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AT&T to bring the first 4G LTE Windows Phones to the U.S. Market

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show has started with a roar. AT&T holds an annual developer summit that leads into the CES show. To our surprise, AT&T's President and CEO Ralph de la Vega was joined by several Windows Phone dignitaries.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, HTC CEO Peter Chou, and Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop joined de la Vega to announce that AT&T will be bringing the first 4G LTE Windows Phones to the U.S. Market. AT&T will start by offering two phones that are 4G LTE capable, the HTC Titan II and what we all expect to be the Nokia Lumia 900.

Describing how the 4G LTE network performs on the HTC Titan II, Peter Chou stated it was "Blazingly fast".  No pricing or availability information was announced on either of the pending 4G LTE devices.

While nothing specific was mentioned about the upcoming AT&T Nokia Windows Phone, Stephen Elop referred everyone to Nokia's afternoon press event for all the details on this new Windows Phone. We'll be in attendance and bring you all the news as soon as we can.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

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  • And this is why people get upset, haha.  The Titan is released in Nov and not even two months later the next one is announced.  I'd be pissed if I hadn't signed on for a penny over Black Friday, haha!  The yearly "we know it is coming" schedule really works well until Apple jacked that up this year and pissed off a ton of people.
  • 'Meh. 16MP? Give me a quality lense and then I'll get excited. Blazingly fast speed? Great only if you have better battery and availability. Until Apollo comes out [and hypothetically requiring higher resolution, which may force better chips (graphics, dual core), which then trickles down to higher quality apps and games] and LTE becomes prevalent, I feel no need to jump from my Titan for these two. By late 2012, the WP landscape will change drastically again.
  • This is disappointing. I would switch to at&t, but I am not too keen on losing my unlimited data on Verizon.
  • How
    can this be the first 4G Windows Phone on the US market? Isn't the Tmob Radar a 4G Windows Phone?
  • Nothing is static. If you wait for what you want you'll be disappointed just a few days later. I'm on AT&T's 4G LTE but almost went with Verizon. i'm happy. Can't wait for 5G and will get it the minute it hits the Dallas area. ha!
  • Agree. The best thing is to buy your own phone and go with what you want. Short of that get a good plan. I've got my plan with AT&T and like the 4G LTE network. I"m in Austin (a graphics designer who manages heavy files).