Need a boost in your AT&T Rollover Minutes account? Simply text "Yes" to 11113020 and AT&T will add 1,000 minutes to your Rollover Minute total.

It appears this began as a AT&T promotion where iPhone customers received an AT&T text offering the free minutes.  More than likely an iPhone owner shares the info with an Android user who shares it with a Windows Phone user. Then someone blogs about it and the next thing you know everybody is taking advantage of the offer.

So far we haven't seen any strings attached to this offer but the reply does state it'll take up to 4 weeks to process (the minutes will probably appear on the next billing cycle.   According to the iPhone text original distributed by AT&T, the offer ends on March 31, 2011.  However, with everyone taking advantage of the offer we don't know how long it will take AT&T to catch on and pull the rug out from under this offer.

Source: Engadget