Are Nokia and Microsoft planning a surprise launch for Windows Phone 8?

How close are we to a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device?

If there is one thing we can say about Nokia and Microsoft lately is that both companies have faith in their products. Whatever the sales or marketshare figures show, the Windows Phone OS and Nokia hardware are a brilliant combo.

So we’re relishing the words by Chris Webber, Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, who Tweeted this morning a nice little message to rival Samsung:

“Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon.”

It is a bit unusual for companies to directly call each other out so publicly, which is why this probably has garnered so much attention. If we wanted to deconstruct that tweet a bit we could highlight the usage of “note” by Weber as a hint to Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 plans. Samsung has quite successfully launched and sold a few GALAXY Notes in recent months (see our hands on when we compared it to the HTC Titan).

While there is no evidence that Nokia will be offering a massive 5”+ device come early September, rumors around the Nokia ‘Phi’ have suggested a device with a quite large 4.65” screen, akin to the HTC Titan series. (We’ve previously expressed to Nokia the desire for large screen devices back at Mobile World Congress; at the very least they were interested in our appeal).

Then again, that’s probably reading a bit too much into it and instead was just a playful jab at Samsung. But it does raise some other interesting questions for discussion.

The Lumia line of phones for Nokia so far have been a critical success but it remains to be seen if they can catch on with mass adoption. With what appears to be an accelerated launch plan, Microsoft and Nokia may be rushing their next-generation devices to market sooner than expected.

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Gearing up for production?

Those recent leaks of parts for upcoming Nokia handsets suggest that pre-production units have already rolled out and mass-production is gearing up. That’s good news as we may be getting some Nokia devices with Windows Phone 8 sooner than the previously anticipated “end of October” timeframe.

With Apple expected to announce the iPhone 5 on September 12th, Nokia and Microsoft will beat them to the punch for revealing their next contender for Über-smartphone one week earlier.

But Apple is still predicted to actually launch their phone sooner. That’s because Apple enjoys unparalleled control over the OS and hardware that Microsoft lacks, not to mention the ability to dictate launch-dates to carriers. For even if Microsoft and Nokia have their next-generation Lumia ready, it still needs to bend to a carrier’s launch cycle (presumably AT&T, maybe Verizon) adding a wrinkle to any planned “surprise” unveiling. And that’s really the issue here: How long will we have to wait until we can actually purchase a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device?

At the very least, it does look like Microsoft and Nokia are fast-tracking plans, which shows a new, more agile strategy for both companies.  That’s good news. But are we now expecting too much, too soon?

Let’s hope they adapt well and don’t disappoint come September 5th.

Windows Phone Central will be covering the Nokia-Microsoft event live from NYC, on September 5th starting at 9:30am ET.

Source: Twitter;  Tweet Image and via: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • I want WP8 to ne a success, but am I the only one that believes that windows 8 will be a flop? Most people I know, including me, who have tried W8 are giving it a 3/10 seriously, it is awful.
  • Really I hope not, I'm really looking foward to what Nokia has to offer.
  • Depends who you ask. After using it for a few weeks, I didn't even like going back to win7, and that was on the last build, not the RTM.  It's an excellent OS, and with the full desktop, I'm not sure why anyone could give it a 3/10 unless they're concerned with ActiveX components on IE10 or issues like that.  Other than the Metro screen, what are your issues with it?
    Then, when they get a hold of a touch tablet with Win8, they'll be changing their tune quickly. Everyone hated XP til SP2, everyone hated Vista forever (though with SP1 it was fine), everyone bitched that Win7 was just a fixed Vista.
    Just your normal cycle.
  • It is poorly designed for desktop, there nothing that creates that "OMG I must have it" feeling, the tiles are far from beating the icons for a desktop, it does not worth an upgrade.
  • 2 things I would like to poke into your argument, I know it's preference but you say it's not work the upgrade. You do realize the upgrade is only 40$ right? and from my experience you'll be getting a couple things. 1. A faster OS that can be reinstalled without effecting your files. 2. A personalized Microsoft Accountt that insures a seamless experince between Win8 comps. 3. A improved start button? This is a bit controversial but I use the start buttom much more than before. just tap in windows key type "three days grace" and select music, bam I've searhed for three days grace and can listen within seconds. I could never do that so easily in Win7. Lastly this is personal preference but I really enjoy the tiles compared to Icons, I always hated icons becuase they covered up my beautilul wallpapers, but now I can keep my desktop clean and have a large selection of games, apps, and files tucked away at the start screen where they don't cover up anything. Oh and the os also works on a tablet :P 
  • How long have you been using it on your desktop?
    I went thru all the versions and even with all the bugs of unreleased software, win 8 is still far better than win 7 when running on a desktop or laptop. Most of the criticism I hear about desktop mode is the missing start menu. but it seems this criticism ins't coming from real users. In Vista, Microsoft introducted the new start menu which allowed you to quickly search for apps and documents instead of using the All Programs.
    You still had the recent apps there and could pin your most used apps. It took a while for users to get used to it. I know a lot of people who hated it and wanted to switch it back somehow. In Win 8 they took that start menu and made a full screen out of it.
    You can still search for apps just by typing while at the start screen (or from the desktop, hit the windows button and start typing, just like vista and win 7). it's actually faster too.
    You can still pin apps to the taskbar, so in desktop mode you don't have to use the start screen too much.
    And instead of pinning apps to the start menu you have tiles, which are more useful. Personally, I'm not a big fan of full screen win 8 apps. I can see the value of these apps in tablets but running a tweeter app isn't as conviniet for me as a tab with twitter in a browser.
    It just feels like I'm switching context completely to see my timeline. Same thing with email.
    but, you don't have to use these apps, so it's not a big deal. You get so many improvements in desktop mode (performance and tweaks to functions like file transfer that make it usable) that it's worth the 40$  
  • I agree... I have been using windows8 on my Acer w500 tab and its much better then windows7.... I will pay for the win8 when it comes out as this tab was bought before the upgarde period...
  • +1 
    Been using the release preview since launch. Never felt like going back to win 7. Windows 8 might be the first OS I'll actually buy separately (All the previous ones came installed on purchased machines). And the upgrade price is really great. :)
  • So true Mr. Coffee. Alot of people hate and are afraid of change.
  • > everyone bitched that Win7 was just a fixed Vista.
    Not really, Windows 7 didn't change the start menu that much. It was easy for a new user to go from Vista to 7 but, to 8 ?
    No, I dont think so...
  • Talking about Windows PHONE 8, not the computer OS... BTW, 3/10??? Have you even tried W8 for more than 1 minute? Click the Desktop tile, and you have an improved Win7...
  • Its just you dude.
  • W8 is fantastic. Just has a large start screen. If you don't like that, put everything on the start bar like OSX.
  • I have been using windows 8 on all my computers (including 30" 2560x1600 monitor) and I would never go back to 7. 8 is much better on everything.
  • I agree. I don't like Windows 8 too much. Even in desktop mode, they made many things more difficult to do. I love this UI on my phone, but not my PC! Windows 8 looks good, but doesn't function as well or fluid as even Vista.
  • Not as fluid as Vista? You must be high as a kite
  • I have Windows 8 Installed on my desktop, laptop and Samsung Series 7 slate. It works flawlessly across all those devices. On the desktop, it's a much improved Windows 7, on the laptop, it's just amazing and on the tablet, not even the iPad comes close. So, maybe it  doesn't work for you but it's the best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned. In fact, it's better.
  • I call this crap. Vista was a resources hog that had no drivers for peripherals. That's why people hated it, oh , plus the security pop up thing :P
  • What is it that is more difficult to do in the desktop? Could you give me some examples? 
  • Wow, really.. I LOVE Windows 8. It is so fast! I can see people not liking the Tiles or whatever but that OS is lightning in a shell. Even simple things like usb transfers.. My Macbook Pro takes almost twice as long to transfer a file.
    Personally I think Windows 8 might take time to catch on because it is so drastically different but I do think word will get out and people will flock to it once they see just how great it is!
  • That's what's great about human tastes/preferences. They vary so widely. I've had the opposite experience from you. Everyone I know that's seen it, or has installed it, or that I've installed it on their computers, absolutely loves it and thinks it's cool.
  • How do you figure it's horrible? Smooth, fast, and easy to use is a winner!
  • Win8 is just fine.  It takes getting used to but then you suddenly realize it's Win7, but better.  Start screen is a full screen start button that shows loads of info.  You can stay on the desktop for hours before going to the start screen.  I use the start button now more than I ever have before... on the keyboard that is. ;)
  • My opinion is its a fine OS, I just wish people would stop fixating over the Metro interface and realise this is more than just a metro interface.
    For me the with the changes to windows itself and the worlds most sophisticated shortcut screen I think it will do well provided its given a chance.
    I recently had cause to come across a Windows XP build sporting the Windows 95 start menu. I remember the carfuffle at the time about the new start menu. Once people got over the lack of functionality in the Windows 95 start menu they adopted the new one. It is actually weird seeing someone still fixating over the 95 start menu.
  • I love windows 8. Didn't care for it at first, but now it's my favorite OS.
  • What exactly is awful about it?? I did a dual boot with the developer preview and it was bad. No good drivers for the trackpad. Consumer version works waaaay better. I dont think it's awful, plus, new hardware with tuned up drivers will run like champ.
  • I'm pretty sure the people who claim to not like Win 8 in comparison to Win 7 simply have no idea how to use it, and/or don't care to figure it out. Desktop is identical, but faster in pretty well every aspect, and has a "Metro" start screen.
    Don't forget the significantly better task manager, file transfer detail box, and countless other things I can't think of off the top of my head...Win 8 so far is better all around from what I've seen.
    I hope MS will include some quick tutorials for Win 8 after fresh installs so that people new to it can see what's changed and how to use it effectively. If not, this will be their only mistake.
  • Precisely, those of us who use the computer exclusively in the Desktop environment have Windows 7 all beefed up with a LOT of power user improvements to Windows, err File Explorer and Task Manager, and a lot of added bonuses like File History and Storage Pools. On the Metro, err Windows 8 GUI, you get the really nice touch/tablet side that contrary to popular belief is NOT unfriendly to mouse/keyboard users. In fact, I actually use the new start screen EXCLUSIVELY with the keyboard.
  • I've been using it full time since the Consumer Preview several months back, and I really like it. I mean, granted, I'm only running it on a Dell Vostro V131 laptop, so nothing special like the Surface, but it's been a very good experience. I would give it an 8/10 on this hardware, and I feel it can only get better on better hardware. I firmly believe that anyone criticizing it so lowly is either being unfair, unrealistic, and/or just missing the bigger picture about it.
  • Or they simply just don't like it.
  • What you lot are silly. Windows 8 is awsome I been using iy alot and love I have only start using w7 again and I miss the features and the new home screen on w8. Once people just open there minds then they will love it it a good is
  • I'm firmly in the "Windows 8 is awesome, even for desktop, and I'd gladly take it over 7 any day" camp, but I do agree that a lot of people are going to give at a "WTF is this S" reaction when they first see it. It COULD take a Vista turn toward a bad public opinion. Really, Vista was an improvement over XP in nearly every way except in resource management, but people like to buy cheap computers, so it got a bad rap. Luckily, resources aren't such a problem on 8. I recently loaded RP onto my sister's first-gen Vista laptop (previously upgraded to 2gb of RAM, mind you) and it's now buttery smooth. No use for gaming, but an overall good experience.
  • The above has to be one of the most successful troll posts I've seen in a long time. You all got trolled...hard.
  • I have been using windows8 for months now. And I have nothing be great things to say about it. The people who don't like windows 8, hate change in general. Windows 8, even in RP, is faster, smoother, and easier than any windows version before it. People may be confused at first but it is way better than the old way.
  • I work in the tech industry and sadly most of the people in my lab Hate Windows 8.  I'm literally the only guy in the lab of about 30 that owns a Windows Phone and is genuinely excited for Windows 8.  I've worked with Windows 8 for an extensive amount of time (probably the pro in the lab) and the ting that sold me really is something as simple as being able to right click on the Start box that comes up in the bottom left hand corner and having the menu come up that has the nerdy stuff like System Properties, Conrol Panel, Device Manager, etc.  One thing that they took out along the way for the preview releases is being able to search for a file type on the web.  What I mean is like if you don't have Winrar installed and you try to open a Rar compessed file in Windows 7 it will automatically ask if you want to look on the we for the file.  This isn't present in the later releases and RTM.  They need to put that back in.  Other than that, it boots fast, it's stable, the OS is fluid Desktop mode works well and the old apps work.  I'm excited for it.  I really want a RT tablet becase I just want a quick go to device for web browsing, reading and Metro (yeah I said Metro) apps.  I want to keep my Desktop Win7 as it is because it works great and I would keep it around for my music editing, Photoshop and Office.  I've used Win 8 in desktop mode and I think it works great I just like the way my laptop is running on Win7.  I may upgrade though, $40 is a great upgrade price.
  • I've been using it as my main driver for a few months and love it. It is actually easier to use. I'm not about to type a crash course on W8 right now, but let me say that when you spend a substantial time with W8 and learn a few of it's nifty features you will not want to use anything else. Most of the hate comes from people afraid of change and have not spent enough time with the OS to realize how great it actually is.
  • i use it for a few months now on my desktop and i'll upgrade my work laptop on 26th of october. Its an awesome OS. Way better than Win7 or any other competitor
  • I think people who want a legit version of Windows for $40 buck will buy it in droves
  • Sounds good to me if it's true. Bring it MSFT & Nokia
  • It would be great to see a Nokia on US Cellular. I haven't seen a Nokia phone with them I think ever. Right now US Cell don't got a single WP7 right now. Not even a sign where it use to be. Hope things really change soon though, I know they said they'll make a push. But tgey only supported the HTC 7 Pro for like 5 months. Its an ok phone but its as thick as the old 30gb Zune.
  • I just hope they release 7.8 before 8, it would be nice if the users already using windows phone got first dibs at the new home screen...
  • I want that extra tiles lol
  • While I agree with you, everything is pointing towards 7.8, being released after the launch of WP8.
  • Yeah, namely, an official Microsoft statement back in June.
  • Precisely. Kudos for actually reading and comprehending. :)
  • "I just hope they release 7.8 before 8"
    Not sure how many more times I can say this: WINDOWS PHONE 7.8 COMES AFTER WINDOWS PHONE 8. That's it. It's official. It's over. I'm not saying it anymore.  We've even written on this.
  • Sourpuss.
  • in elementary math class, i was told 7.8 is before 8 though
  • LMAO! Keep your blood pressure down before you explode. :-P
  • I understand you've been saying this stuff a lot Daniel so you're understandably frustrated but lately you've been seeming to get very irritated in the comments section. Why not simply ignore these types of things and let the site users attend to it?
  • lol, I'm not really that irritated, I just like playing the roll of the grouch ;-)
  • That's it. From hence forth, you shall be known as Groucho Rubino! That's prounounced with more emphasis on the "bean" part of your name, lol.... ie. "Groww-chooo Ruuuu-BEEEEEAN-ooooooh!" ... You know, as if you were being introduced as a world famous wrestler or boxer.
  • I like curmudgeon better than grouch. Now get off my lawn.
  • Not everyone reads every article you guys post. Just saying. Why did 6 fear 7? Cause 7, 8, 9. :P
  • I believe we have been told a great many things that have actually not come to fruition a bit like the release of WP8 which you appear to be accepting as coming early.
    It may well be true but until it happens I see no harm in wishing for it.
  • In this case, Microsoft officialy stated that it will come after WP8 is released
    it also makes perfect sense that they will focus on the next OS and not on updating existing devices.
    The WP8 OS and devices are much more important for them and if you don't have 7.8 yet there's a higher chance you'll decide to upgrade instead of waiting for it.
  • But...but...what if MS changed their mind and 7.8 comes before WP8? Bwahahaha!!
  • Hi can I just say that I meant I know there's been an announcement and everything its just it would be a nice idea and all. You know to reward brand loyalty and stuff
  • +1000 go TEAM NOKIA!
  • Regardless of whether it comes out quicker or not, I'm looking forward to seeing what Nokia offers on their next line of Lumias. I waited the first round and expect to buy a wp8 version from Nokia so I hope its good. W8 in general I think has a lot of good things going for it that many people overlook. Its meant to be on a touch screen tablet so until that's out I don't think ppl realize how good it'll be.
  • I've been using it since the developer preview and I think its awesome.  Its fast, beautiful, and doesn't chew up my battery.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  All the people I know that have used it really like it, so, who knows?
  • Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to Whats up with this.
  • I'd love for this to be true. I sold my Galaxy Nexus already just so that I could get the most money out of it and I'm stuck using a 4 year old flip phone in the meantime. I'm dying to see a Nokia WP8 device for Verizon.
  • I'd really like to see the WP8 devices on all carriers, including the flagship 1000 or whatever it will be.  On T-Mobile all we got was the Radar (which was nice), no 800 or 900.  
    Hopefully now that the iPhone has expanded, and the Galaxy III being non-exclusive, we can actually have some choice.  But... I doubt it.
  • Well thats totally up to the other carriers and if they go true to form they will have one token phone and then moan how it didnt sell. As bad as at&t are when it comes to updates you know they will have a wide selection of WP8 devices. One hopes this time that other carriers in the US as well as Europe and other parts actually decide to do more than stock a solitary WP device and stick it in the back of the store.
  • My understanding is that Verizon aren't onboard and won't be shipping WP8 devices, is this correct?
  • No, its not correct. Of course not 100% sure, but Verizon is well omboard with WP8 devices. Hopefully Nokia is the first to get the phones to shelfs. Maybe after 5.9.2012 we know more...
  • Now if they'd only consider some sort of early contract renewals for everyone who bought a Lumia 900 prior to MS saying that there would be no upgrades to 8.0 for current devices. That was a pretty big blow to everyone who bought a 900 and the whole "the beta test is over" nonsense.  It would be a good show of goodwill to their early supporters who may have gotten a new device early thinking there was a chance at upgrading to 8.x.
    I hope that MS/Nokia don't pull the old "coming in 2-3 months" routine. That would just show that they are still behind Apple in understanding the market.
  • Exactly.
  • @paschott...Lol!  Why would Nokia offer you that?  They don't owe you or anyone that who purchased the Lumia 900; neither does HTC owe anyone who purchased the Titan, Titan II, Samsung Focus S, Flash, or 4G.  Each and every person that purchased any one of these devices should have purchased them based on what they offered you at the time of purchase; you know, similar to how you purchase every other electronic item or consumer goods.
    Nokia's goodwill is in their continued Customer Service, exclusive and unique app availability, and their free offline navigation services (Nokia Drive).
    And for that matter, AT&T shouldn't offer you that either when they already subsidized your device, as well as you obligating yourself to 2 years with said device.
  • +1 well said!
  • MS and Nokia can't do what Apple do with announcements because they don't have the power or agreements with the Telco's so I am afraid it will be a "coming in 2-3 months" line.
    I am sure they would like it to be otherwise but they have no choice.
  • My contract is up in April so as long as they release by then I'm cool.
  • A Nokia Note would be SWEEEEET!
  • For some reason,my excitement over a Windows Phone died with the Surface. I kinda think that 7.8 wont be too bad to have now. I'd probably pick up one of the WP8 in the future every mow amd then, but for now, the only thing that excites me is the Surface.
  • +1
  • I will be switching to Nokia as soon as they release a w8 phone. I currently have a LG and although a good phone, the dedication from Nokia is top notch.
  • The quality of their hardware and the fantastic reliability (especially the strong signal when using it as a phone) are the best in the industry. It's where Nokia came from and shows they really understand how to ensure a fantastic phone experience with their background in telecommunications engineering.
  • If you're gonna poke the bear, you better do it with a shotgun. Nokia has the design talent to make a new mass market loving device, but they need a "Surface like" disrupter out of the gate. They need a device that the bloggers can compare directly to the iPhone 5 and GSIII and have them all in unison say, the Lumia wins in all categories except popularity.
  • You hit the nail on the head. They need a real head turner. I don't know what that would be because a big screen with great resolution is not in my opinion going to be that different to anything else out there. They need a wizz bang feature that nobody has yet that will stand head and shoulders above the rest. Something that nobody else can dispute because they didn't think of it.
    I reckon Pureview might just be that thing, then combine it with some funky shaped devices, great colours, perhaps a few Nokia supplied covers that dramatically change the colour scheme of the device (much like the "Express on" covers they invented for their traditional phones which made an absolute killing). Add this to the following things that the boring old tech press bang on about e.g. LTE, good spec CPU, GPU hardware and decent memory spec and you may have a winner.
    In addition perhaps great accessories (i.e. a music dock like the iPhone, iPod), car kit with wireless displays, one or two exclusive software titles (an uber Nokia drive app, a great skydrive camera storage deal that also allows you to backup your gaming and application data).
    Perhaps even also announce a Nokia tablet (but don't release all tech details because others will copy them) .
  • All I can say is that I purchased two Nokia Lumia 900's at full retail and if they come out with a 5"+ I sure as heck will buy two more.  My big hands need that extra size.
  • I'm just waiting what Tmobile will get for WP8 and I will grab one.
  • September 5th
  • Who knows, only thing I know for sure is that we do not have an SDK.. Darnit!
  • Are all those new Nokia phones gonna be released on ATT only?
  • Anyone remember the sign on the Nokia shop in Finland"something big is coming Sept 7" we may be getting a nice surprise from our friends in Finland
  • +1
  • It is possible they may announce a tablet. That combined with WP8 announced at the same event would create some buzz. However the tablet needs to be different enough to make people want it because of that feature alone. A feature that others don't have and can't copy quickly.
    However they should hold back the main technical details until they are closer to release to acoid people copying the innovative features.
  • Who cares? Tmo isn't going to support it till we're all in retired.
  • Waaaahaaaaa ha ha you funny! Tmobile will get some Windows Phone 8. Now unretire yourself and get back to work. :-P
  • You sir are misinformed
  • ORLY? What were you fed? Im indulged empirical data. I highly suspect ATT will still be the premiere carrier and TMO will still have subpar handsets
  • The Radar,HD7,DVP are far from subpar.
  • My next subsidy from AT&T is in February, so if Nokia releases their WP8 phones in August they should be just arriving at AT&T in time :-D Seriously, MS and Nok better have deals I place with US Carriers to have WP8 phones in place by Nov or they will miss the 2 largest selling mo the in the US.
  • Crazy idea for Nokia - work out a deal with AT&T to accelerate subsidies for Customers whose next subsidy date falls in Q1 2013 so they can afford a new WP8 for XMas! :-). Please?!
  • They better be ready to ship as well. It took 2-3 months before you could get a Lumia in Europe, and another quarter before they reached US. Announcing early and building hype doesn't work as well as it used to.
  • The sooner I get my Nokia Windows Phone 8, the better. :)
  • i think Nokia going to lunch windows phone 8 in september 
    its going to be faster than what we expecting and maybe Finland will be the first to get windows phone 8 
  • Have a device announced on the 5th; launched on the 12th ;) Man if only... lol. :)
  • Would be nice but I think the only thing that's going to be announced on September 5th is "available sometime in 4th quarter". If devices were going to be available before the end of September then they would be sitting in the warehouses right now..
  • Nokia/MS can beat Apple to the punch, IF they anounce and release the phone UNLOCKED.
    Why the fuck doesnt Nokia go old school and do this?
    It would sell like hot cakes, fuck the carriers.
  • You correctly identified the reason Nokia are constrained from announcing something on Sept 5th that will be available in a matter of weeks - the carriers.
    The reason they don't release unlocked phones enmass is that they need the carrier distraibution and sales outlets. Most phones are purchased in store so unless there is a deal to be made with someone else who has a large retail outlet chain with expertise and the ability to bundle carrier services it is never going to happen.
    Only Apple dictate to the carriers when they must release devices.
  • Next Generation... Holophones here we come!!!
  • I'd absolutely LOVE to see Nokia announce and release a device quickly. Considering that Microsoft is going to release Surface RT with a pre-release version of Office 2013, I wouldn't be surprised or upset if they released a Lumia with a pre-RTM release of WP8 in September and update it to RTM in October or early November. However, they need to have a big global launch on multiple carriers to pull it off and achieve a "shock and awe" result. Hell, if they did... the biggest question on my mind would be... can I afford a new phone at full price (pre-upgrade option) AND a Surface tablet in short time?
  • If MS are smart they will offer multiple device bundling delas that make buying multiple MS products desirable e.g. Surface and Phone at 20% off with Xbox Live Gold membership free for a year etc.
    Unfortunately I don't think all the carriers are onboard, I believe Verizon have yet to commit?
    Also something MS and Nokia MUST get right is marketing. Unless they try a new way of marketing/advertising there will be limited success.
  • This is probably nokia's last chance, they better impress
  • I am using lumia 900 and am very happy with the phone... So why this is the last chance for Nokia.... 5th Sep Nokia may announce a tablet/slate with win8 as well as WP8 devices.
  • The key here will be getting these on shelves quickly. If we have to wait till Oct iPhone sales will hurt us. If they can get it out within a couple weeks we will have a winner. A great idea would be to release them asap at a MS store if operators will hold it up. With the huge support of WP7 I wouldn't be surprised q we start to see some fanboyism and people line up for WP8. I'm already planning to line up for a Surface!
  • I wouldn't draw much conclusions based on a single tweet. But wasn't it already obvious that Nokia will anounce something new on the 5th with Microsoft at their side?
    On a side note: I really feel bad for the US crowd being totally dependent on carriers when it comes to new phones. Why can't you just buy a phone at any shop on contract with any carrier or buy outright and pop in your own SIM?
  • The problem in the US is that there are only two major carriers with GSM networks and their not compatible. so you can just buy any phone and use it with your existing sim. not if you want the fastest speeds on that network.
    The other two carriers are CDMA, so there's no sim card at all.
    This is so far behind the situation in Europe where you can just buy an unlocked phone and use whatever sim you want with it. You still can buy unlocked phones on Amazon, but it's usually imported from Europe anyway. The best phones here are usually locked with exclusive contracts to a network.
    It took a few years for the iphone to be available unlocked and not be exclusive to AT&T. It's how things work here but if you're smart, you buy an unlocked/imported phone and use a prepaid network which saves a lot of money
  • A Lumia for all carriers is what I want! Im rooting for you Nokia! :)
  • Win8 is great and a darn good replacement for W7. Finally MS hit the nail.. and this is the 1st iteration! You get used to Start screen and it's much faster to search for installed apps than the old Start button which is antiquated. Just try Winkey-Q and start typing. Wow. Be patient with it and it'll grow on you faster than you think. This is widgets/gadgets done right.
  • I have my lumia 800 and its all what i need :) its my black diamond
  • It don't matter what haters say.. This will be a long painful process... Whether they like it or not.. Wp8 w8 will be here and here to stay...
  • Can't upgrade till June so definitely looking forward to it (and a discount later on) coming over to Rogers (takes a few months after launch.
    I agree with the above comments, they need these devices on the shelf as soon as possible and they need people talking about it. The SIII is selling very well due to the general buzz surrounding it, they need to emulate that. I have my doubts about this being true though as they haven't even put out the SDK for WP8 yet.
  • I know this is topic is about WP8, but for those who would like to an approximate of the windows 7 starter menu.  you can install a utility by Lee-Soft, It is called VISTART, it will give you alot of the functionality of the windows 7 start menu back, but not all  It's approixmate only.
  • I have been using Windows 8 since the developer preview.  The Dev. and Customer Preview I set up as a dual boot.  When Release Preview came out, I just installed it on my computer felt comfortable enough to do so.  Everything works except for the ATI Catalyst software still seems to have some issues still.  (Put that on AMD).  It took a day or two too where everything was moved\located at.  Remember to use right mouse button as well, you will find alot of the menus if you do.  My system boot much faster then win7, and respond alot quicker.  I find switching between programs, apps, system to be easier then win7.  Can shut down multiple apps very quickly as well. (right-click in upper left corner of screen, then press the left button.  To switch quickly between apps and desktop mode just press left mouse button until the desire app appears.)  Many people are not going to like the changes, others will.  Like it been mentioned already in other pose, some of the people who have critize the new start menu sound like they have not actually tried the OS out.  Some people bemoaned, when MS ribbonized the menu system in Office 2007 and 2010.  So it will come down to having an open mind and really getting  to know the system and personal preference.  I love all the news apps.  and some of the games that are in Windows marketplace.  I use my system in dektop mode 90% of the time.  I only use the metro UI, when starting a program like Adobe Photoshop, and or using an app located on the Metro Start Screen.  I will be upgrading to win8 Pro for $40.00 when it comes out.  Will be picking up a WinRT tablet (ASUS or Microsoft) too.
  • I found the lack of start menu a bit annoying. Then I realized that the Windows key opens the home screen. Now I finally have a use for it, after some 15 years of never having touched it other than by mistake.
  • Could it be possible that Nokia  launches a Windows RT tablet? Haven't they said they want to do tablet? The final version of Windows RT went out recently if i recall correctly. A Nokia Windows 8 unibody polycabonate tablet in the style of the Lumia 800. I would buy the crap out of this thing! If its called the LumiaTab for instance it wouldn't contradict the above quote about a Lumia coming. Seeing as Samsung has GalaxyTab series it could be a jab at the tablets.
  • I'm so bored of icons on top of a grid. It's been like 20 years, and same old desktops, I'm glad someone had the balls to come up with something new.
  • Can't wait for w8 phones as well as 7.8 upgrade for my phone.
  • im excited, a happy camper if you will. i love the new windows 8 interface. I love the new winphone8 interface and the new improvements in hw capability, i love the relaunching of all their sites and services and the new xbox update as well as the new xbox rumours sound awesome :p
  • I think the Joint announcement will not only reveal phones... but Microsoft will be like... Oh... and By the Way... The Microsoft Surface is manufactured by Nokia.  They'll reveal just how deep they're in bed together.
  • As this subject is about Widows Phone 8 and not Windows 8. I look forward to a release to see what we get. The sooner the better, I want a WP8 device yesterday...
    I'm on the fense with Windows 8 but, once I have access (my MSDN sub is done) to a RTM version of it WITHOUT giving up my Windows 7 licence (normally a upgrade makes your past license key invalid), I'll give it a fair shot.