AT&T customers to receive free Hulu content later this year

Later this year, AT&T customers will be able to access some Hulu content through the AT&T app as well as the web for free, thanks to a new partnership. Under the new partnership, AT&T customers will be able to view short clips and select short-form content from within the app, and the two companies are even exploring the possibility of bringing a Hulu app to TV's.

Tim Connolly, Hulu's senior vice president of partnerships and distribution said:

"At Hulu, we strive to create the best possible video experience for customers – offering them the ability to view their favorite content, when, where and how they want. We are excited to be working with AT&T to connect its customers with our premium content on every screen."

At this time there is no specifics on when customers will be able to take advantage of the offer, so stay tuned for additional information.

Source: AT&T

Jared DiPane

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  • Oh, if only Tmobile or Verizon could do this I'd be very happy... :)
  • T-mobile has something for unlimited music I believe, but yeah, Verizon doesn't do anything unique.
  • NFL?
  • Get flash sports app... Watch any live sport around the planet... Even the Meriwether (sic) fight was on it...
  • Say Wha?  My wife is going to love this!  She's the big TV watcher.  It kind of makes sense since the U-Verse App already uses Hulu's feeds I believe. (Feeds might be the wrong word)
  • You know that feeling when you reach in your pocket and find a $1 dollar bill that you weren't expecting.  This is it! My unlimited unthrottled data is back (kind of) and plus I get Hulu... Glad I have AT&T. <- (can't say that too often)
  • How is your unlimited unthrottled data back? That's one reason why I left.
  • He discovered Wi-Fi.
  • Hahaha
  • AT&T Will only throttle you, when the need to reduce network traffic is needed. Other than that, they will not throttle those unlimited users that are fortunate enough to still have it. The class action lawsuits helped with that.
  • I haven't had that feeling since I was a child. Nowadays I know where every penny is... Haha
  • unfortunately, no where in the official press release says it will be free.  They just agreed to provide premium content.  This article could be jumping the gun quite a bit. 
  • Awesome news!
  • Err to clarify, ATT TV customers, or all customers? I have internet and phone with them
  • ^^^ This!
  • Well if it's free, meaning my bill doesn't increase, it's a good thing.
  • Well I will pay the dollar versus the $9 I pay now
  • I wonder if this is for UVerse also.
  • Excellent!!!
  • U-verse, wireless or both?
  • Probably exclusive to ios and android users only, just like the free MLB subscription for tmobile users.
  • Depends on if they modify the current subscription service or make a unique API for it. They could even go other ways hopefully something smart.
  • Either way, ios and Android version will be better and offer 1080p.... Still waiting for Netflix 1080p on WP.... Only 720 for now.... Sad for a 1520's display...
  • So instead of just doing the most logical thing to lure customers/keep customers happy (which would be lowering everyone's bill by some substantial amount), ATT is just adding "value-added services and justifying the cost (hulu is an awful service btw).  Yeah that totally makes sense.  
  • Okay, first off, Hulu is a lot better than anything else on the market, ask anybody who has used Hulu and another service. Majority of people will say Hulu is better. Or at least here in New York that's the majority's opinion. And secondly, this is a huge move. Its so helpful to get free Hulu. This one move will actually convince people to switch to ATT.
  • I can't imagine anyone joining a wireless carrier for a "free" subscription to hulu.  Better Phone, sure, better coverage, yeah, lower prices, definitly... but a streaming subscription service that at the moment can only be accessed for "free" from your phone on a capped data plan.  HECK NO!   Also, I use the term "free" lightly, because knowing ATT's sneaky tactics, it will most likely be free for the first year, and then they'll add it to your monthly bill and not tell you.
  • I don't think it's meant to attract new customers (although it can). it's more meant to retain current ones. I have at&t. The only thing that can get me off this carrier is if a top of the line windows phone comes to t mobile. I'd cut my bill in half and t mobile works just fine in my area. But knowing I'd lose Hulu, might make me think twice about switching!
  • Hulu isn't better than Netflix or Amazon Prime, for me! YOU might like Hulu, but that doesn't make it universally "a lot better than anything else on the market".  You can ask me; I'm somebody who has used Hulu and other services. I live in LA and not NY, but the people I know in NY are also on the Prime/Netflix train.  I see them talk about the Netflix shows. Your second point is partially true. It IS a value add to add Hulu service.  As to convincing people to switch? I'm not certain about that. People seem to treat their carriers like religion. I don't understand it, but they do. 
  • This is ridiculous. How can Hulu be better than everything else when you have to watch commercials. Hulu is dead last in my list after Amazon prime and Netflix.
  • Best is the TV Series app... Go look, no commercials....
  • Eh, I prefer Netflix to Hulu. To be honest, it's the ads that upset me the most. If they had a tier that cost a little more than their base subscription, but didn't have ads, I could dig it. But until then, ads honestly kill it for me. I know I'm probably the minority, but there you have it.
  • 'ler
  • Now what would I do with all me extra Bing reward points?
  • What do u men
  • I buy my Hulu plus monthly subscription with my Bing Rewards points that I earn every month.
  • That's what I do too. I've had Hulu free for months now with my Bing Rewards.
  • Me too. I'm paid up through March 2016.
  • LOL.  Amazon gift card:)
  • For the points you get more value going with a month of Hulu Plus from Bing rewards.
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Sweet. But Netflix would have been the people mover
  • Idk, where I live (Long Island, New York) more people are moving to Hulu because it has all the newer TV Shows and movies. Netflix is always a little behind on updating their library. But Netflix definitely has the name recognition.
  • Netflix has far better movie choices as well as exclusive TV shows. Hulu is only good for TV shows.
  • #OITNB
  • Great news!!! Thank you ATT. I've been very happy with them from the start and now I'm even happier! Can't wait to use this all the time. Hulu is imo the best service of its kind out there (better than Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc...).
  • I need a more specific date and assurance this will have same day rollout on all platforms. I refuse to be excited until I know when and that my often left behind Windows Phone/Windows for mobile will be included same day/date with other platforms.
  • Would be even better if they didn't count the Hulu streaming on mobile against your data.
  • Is the data used to view Hulu (I assume Plus) not counted towards limit?  I have unlimited data with AT&T and I was thinking of getting Hulu Plus.  Major gain for me.
  • Well...if they bring this to tv's that's awesome. Only part that makes me sad is that I already have more than a year still free from Bing rewards. I could have used the credits for something else.
  • Free after they increase their rates. 
  • Nowhere in the linked article does it say this will be free. Jared, how did you draw that conclusion?
  • You dont have a jump to conclusions mat? I agree, no where does it state it is free, it just states there is a partnership with ATT to provide the content through an App or ATT website.  It could be for a smaller charge vs the normal charge or even free who knows, but not where it says free.  That is where the jump to conclusions mat comes in. 
  • I do have a mat...but unfortunately I was hit by a car while backing out of my driveway just after trying to commit I'm in a wheelchair and can't jump.
  • At least you are rich now and can have back yard bbqs.
  • It sort of infers free.  Otherwise there is nothing being offered you can't already get on your own.  Reading the article seems to imply it's for wireless customers.  It could give a bump to their overages and need to increase data plans. 
  • I see the word subscription. How is that different than getting a huluplus account on your own... My guess is it is adding huluplus content to uverse. Doesn't uverse already use the free content of Hulu (i.e. not plus)?
  • Awesome!
  • I already subscribe to HULU plus at home, so I just login using that account on the mobil app on my Lumia. The 1520 is a decent phone to view media content while traveling. I've been happy with AT&T's performance here in the desert southwest. Should note, I only do HULU streaming on my phone when connected to WiFi... never Data... If AT&T's offer means that streaming doesn't count against your data... that would be cool.  Pay for the HULU service, but the streaming doesn't eat at your data..
  • Imo half an inch bigger like the xperia z ultra and it would be perfect.
  • I bought my 1520 day two with media consumption in mind.
  • Cancelled Hulu a long time ago... Hate paying and still get commercials but free Hulu is sweet hope its fore wireless customers
  • Wow I didn't know u still had to watch commercials if u paid that sucks
  • How much do you normally pay for cable to watch 10X as many commercials? The $8 a month offsets some of the charges to deliver next day content. But, certainly not all of it. I could care less about 2 or 3 commercials instead of 10 or more in a break.
  • Go get the TV Series app... Come on, man. No commercials, choose your data size and hence, resolution...
  • Preety cool mang
  • We can vew short clips?  Like view preview stuff?   Why is this special?
  • Yep. Doesn't sound like Hulu Plus or even regular Hulu to me. Sounds like show clips.
  • For how long tho?
  • I'd rather hear from ATT things like:  OS software updates coming before the turn of the next century and Windows 10 Mobile before the next millenium.  Then they can roll out Hulu and whatever else.  
  • Wonder if Cricket customers would also get this deal being that AT&T owns Cricket.?
  • "short clips and select short-form content" Sounds worthless, but I'll wait for more details.
  • Agreed. Sounds like a stripped down version of the free Hulu content that anyone can get. Make it a free Hulu Plus account and then you've got something!
  • Not the first time AT&T dangled a carrot for a worthless service.  AKA 3 months of free Beats music streaming. Worthless.
  • Not sure what all the excitement is, with TV and Movies and Netfix would be better, blah blah. It say "short clips and select short-form content". That doesn't sound like Movies or even TV shows. That sounds like trailers and youtube clips.  Guess we'll see.
  • I'm not interested in commercials or teasers for Hulu, thank you very much. Full length shows are the only thing to get my interest.
  • Pretty cool how you changed the article once you realized that you screwed up, but didn't post it as an update. For those reading after May 13 original article claimed AT&T customers would be receiving free Hulu subscription content.
    This is shameful, just man up and admit you jumped the gun on your article.