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What you need to know

  • Apple pulled the updated to iCloud that lets you sync your iCloud passwords with its Chrome extension.
  • The Microsoft Store currently has version, as opposed to version 12 that supports password syncing with the extension.
  • It's unclear at this time why Apple has pulled the update, though some reported issues after updating the app.

Apple pulled the update to iCloud for Windows that lets people sync passwords with the new iCloud Passwords browser extension. We covered the new extension and the update to iCloud for Windows yesterday, but Apple has since removed the update to iCloud. The iCloud Passwords extension is still available, but it leads to the iCloud support page (via The 8-Bit).

Downloading iCloud from the Microsoft Store right now will get you version, as opposed to version 12 which supports syncing with the iCloud Passwords browser extension.

At this time, it's not clear why Apple removed the update to iCloud for Windows, though some have reported issues with the app following the update. As spotted by The 8-Bit, some experienced issues with the extension, including two-factor authentication problems or the plugin not working at all.

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It's possible that Apple has removed the update while it works out any issues with the version 12 update, though the company has not stated that. If there is an issue with the update, it's reasonable that Apple would want to remove it rather than having people have a poor user experience.

Since the "What's new in this version" section of the iCloud for Windows app listing still states, "Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome extension," it's likely that Apple will work on a fix to any problems and roll out an improved version in the future.