Apple TV may be coming to Xbox consoles

Apple TV on Xbox
Apple TV on Xbox (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft and Apple are working to bring an official Apple TV app to Xbox consoles.
  • The app will provide access to the movies and shows through the Apple platform, including Apple TV+ content like Apple Originals.

Apple TV is Apple's growing media service, allowing you to subscribe to a range of original productions, and pick up digital copies of movies and shows outright from across Apple's hardware ecosystem. Apple has been gradually rolling out apps for smart TVs and other platforms to expand its reach, and now it looks like Xbox consoles are soon to be in the running.

Apple TV appears to be available to a limited pool of testers on Xbox consoles according to a tweet from @Tzunami_Sapp and other users that have messaged us to verify. It appears likely that Apple TV for Xbox will be identical in features and functionality to the TV apps available on LG and Samsung TVs, but designed to work with an Xbox controller instead of your remote. The app includes access to Apple TV services, including its Apple TV+ subscription service launched in late 2019. The testing program has briefly appeared for some users, although with availability still locked down at this point in time.

It's somewhat interesting that Apple and Microsoft are working on this, given the fact Apple effectively blocked cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass recently with a requirement for Microsoft to submit each game in the library separately. Apple TV, obviously, won't submit every movie and TV show in its service separately, which contrasts policies seen over on iOS.

In any case, it looks like Apple TV fans will soon be able to grab the service directly from their Xbox without having to pick up an Apple TV box or a supported television set. While we're unsure of the timing of this app going live, it could launch to coincide with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release date on November 10.

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