Astroneer, an intriguing new space exploration game, is now available in the Game Preview program for Xbox One and Windows 10. Astroneer also just happens to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which means you can purchase it once and play it on both platforms for no extra charge.

Astroneer looks to put a heavy focus on both exploration, and, as some have noted, has a very peaceful "No Man's Sky" feel (though hopefully without the negatives of No Man's Sky). Your goal is to take to the stars to find rare artifacts and resources as you explore different worlds. Along the way, you can even shape the ground and build things with the various tools at your disposal. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll end up just soaking up the unique visuals of the worlds around you.

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Do be aware that this is a Game Preview program release, meaning the game is currently in a very early — and likely very buggy — state. If you're the type that likes to get in on a game in its early days and watch it transform, however, you can pick it up for Xbox One and Windows 10 now.

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