What do you think of the Windows 11 Start menu?

Windows 11 Start Laptop Razerbook
Windows 11 Start Laptop Razerbook (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

It's no secret: People are divided over Windows 11's Start menu. It does a number of things to differentiate itself from other Windows Start menus and tries to be particularly welcoming to average users. These adjustments have caused friction with many PC enthusiasts who are used to having more options and functions at their disposal.

Those are a few of the reasons some people hate the Start menu. Developers have noted that anger and began to accommodate for it, promising disgruntled Windows 11 users ways to force their Start menu preferences onto the new OS. Start11 and StartIsBack are two of the tools on the table for those who want to regain control of their experience.

Many moons ago, back when Windows 11 was still relatively fresh off its initial announcement and dipping its feet in the Insider preview waters, we polled readers to see who wanted the Windows 10 Start menu back. Now that we have tools to force that wish into existence, a new question is formed: What do you think of the Windows 11 Start menu, which will become the new Windows standard on October 5?

Vote with your heart, even if that means voting that you just don't care either way about the topic. After all, Windows 11 is more than just a new Start menu... at least, to some people it is. If you're adamant that the Start menu is either making or breaking your Windows 11 experience, say so!

And if you grow tired of the incessant chatter about the Start menu, consider perusing other Windows 11 discussions, such as whether the new operating system is Microsoft creating a consumer gateway to its cloud-centric long-term ambitions.

Robert Carnevale

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