" - This is yet another critical assessment because Microsoft failed to bring the technology to the table before Apple broad the "name" to the masses Redmond is now faced with an uphill battle with just getting their name "3D Touch" (if they go with it) into the minds of consumers that Apple will have locked into their idea of 3D touch. LIVING IMAGES Here's a quote in that: "Microsoft's MARKETING of Living Images VIA OBSCURE VIDEOS and TECHIE BLOG POSTS, unfortunately, keeps Redmond's offering hidden in that space where the normal consumer is unlikely to find it. This strategy virtually ENSURES that Apple's Live Photo's will become the recognized representative of this tech in the minds of consumers." I don't think my critiquing of Microsoft in relation to how I feel they poorly market their features can get much clearer than how I presented that particular point very clearly in the article as seen in that excerpt. BACK TO MARKETING "Still, Microsoft's fundamental approach to marketing, per Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela, is LESS FOCUSED on AD CAMPAIGNS and TV SPOTS and is more geared toward building marketing into their products." - Microsoft is on the right track with building marketing into its products. Yes, there should be links in their products that build connections to other parts of their ecosystem. I talk about that in Highs and Low Rules of Engagement. But its clear in how I contrast Microsoft's approach and Apples aggressive as campaign approach that I am being particularly critical of Microsoft in relation to their limited ad campaigns. I did reference their Windows 10 campaign and the PC does What collaborative ad campaign which is more Apple-esque in regards to an aggressive approach. Again though building marketing into products is a good and necessary strategy, I feel more TV spots that appeal to consumers would be wise. "Conversely, APPLE SPARED NO PUNCHES with their DIVERSE and AGGRESSIVE CONSUMER-FOCUSED AD CAMPAIGNS. As WE STATED EARLIER WHICHEVER COMPANY HAS THE BETTER MESSAGE, not necessarily the better product, wins the coveted position in the minds of consumers." Clearly from the above article excerpt I'm critiquing Microsoft as not having the better message. Thanks for your input and well articulated arguments. However your opening premise and foundational claim that I am not critical of Microsoft is simply not true. Please reread the piece if so inclined with those particular excerpts and other statements in context. Thanks again! In response to your second post: You state: "This artticile really pisses me off. It was made two cross 2 points in an ill informed way:" Apple is all about Marketing - My article never states not implies that Apple is all about marketing. The article was all about marketing as such the topics in relation to the companies mentioned wee in reference to how each markets or fails to market. "Apple does not innovate, it simple steals from MS and everyone". - Again I never state nor imply this claim. I outlined only three distinct areas where I felt Apple was intentionally usurping of terms that Microsoft has actively or strongly associated (3D Touch) with aspects of its products/services. Those three areas were Live Photos/Living Images, 3D Touch and Universal apps. I never in the article made any broader claims that Apple does not or has not innovated. Nor is there any portion of my piece that all Apple does is steal from MS and everyone else. Apple is a mighty super brand guiding mindless consumers. MS is the poor company that truly fightts for innovation, missed understood by the general consumers, only understood by super brainy MS fans that can see through the prototypes and MS efforts and work in progress examplified that I had to use chrome to submit this post rather then Edge as it does not work for editing comments in a MS fan site (Using Surface Pro 3). - I never claimed that any is mindless nor MS is a "poor company that truly fights for innovation or is misunderstood. In this piece which is about marketing I did portray the influence of the better marketer - APPLE. And how it beneifts them. They get to occupy a particular place in the mind of the consumer. Because of their brand name, they have the benefit of people buying "Apple" because it's "Apple". Microsoft, who I critically assess as the poorer marketer doesn't have that benefit. I even talk about how in the past MS use to try to appeal to consumers by selling devices based on specs rather than what the device would do for the consumer. Most people buy what's popular or what their friends and family use, or what they constantly see in ads or product placements, or what celebrities use, or what news outlets report on even if not solicited by a company. Apple has all of this. This influences peoples decisions. I'm not Apple. I don't have nearly the influence. But little ol' me because of my particular product knowledge and passion have influenced my family and friends to get WP's. sometimes unsolicited questions come to me and my opinion one what someone should get are presented to me. Apple has that kind of influence on a global scale. Finally, I'm not sure who made the claims that you feel that I made. But beckoning me: "Explain to us in your own words JasonWard what happened?" to address them sadly won't yield the answers you seek. Your question will be better served by whoever made those claims: Apple is all about marketing "Apple does not innovate, it simple steals from MS and everyone". Apple is a mighty super brand guiding mindless consumers. MS is the poor company that truly fightts for innovation, missed understood by the general consumers,... I'm sorry you seem so upset about an article or claims that were made by someone that have somehow offended you. I genuinely feel that are intelligent and very articulate.:-) I just think you somehow missed some points in my piece (such as those where I was critical of MS) and you may be mixing what you've heard or read somewhere else with what I actually state in this piece in regards to the 3 claims you outline. Thank for sharing. Hey, I hope you read something today that makes you a bit happier! :-) By the way here are some sways that were in the piece:
  •   Hi @JasonWard. Again sorry if I came out a bit harsh. Maybe I'm tired, but look at the tone of the comments agreeing with you line of thought. I don't agree with this ponts: "...You see, when all is said and done, fancy specs and features don't ultimately sell a product. It's the message surrounding a product and how it is presented to and received by the human mind that essentially entices us." "Furthermore, whichever company has the more powerful brand name usually has the more effective message." "Some brands are so powerful that they influence the establishing of an efficient system of limited critical thinking in the minds of consumers." You see I'm from the times were people used to sing "You can foo some people some time, but not all the people all the time". This is to say, Marketing only endure as far as the products keep up with it. The product might lag a bit sometimes but only for a limited time. Especially in expensive products. If you buy a $1000 suit and it comes out with defects that are never properly fixed, you might try one or two more times and than you are out. That is how competitive the world is today. People are more foginving with cheap stuff than expensive. This is the reality. Within this you probably know much better the Lumia story line ... Just a hint the Lumia 800 came out costing over 500 euros. Compared with the 4 which costs 80 euros more was ... rubish and guess was the Lumia came out in 2011 while the iPhone 4 came out in 2010. This is how MS was comparatively less advanced than Apple technolologically speaking ... Thand it came out with the Lumia 900 in 2012 for the price of 643 euros or something, then next marvel to compete with the iPhone 4S (With the first voice enable personal assistant on a phone in the World)  at the time of launch and iPhone 5 in september.. Comparatively it was rubish, honestely, 250 euros less a price that it came to be with price drops is what it should have been ever ...On another note I dont understand how a phone were a specific feature as it was the QI came without a wireless charger in the bundle justifiying the reason for its thikness,. Im pretty excited about the Universal Apps from a technical point of view, I see the potential, but from a consumer point of view is irrelevant. You see there nothing yet told if the consumer will still have to pay for the app to be used on the smartphone, than on the PC and eventually on the XBOX One. If it is the same app as the term Universal is what ressonated in the consumer mind that is what they expect. If they need to pay more than once they might as well buy another phone. In other words, its not clear how the economics of Universal Apps work for the consumer. In the end that is what matters!! I even dare to say is unclear how it works for develpers too, since XBOX One is such a walled garden with really high price of entry. Mean while as I said the competition, is providing dekits of $1 to developer for their "console". The problem of Microsoft is that is regarded as an expansionist company for the good and for the bad, For the bad is that it makes agressive and highly constrained technological/Feature choices to ensure their expansion to whatever lay their interests.  A perfect example is XBOX One. Microsoft has the edge over any multimedia endover in the leaving, at least on paper. Super powerfull console, plat cutting edge games ... Apple TV is on paper comparatively aa joke. So what do they do with this edge? Well if Apple is a walled garden what is XBOX One? Mind you this is done often done not for the benefit of their users and thet general consumer just power. This creates a lot of friction. For example take XBOX One pass-through and OneGuide. OneGuide is hardly the best way to navigade content provided by an external setopbox. They told everyone that this was done because it had extremly basic control over setopboxes. As it turns out if you use the Smatglass app the remote control seams to have no diffculty controlling the setopbox, setup recordings and so on. So why havent MS simply sold a remote control that worked in such way that when the TV app is full screen it controls the setopbox, when is not in full scree it controls the XBOX One (we change from full screen to minimized by touching the XBox button today). This be a friendly way to do stuff regarding cable operators, but no, they had to assure they could controll everthing even if is not a good solution for their customers neither had a superior solution as an alternative!!! They simply alienated cable operators with this measure. But worst, for two years they provided not very good TV experience, when they could have with minimal investement. MS tell that the reason fo such stringent constrains and high entry price is to assure quality, The MS fans drink this stuff like mineral water and say, yes yes, what would happen if it was more open is that quality would go down the dran. The same people that complain about the app gap between iOS and now Windows 10. After all being less stringent has some benefits doe it not? The problem of MS is not one of Marketing mate. Microsoft marketing is great. How else could a company achieved for 20 years in a role the market dominance it has achieved. The problem is that at one point people did not wanted what they had to offer. Period. There is not Marketing that can fix that in a highly competitive market place. The solution is to improve their offer, copy what others are providing as well as they do while paving new ways to edge the competition.  
  • From what I have read of peoples opinion of why Apple has been so dominant is all over the place & people aren't really seeing how Apple has been able to be so dominate.
    1. Marketing & Building a Sense of something that you must have. Apple by far does this with every Keynote they hold, the repeat key phrases that stick in peoples minds & they always have a soft spoken person with usually a British accent to make it sound more sophisticated do the voiceovers for their demos & commercials. They also flash several different pictures very fast to get the viewers to focus on what is going on in the Ads. But they never tell you what makes the phone better than other devices because they want to leave it up to the viewer to think of all the great stuff it can do by flashing several different frames that show people of all walks of life doing fun stuff while holding an iPhone.
    2. They are a closed ecosystem which means they lock you in to their services & devices right out of the gate. They also tell you what is acceptable by their standards in removing apps that they feel aren't positive, or sensor their news feed to show you what they think is appropriate. They essentially get you locked into their ecosystem & saying if you go elsewhere we keep all the music, videos, etc that you bought in our iTunes store. In the end they make you feel like you don't belong if you use another platform, & they do the same to developers by saying you won't be successful on any other platform besides Apple's.
  • I know this might sound cheesy, but I think it's time for some PC vs MAC commercials, with PC being the "cool" one. Certainly Microsoft needs to do better marketing. Rather than challenge iPhone, I think Microsoft needs to challenge Android and really show the glaring inadequacies. Why chase after the 18% market when you can use your resources better concentrating on the 81% market. Let's start seeing some Lumia vs Nexus device commercials, running browers, comparing office with Google docs/sheets, etc. Show battery life and ride the "security vulnerabilities and issues" train. I want to see "I can do more" or "I can do it better" commercials from Microsoft.
  • Don't blame Apple for stealing....Microsoft is just late to the party as always.
  • Ha ha ha....funniest line of this conversation.  APPLE STEALS EVERYTHING.   Proof is out there that microsoft has had these names/features long before crapple had them.....sheeple believe everything after drinking the kool-aid. 
  • Slow down here mate. I am no Apple fan. I am a loyal Windows Phone user since the beginning....the hell why am i even saying this. Any way what my comment meant was, Microsoft had them before Apple, but in their bunkers. Apple didn't waste time and gave it to the public use. So now Microsoft doesn't get to complain because they were just late to the show despite having everything at their disposal. Apple is a business company and they did business, very good business...grabbed the opportunity with both hands that MS missed.
  • Its actually nokia's fault that this was late, besides,APPLE GET F**CKED
  • Actually Apple first coined the phrase Universal Apps to describe apps that were formatted for both iPhone and iPad. As opposed to iPhone only apps which ran scaled up on the iPad. Just saying...