Astroneer blasts off into Game Preview for Windows 10, Xbox One

Astroneer, an intriguing new space exploration game, is now available (opens in new tab) in the Game Preview program for Xbox One and Windows 10. Astroneer also just happens to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which means you can purchase it once and play it on both platforms for no extra charge.

Astroneer looks to put a heavy focus on both exploration, and, as some have noted, has a very peaceful "No Man's Sky" feel (though hopefully without the negatives of No Man's Sky). Your goal is to take to the stars to find rare artifacts and resources as you explore different worlds. Along the way, you can even shape the ground and build things with the various tools at your disposal. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll end up just soaking up the unique visuals of the worlds around you.

Do be aware that this is a Game Preview program release, meaning the game is currently in a very early — and likely very buggy — state. If you're the type that likes to get in on a game in its early days and watch it transform, however, you can pick it up for Xbox One and Windows 10 now.

See at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Good chance we'll be streaming this game this Wed with me, jez, and tune in if you want some of our early thoughts on it and see it in action.
  • Would def be interested in that. I only just heard about this game, and between the video I saw, and play anywhere I am very interested in it. Look forward to seeing what the gameplay is truly like.
  • That's good news Daniel. I just saw this in the Windows Store and stopped in to see if anyone here at Windows Central had reviewed it.  It looks real good.
  • Do you guys add it to YouTube, for those that can't make the stream?
  • You can watch previous streams on our Beam channel too :)
  • Still a better Preview than the full game of no mansky.
  • ^^ THIS
  • Burrnn
  • So how much time does the free trial run lasts? plus i have seen it on steam but i suppose it will be more a W10 game now that it has play anywhere?
  • It's on steam, W10, and Xbox, just to make it confusing hah I think the trial is about 1 hour, but that is split between the W10 and Xbox versions so you only get 1 hour total. Obviously if you buy the Xbox or W10 version, you get both.
  • Downloaded the trial, launch the game when the trial was downloaded, game says trial period has expired. Hahaha.
  • This is my kind of game. Very nice visuals. I will wait for the final release though.
  • It's a decent pre-alpha. You can tell it was built for PC though. The Xbox controls need some work and the controls menu shows mouse and keyboard controls.
  • I noticed the same thing. However if you click the left menu/options button it shows the interface for the controller. Right shows PC kb/mouse. 
  • Thanks for pointing that out. I'll have to check it out.
  • Getting the reticle on the resource gathering tool to point at a resource sucks with a controller for sure. I mean the resources with the arrows. Interesting so far
  • Yeah, I'd especially like to see some sensitivity settings. It's way too sensitive for me. Using the resource tool is difficult because of the fixed viewing angle. I was also having an issue with the vehicle bay and the truck. I got the truck made, but I was having difficulty adding some of the larger modules like the crane or the storage. Clicking on the build icon was tricky because it was off screen. I have to be standing in just the right place with the camera angle just right, open the backpack, and then click on it before it goes off screen again. There needs to be a way to go into a cursor mode other than opening the backpack, similar to what you would see with a mouse, unless I'm missing something here.
  • Got the off camera button fixed with a work around. Just have to build the ground up a bit higher so the button comes into view. Now I have the problem where I can't launch a shuttle or a space ship because I can't click on the button while sitting in the seat.
  • Pphysical copy being released or just digital?
  • I imagine just digital for now, as it's a preview title and not officially released yet. If it ever gets released, you may eventually see a physical edition. It's only 1GB so it's not a bad download.
  • No only if Elite: Dangerous had this kind of feature.  It would be perfect.