Astroneer has picked up an update on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam

Considering Astroneer is in an early Game Preview state, it's already a whole ton of fun for up to four players, complete with cross-platform play (and purchasing) for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One devices.

In Astroneer, your task is to colonize a vast, procedurally generated galaxy in a colorful universe of polygonal alien landscapes. You can research, build outposts, and travel to the stars, living out your inner colonial space fantasies.

The game has been updated for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Steam, bringing some much-needed optimization improvements, and a whole ton of new rock-based research materials to the party. Here's what you need to know.

Hello! We've just rolled out Patch 131 to Xbox Play Anywhere and Steam. This patch heavily focuses on how players can interact with and manage save files, as well as some significant performance updates to portions of the game.

IMPORTANT: The patch will be rolled out to Xbox One users between now and the next 48 hours.

Check out our stream later today, March 17th @ 4PM EST (1PM PST, -4 UTC) on for an update on the brand new studio, our growing team, and the next major content update coming to Astroneer!


  • 8 new rock-based discoveries available for research


  • Can delete saves
  • Saves use fixed numbered slots
  • Most recent save selected by default
  • Disable starting new game when saves full


  • Reduced camera auto-adjustment so it interferes less when using gamepad
  • Updated attenuation settings on refinery audio. No longer playing as 2d.
  • Adjusted the Terrain cursor analog stick motion curve


  • Improved physics update efficiency.
  • Plant Materials updated to be less GPU intensive.
  • Major optimization to base networks and tethers.
  • Significantly reduce network bandwidth usage.

Astroneer is available now for a modest $19.99 on Xbox Play Anywhere (Windows 10, Xbox One) and Steam. See below for our beginner's guide if you're interested in giving it a go!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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