Chime in: Are Windows Insider builds worth the hassle (and risk)?

Windows Insider builds are a great way for the community to get access to new Windows features before they're released to the general public, and they're also a great way for developers to get valuable feedback about what works and what doesn't.

Windows Central forum member Jason L2 recently created a thread asking whether or not Insider builds are still worth trying out.

Hi. I bricked a l640 beyond repair when i was running release builds a few months back, and i have recently purchased a 930. Is it worth going back? I personally dont think it is. What actually are the changes to the frequent updates? I didnt notice anything different about my phone from each experience. What is your recomendation? Has the programme improved? I know a little about handsets & have...

Jason L2

Jason L2 had some trouble with Insider builds in the past, to the point that a Lumia 640 was taken out of commission. Now, armed with a Lumia 930, Jason L2 wonders if Insider builds really offer that much of a different experience as to make them worth the time.

This specific post is about mobile, but the question also applies to Windows 10 and other Insider builds.

What do you think? Do you opt into the Insider program? What are your reasons? Drop some thoughts into the thread, read the other replies — there are already quite a few — and give Jason L2 your opinion.

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