AT&T HTC Titan coming to Costco on November 23rd

The AT&T HTC Titan is slated to launch in the next few days, specifically this Sunday, November 20th for $199. While the AT&T price ain't bad for such a massive phone, you just know somebody like Costco will be able to under cut that a bit.

And if you're like us, you enjoy buying massive things in bulk. The good news is Costco's will be offering the Titan right quick on November 23rd, presumably for a cheaper price (and we hear better return policy, though it's been ages for us). But if you were planning on getting the huge 4.7" inch Windows Phone 7.5 device and you have a Costco membership, you may want to hold off a few days till you hear what their offering will be.

Thanks, anon, for the pic!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Unless I'm missing something, that launch notice shows the Titan only available as a home delivery item and not in a warehouse cellphone kiosk. Btw, besides a lowered price Costco typically bundles the cellphones with handsfree kit and in-car charger for cellphones. I don't remember the exact return trial period but it should be longer than what you'd get at a carrier store.
  • You heard it first from me...Skype App will release the same week as the Titan! It's a guess but i think this is the phone to release the Skype App with.
  • I'm hoping Best Buy carries the Titan right away too. They don't have the Focus S.
  • does have the Focus S as of Tuesday.
  • Ah indeed they do. I was informed they had no plans to carry it by a car. Hopefully they get the Titan in store on Sunday.
  • I just looked on Costco's cellphone webpage and here's the scoop:* Free New Activation* Free Case* Free Screen Protector or Earphones* Free ShippingReturn or Exchange Policy: 90 days. This is great if you're upgrading your phone with the same carrier. However, if you sign up for a new account you're still subject to early cancellation fees within the Trial Period with that particular carrier (AT&T is 30 days; all others 14 days). As a Costco member, I will definitely take advantage of these benefits and upgrade three Titans for my family. As a bonus Costco will give me $10 gift cards for using my Costco Amex card. Additionally I get 1% cash back with the card and provide an additional year for warranty. Not bad. More importantly, the 90 day return period will give chance to return it if Nokia (or any other mfgs) announces a stellar model that trumps the Titan at CES in Jan. Btw the Focus Flash is $19.99 through Costco.
  • I was thinking of using the 90 day return period as well. That would be great to see whats coming in early 2012.
  • Don't want to pre-judge anyone here, and I know Costco has a 90 day return policy. But do you feel any guilt returning a perfectly good phone after 89 days, simply because you decided to get something different. Just wondering. Who do you think is going to pay the difference to resell that phone as a refurbished unit, probably at 1/3 it's original price. Here is a hint; not Costoc, HTC, AT&T or Microsoft.
  • I won one at the Houston Windows insider party, so I'm set!
  • @jimski, Costco's Return Policy clearly states that your satisfaction is GUARANTEED for the products they sell. And within certain product categories there are guidelines (i.e. 90 days for TVs, GPS, computers, etc). So no, I don't think one should feel guilty if they use the product and return it for not being satisfied with it. If you're happy with it, keep it. If not return it within its guidelines and move on. Theres no moral clause here; their policies are there for their members. That's the benefit of paying that annual fee and being a member.
  • I bought my original focus at costco and was very pleased.  They always have competitive pricing and their guarantee policies are great.
    I paid $50 for my focus less than a month after it was out.  That was $150 less than the ATT store and the phone also came with a car charger, case, and cheap headset.  I would highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade to buy their phone from costco!