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April's Xbox One update adds mini keyboard and other features

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

Today, Microsoft rolled out another update for Xbox One. While this download doesn't radically change the operating system, it does introduce great features like the mini keyboard and improved uninstall options. If you're an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X owner, be sure to download it right now.

Microsoft said (opens in new tab) the following when discussing what new features April's patch brought to the table.

Now that we are officially in Spring, it is time to start cleaning out your game backlog. Even with so much gaming to do, we have some new features to share coming to Xbox One. The April 2019 Xbox Update includes new ways to engage with Xbox Game Pass, use the virtual keyboard, and manage your digital library.

Xbox Game Pass Quests

You will be able to access quests progress directly from the dashboard and browse all quests from "My Profile."

Mini Virtual Keyboard

A new mini keyboard has been added as the default view. Now the keyboard won't hide half the screen when you're posting something during a game. However, if you want the larger keyboard, you can always reenable it in accessibility.

Power Center

The team has added a new option to restart the console to the "Power Center." Just hold down the Xbox button on the controller to access this setting.

Improved Uninstall

If you hard drive is full, you're sent to "My games & apps" to remove games. Now, the console will suggest which games to remove so that you can free up enough space.

Xbox Media Remote

The Xbox Media Remote now allows the OneGuide button to be reprogrammed to launch another program.

What are you more excited about? Let us know.

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  • One day I hope they remove some of the clutter, excessive menus, and increase the general speed of the dashboard.
  • I'm not sure if it is already in this build (I'm running Insider and today's updates were tested a while ago), but they greatly improved performances of the games launcher recently (scrolling your installed collection when you have plenty of games installed).
  • This, the Xbox dashboard is very slow.
  • Bad update. I'd like to see some technical debt taken care of. 1. OneGuide continuously doesn't load the dish guide.
    2. Streaming services won't open, e.g. Hulu, Netflix without a restart.
    3. Store is still a slow to start and initial navigation.
    4. I want less clicks to download gold games.
    5. I want better messages or an event viewer to help me troubleshoot why games/apps don't load.
    6. Voice controls are still hit/miss.
  • Nice little update, but I'm hoping for another major revamp focusing on consistency and performance across the OS. I have big hopes for the next generation Xbox's having a much better interface as well.
  • I want frigging Game Pass Quests.
  • The media remote One Guide button change is nice. Not sure what One Guide is used for.
  • I think it is for TV stuff. I'd be stoked to alter it so it loads Groove Music or Netflix.