Are Windows 11's new Start menu options good enough to win people over?

W11 Start Searchbar
W11 Start Searchbar (Image credit: Microsoft)

In case you haven't heard, the Windows 11 Start menu has become one of, if not the, most controversial aspects of Microsoft's newest operating system. Some people don't care about it one way or the other and plenty of people are perfectly fine with it, but a great many people have come out in full force to say they hate it. Hate is not a soft word, so when we say folks have been getting ruffled for months over something as pedestrian as a Start menu, we're being serious.

We've run polls in the past on the subject, though that was before Microsoft came along and made some tweaks to the divisive menu itself. As of Windows 11 build 22509, Redmond has officially extended an olive branch in the direction of irked Windows users everywhere (though only Insiders in the Dev Channel have access to it for now). The Start menu has gotten more flexible, now enabling people to change the ratio of pinned apps to recent documents displayed.

However, while that is a clear-cut example of Microsoft addressing one big complaint with the Start menu, other facets of it that annoy people have been left unaltered. So what say you: Is this change good enough and is Microsoft free to focus on more important things? Or does the company need to do more to get the Start menu in peak shape so it stops bringing shame to the Windows name?

Don't forget that Microsoft has also taken time to improve other aspects of the Windows 11 experience, such as with its recent tweaks to the Paint app. But the question remains: Do any improvements matter so long as the Start menu continues to stir the pot?

Robert Carnevale

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