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Astroneer has picked up an update on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam

Considering Astroneer is in an early Game Preview state, it's already a whole ton of fun for up to four players, complete with cross-platform play (and purchasing) for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One devices.

In Astroneer, your task is to colonize a vast, procedurally generated galaxy in a colorful universe of polygonal alien landscapes. You can research, build outposts, and travel to the stars, living out your inner colonial space fantasies.

The game has been updated for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Steam, bringing some much-needed optimization improvements, and a whole ton of new rock-based research materials to the party. Here's what you need to know.

Hello! We've just rolled out Patch 131 to Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam. This patch heavily focuses on how players can interact with and manage save files, as well as some significant performance updates to portions of the game.

IMPORTANT: The patch will be rolled out to Xbox One users between now and the next 48 hours.

Check out our stream later today, March 17th @ 4PM EST (1PM PST, -4 UTC) on for an update on the brand new studio, our growing team, and the next major content update coming to Astroneer!


  • 8 new rock-based discoveries available for research


  • Can delete saves
  • Saves use fixed numbered slots
  • Most recent save selected by default
  • Disable starting new game when saves full


  • Reduced camera auto-adjustment so it interferes less when using gamepad
  • Updated attenuation settings on refinery audio. No longer playing as 2d.
  • Adjusted the Terrain cursor analog stick motion curve


  • Improved physics update efficiency.
  • Plant Materials updated to be less GPU intensive.
  • Major optimization to base networks and tethers.
  • Significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.

Astroneer is available now (opens in new tab) for a modest $19.99 on Xbox Play Anywhere (Windows 10, Xbox One) and Steam. See below for our beginner's guide if you're interested in giving it a go!

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  • I need to give this game a shot. It looks very fun. Any idea as to what their plans are before It's officially released (additional content for instance)? Just curious as I've seen some games stay in preview for what seems like forever.
  • Next update will have some Minecraft Redstone-like features, including powered rails. They have big plans.
  • It's great to see it getting updates at the same time on Steam and Windows Store. I love play Anywhere and really want MS to succeed with it, it's definitely getting some good attention from both big and small companies which is great
  • I'll take Windows Store and Play Anywhere over Steam any day. Developers need to start making the change faster.
  • I'm curious how play anywhere titles on the PC handle mods. Many games have been given a life line by the modder community. Such as Fallout New Vegas, people have made custom .exe patches so it handles 4Gigs of ram and significantly update almost every single texture to very high resolution. All this resources are free on nexusmods. Sure there are bunch of "questionable mods"... But those are easily avoided lol. Anyway will definitely checkout this game when i have fibre..... But i have backlog of games that i need to finish T_T...
  • Really? This would be super cool. Also can't wait till they introduce some real enemies because surviving is too easy now. Oh.. and weapons of course!
  • It's a great game. Really colourful and super nail biting as you stretch your oxygen to recover a needed element or materials to keep going!!! Pick it up if you love exploring.
  • I have a high end desktop and an XBone in different rooms. Both can run Astroneer. Is remote desktop the best option for trying to stream to a Surface Pro 4 from the desktop so I can play in the same room? Really enjoying the game preview. I can see where they're going and it looks fun. Great mechanics already.
  • Assuming you bought it on Windows store for play anywhere? I didn't think two people could play it at once from a single purchase but I could be wrong
  • You can if you are signed into two different profiles.
  • Love this game, glad to see more updates, can delete my old saves now, glad to see that, Keep up the great work!
  • Is it worth buying if i play alone or is it no fun without friends?? Asking cause none of my xbl friends have it
  • Wondering the same thing.
  • I've played about 10 hours and its all been solo. I actually couldn't imagine it being better with multiplayer. Definitely pick it up.
  • Thanks will pick it up for sure now
  • I'm playing solo and love it!!! It's super fun as you ponder which direction to head for that next desperately needed material or element. I love the visual style they went with and it's super fun to play after it's dark and you got your favourite headphones ready to go!!! It's really worth the cost.
  • Thanks for your input.. Definitely gonna get it the playanywhere version now
  • When is this out, proper? Looks so good, but I don't want to have to re-do any achievements. I assume they are disabled in the preview games?
  • I'm not playing it right this minute but I do remember getting achievements the other night. Get the game regardless. It's pretty fun and worth the price. 
  • ive been thinking about getting this game. its on my list. 
  • Good game, fun addictive as you trying to expand your base to have it easier to survive.