#AskDanWindows Episode 9 – Will the Microsoft Band 2 be sold in more countries this time?

It's another weekend so time for another #AskDanWindows episode! We're a bit late this weekend due to our videographer Mark Guim lending a hand to our friends at iMore (something about a new phone launching).

This week I am taking nine of your questions sent over email and Twitter. Let's get to it!

AskDanWindows Episode 9 Questions of the Week

  • Do you think Microsoft will release the upcoming flagships unlocked for those not on AT&T? – Tim F.
  • Do you have an idea if the live tiles on w10 mobile will get a refresh, or will they remain as they are on wp8.1? – Moon A.
  • Have you heard any info whether Microsoft will ship its rumored Band2 worldwide and not just to the US and UK market? – Jef D.
  • Is Microsoft going to support WP8.1 after WP10 is out and about / Can MS upcoming flagship phones be flashed back to WP8.1, GDR2? - Alex G.
  • Do you think there will be ever a high-end dual-sim windows 10 device? - Faisal A.
  • Will you change your current Windows Phone to a new one and which would be your choice 950 or 950XL? - Csizmadia J
  • Heard any rumors about the possibility to flash Windows 10 Mobile onto the Surface RT/2? How likely do you think this is? – Julian R.
  • With Microsoft putting Cortana and office/skype on other platforms what benefits are there to sticking with windows phone? – John W.
  • Is there any indication that Microsoft would implement some sort of phone purchase program similar to Apple and Samsung? - Nick

So there you have it! Remember, if you have a question use the hashtag #AskDanWindows on Twitter, and maybe we'll pick yours.

New email!

Don't use Twitter? Well after much feedback we are happy to announce you can forward your questions to AskDan@WindowsCentral.com to submit your requests!

About that office…

For those of you wondering about our office, we are in the final stages of setting it up. Once completed, we'll do a video office tour and also highlight some of our equipment (like the 32-inch 4K monitor by HP in the back), so stay tuned! The video is shot and look for it sometime on Monday!

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