Ascend W1 from Huawei gets rendered in new leak

Although we’ve already seen actual photos of the Ascend W1 from Huawei, which were leaked last week, we guess seeing a render is also somewhat interesting.

The Ascend W1 is due out sometime next year and that should give Huawei ample time to further copy HTC and Nokia to make this phone just right. Seriously, we don’t mean to rant here but between the cyan color, the 2D glass and the 100% lifting of the HTC One X’s camera housing, Huawei is doing nothing for their reputation as a copycat firm.

Of course we think the device might actually be nice to use---after all if you go through and pick and choose the best of everything, how can you go wrong?

The specs of the W1 are rumored to be a 4” WVGA display, 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, 5MP rear camera and a front facing one too. In addition, a 2000mAh battery should provide enough power all day to users.

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Huawei vs HTC

Huawei has expressed interest in bringing such a device to the US and other markets though it remains to be seen if they can escape Asia for where they are best known.

Source: @Evleaks

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  • Sue this company for all reasons u look at it is enough lol NBC symble,HTC /Nokia design,etc
  • Windows Phone is really turning into the best platform for color expression!!
  • China's culture is to steal, well, at least their tech culture. I see it everywhere. It's just too bad that their government damn near owns the US and there is not much we can do about it.
  • Is this a plastic or metal housing?
  • That camera seems to stick out quite a bit in a way that looks like it could get at least somewhat stuck on pants pocket cloth, etc. I'd rather have a more flush camera *cough*920*cough*
  • Have to wonder if they are willing to blatantly "borrow" ideas from Nokia and HTC how much more will they be inclined to do the same with US state secrets if given the chance? Just a thought.
  • Be careful with China phone. They may be shipped with back door!
  • With these phones and Htc's 8x and 8s, I dont really understand what the differentiation factor Nokia has worried about!
    Why could they not make Android phones? Or continue with Jolla? A billion dollar cash from Microsoft cannot feed 120000 employees and series of losses for how many uncertain quarters!
  • What makes you think that Android can save Nokia if it couldn't save LG, Sony, Motorola. The only company making profit on android now is Samsung and if you know how big Samsung is and how much the can afford to push their brand, you'll understand this. With Windows 8 and WP 8 maps being powered by Nokia I bet we will start seeing the wisdom of Nokia partnering with MS instead of google who would have killed the Nokia mapping and location services on Android.
  • Maybe because only Samsung is really making any money from Android. 
    You can't even say that brand loyalty would have helped because things weren't goin that well when Nokia was all Symbian. And not enough followed them to WP.
    To think that Nokia wouldn't have still had to downsize significantly as an Android OEM is completely ridiculous. That's like me spliting a dollar with 10 people and then screaming "I'm rolling in pennies!"
    Real question is what would have happened to Nokia if they hadn't got the billion dollars from Microsoft when they did? Its not like they were doing great before they WP deal. Would they have been out of business already?
  • Wow, what a copy of HTC's One X back...the downside of that back is that the camera lens scratches constantly as its a focal point for weight when you set the phone down.
  • It's better than the HTC design since they didn't put the LED flash in that retarded place that casues all sorts of quality control issues.
  • That actually has the best design out of all the WP8 phones. Besides the HTC Camera bump, that looks great. Looks just like the Xperia S which is by far the sexiest looking phone in ages. Too bad this is low end.
  • Looks better than the L820-810
  • They are just supporting the stereotype of people from China even more