The state of mobile, Surface Go and carriers, and more — #AskDanWindows 51

On this episode of #AskDanWindows I'll talk about LTE on the forthcoming Surface Go (and how it works with carriers), as well as whether or not ARM and Intel can ever coexist on the same computer. And what do I think about the state of smartphones today? I'll answer that too.

Audience questions Episode 51

  • What's your opinion on the state of mobile devices today? — Vincent M.
  • How do carriers handle LTE devices like the budget Surface Go? — slbailey1
  • Can Intel and ARM processors co-exist? — dearwaleed

Thanks to everyone for the questions!

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  • The next state of mobile will be embedded in human bodies!
  • I have an unlimited data plan with Verizon with 2 lines - one phone line and one data line. So I should be able to go to a Verizon store and switch out my Jetpack on my data line with the Surface Go? Edit: Thinking about it, I can just take the sim card from the Jetpack and put in the Surface Go.
  • Yup, just pop the SIM, you'll be fine. No need to talk to Verizon. My AT&T SIM from an LTE hotspot device is now goes into my Surface Pro LTE/ARM device/X1 Carbon.
  • Dan, you said that the LTE modem in the Surface Go is the same as the one in the 2017 Surface Pro with LTE. You called it the "816". That's not correct. I haven't looked to see what the LTE modem in the LTE version of the Surface Go is, but the LTE modem in the 2017 Surface Pro with LTE is the x16. I'll post this same comment on this video's YouTube page.
  • Ha that what it is the x16
  • Bombshell in the last few seconds - Microsoft is working on its own chip?! I don't recall reading about that but would love a more in-depth article ;)
  • Rumour has it ms is working on an android phone.
  • This is not a serious rumor. It's actually mostly nonsense at this point. Things written on the internet don't automatically gain the status of "rumor". You corroborate with a second source. Without it, it's just fantasy.
  • Why wouldn't they release an Android phone? They already sell other OEM's in store & online. I mean, they made Office for Mac back in the day when desktop OS was more relevant. They have no mobile presence. If they release an Android phone they can offer enterprise customers a top to bottom package of devices & services... No incentive to do so since they already have their software on both iPhone & Android. Is that your reasoning?
  • Thats why I commented about it, I wanted to know your take on it. It was an article on another MS based site, So I commented about it here, to see your take on it Dan. But in all seriousness, It would make sense. Create an android based phone running windows services, but with AWESOME MS hardware.
  • Makes sense if they're so heavily invested in AI. Some kind of specialized coprocessor or something. Apple also designing their own chip & you know Google is always working on something crazy.
  • Any update on more carriers being added to the Microsoft Store's Mobile Plans app? The latest support document from this week lists only six operators.