Microsoft granted new patent for the company's 3D Touch system

Microsoft has been granted a new patent for its 3D Touch system. The technology has made headlines before, with previous reports pointing to the company aiming to deploy 3D Touch on the now-cancelled McLaren smartphone. Microsoft is still rumored to be looking to launch this technology on other products, which can detect the angle at which the finger is hovering above a 3D Touch supported display.

Microsoft 3D Touch

The patent itself unfortunately offers little in terms of confirmation that Microsoft is indeed bringing said technology to Windows 10, having filed the patent back in 2014. The company is expected to unveil new Lumia flagship smartphones later this year, not to mention new hardware from partnered OEMs, so we could be in for a treat with some 3D Touch support.

Source: USPTO, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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