AT&T Lumia 920s lose AT&T branding, leave just the globe

Every single one of us dislikes the branding that carriers will do to a smartphone. Putting all those logos… well it just feels sacrilegious when you have devices that push the envelope on industrial design like the HTC 8X and Lumia 920. And while AT&T may not have completely rid the Lumia 920 of their mark, they did sort of start.

Members in the Windows Phone Central Forums have keen eyes and have pointed out that Lumia 920s being sold by AT&T here in the states seem to be missing a little something in the branding department. If you bought a Lumia 920 from them at launch in the top left on the bezel you had the AT&T Globe and the words AT&T. Now you’re just left with the globe. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.

While we’d all clearly love if these phones weren’t branded, we’ll take any small victories we can for a phone without carrier tainting.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab), Via: Windows Phone Forums

Thanks for the tip Kyle E!

  • Thank goodness mine in Singapore has no branding on it. I find it odd to have it there!
  • No branding on my Rogers Lumia 900 dunno bout other Rogers phones branding never really bothered me.
  • I never really got the big deal about branding that people make about it. My 920 has a Nokia branding and the att branding with the globe. I rarely notice it. Phone looks beautiful regardless.
  • Ditto for me!! Way better than verizon's branding...
  • Why would you be ok with some random company putting their logo on your device despite them not being involved in the creation of either it's software or hardware? Not to mention how ridiculous it'll be when you switch carriers.
  • In the US, very few of us are able to switch carriers before the contract is up. And when the contract is up we generally get a new subsidized device. As for me, I have absolutely no problem.with carrier branding as long as it is appropriate looking. Lumia 920 Att branding looks just fine. Verizon, on the other hand, turns their phones into ridiculous walking billboards for the Verizon logo. It's actually one of the reasons I switched to Att.
  • This reminds me of the galaxy note 2 on Verizon that people were flipping out over cuz Verizon put their logo on the home button each their own I suppose.
  • No branding on my Lumia 920 on EE in the UK
  • No external branding for EE but virtually every thing internal is branded by EE. Hence why I flashed mine with the generic UK Lumia 920 rom. :)
  • Lumia 920 on 3 (uk) other than boot screen there's no branding at all. But then again MS did say when they announced WP7 that's carriers couldn't mess with OS. One of the reasons i went with it, Orange are sods for external and internal branding... Long live 3 :)
  • Wish they would of had this brainstorm from the start. . . A**holes
  • The HTC 8X, since launch have had no branding on the front, and only the globe sans "AT&T" on the back. Never noticed until I read this article, guess its just not that big a deal for me.
  • This^
    I hardly ever notice the tiny little globe on the back of my AT&T 8X.
  • I would much rather not have that stupid AT&T boot screen to have to deal with. I have a stormtrooper 900, that is basically a brick behind that nonsense, because of the loop it goes through.
  • Yeah Branding a phone really decreases the performance. I wish they would stop. In fact, i wish my Honda accord didn't say honda on it or my computer say Acer Aspire on it. I wish my work did not have the name of the company plastered all over the place. It hurts my eyes. I wish McDonalds didn't have a sign on it's building and i would just have to guess that it was a McDonalds.
    I can go on and on. Anyone want to add to this...............
  • You understand that unbranded phones still have a Nokia logo on it, right?
  • yea I wish you quit advertising for burger king with your bk branding
  • Ummm... Different branding we are talking about my friend. I don't mind that the car has a Honda logo or brand... I don't want the dealership permanently marking it up with its brand. If I sold it, the resale value might be a tad lower because the next individual may not want it or to be advertising for a company they did not buy it from hypothetically. Nokia is fine on the phone, but why is the carrier rooting around on the phone customizing it? Similar to what other computer manufacturing companies like Acer, dell, hp, etc, they sometimes put crappy bloatware on the computer's OS... Why do do this??? Well it is cheaper to sell this way. We have to pay a premium or the retail price to get away from these things... But are you willing to? Is it really that big of a deal? For me, I don't want the dealership ship's name tattooed on my car... Phone, I really don't care. I'm using ATT with it anyhow... Even when I sell my phones, I unlock them just to raise the resale value, but people probably still use att, lol.
  • Sigh...He's being sarcastic ppl....'hurts my eyes' is a dead giveaway, c'mon guys...
  • On a hot day, or using a hairdryer, use dental floss to remove the Honda branding from your car. I have been doing this for years
  • I never really minded the branding too much, to be honest.  However, it being just the globe (and its slightly different position) looks funny to me.
  • Yep, I prefer the original branding.
  • Oh yeah, and whenever i put my AT&T 920 to my hear during a phone call, the white AT&T letters really hurt my ears.
    I am thinking of scrapiing it off with a Mr. Clean Pad, except what if the Mr. Clean pad didn't say Mr. Clean on it and I wouldn't know what brand it was... I am so comfused now. I don't know what to do.
  • except the phone you are using is not a product of your network/provider, so they really have no business putting their name on it. Its enough that you see their network name on the top most of the screen when you use your phone and you are using their network, but to physicalky put their logo in your phone is already over the top. Imoho
  • Except that in most cases the cell carrier is subsidizing the phone to you.  In all honesty it doesn't impact performance at all, adds a bit of a balance to the phone with Nokia on one side and the AT&T logo on the other.  In the event of the Nokia phones it is done in a tasteful way, to the point it looks like it could have been done on the Nokia production line.  It's not like the phone looks like a NASCAR racer.  I'm a computer technician by trade, I will do a clean install of the OS anytime I get a new PC so I don't have all the bloatware on it from the PC manufacturers.  I'm more upset that I had a half a dozen programs from AT&T pre-installed that I wasn't going to use than another logo on the phone.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad AT&T made some apps for WP, but I can look in their store for them on the marketplace.
  • Even when the phone us subsidized, the network still earn from you, they're not doing you a favor, they're competing with other networks. Plus branding of phone is only extensive in the US.
  • US is usually the main culprits of branding.....people out of UK should be used no carrier logo and unlocked phones
  • I like branding. Tbh, without it phones look to plain Jane for my taste.
  • Exactly
  • I couldn't stand any form of branding on my 920. The first carrier to promote this in the UK would get ditched.
  • I like my AT&T branding, I love both the phone and service.
  • A step in the right direction. Another bad thing about branding is that it makes hard to get unbranded out-of-contract phones from places like Expansys. It's bad enough getting a phone branded by a carrier in your own country but who wants a phone branded by a foreign carrier.
  • I received a replacement 920 a little over a month ago from AT&T, and it had no branding (other than the globe). This is my 4th 920 so I'm not worried about the branding I just want it to work correctly. (so far so good) fingers crossed.
  • I almost got an unlocked 920 to use on at&t just to get around the branding...too bad the LTE wasn't compatible and had to go with at&ts model. Just the globe is looking much better tho.
  • I get mine tomorrow, and I hope this is true
  • Apparently that phone branding is a USA thing. Over here in Europe carriers don't brand the phones. They brand the software but you don't find a single logo on the phone. And thank goodness for that. If carriers want me to publicize their brand, they better PAY me for it. Or give me a good discount on the price. Which, as far as I can tell, doesn't happen in the USA ('cause the "contract" is just the normal price of the phone divided by a number of months)
  • Did they up the hardware revision?
  • nothing is never without reason. i wonder why the switch. unless its to mark an new hardware orders to them to seperate easier for there defective device replacement people. you know kinda like batch 1 and batch 2? not saying all of batch 1 was faulty but many have had issues. so leaves one to wonder hmmmmm.
  • Now if they could just get rid of these dumb @ss AT&T exclusive deals...
  • When N920 users boot their phone, do you only see the globe? I bought a used N920 and I wasn't sure if the original owner changed something? My old N900 had the globe and the at&t name.
  • No branding on my Rogers 920.
  • Att has been using just the globe on a few of their new devices. Its just their new branding, as they seem to be dropping the words. I don't mind their branding in general as its usually not too obnoxious, plus with the 920, it got me a stellar device for $99.
  • Ok, I was wondering if the guy that I bought this from unlocked it or something.
  • I don't get those complaining about it. You got the device from the carrier, with exclusive att apps from the carrier but its not right to put their logo on it even though THEY subsidized it for you? Imho, the 920 looks much better with the att and globe branding , evens the phone out, and I'll happily advertise for att when I can get two 450 dollar lumias for 99 bucks...and that's why the brandings there. You don't like it? Want only Nokia or HTC on there? Then don't take the carriers money and pay full price to get it!!
  • The carrier, in this case, AT&T, isn't doing you some sort of favor by subsidizing, so there's really no excuse for carrier branding.
    You're *paying* them on a monthly basis, on contract, for a couple of years---at pretty high rates at that.  So yeah, let's not pretend that we shouldn't mind AT&T branding, in return for some sort of 'altruism'.
    Please, if my eyes rolled any further back into my head every time I read one of those comments, they'd drop out like marbles.
  • It is always irritating when people spew ignorant "every single one of us" BS. Some of us live in this world and have no interest in wearing rose colored glasses while picking lollipops off trees all day. Branding helps keep costs down, particularly in expensive and competitive markets. BTW, the globe is their actual logo so they are dispensing with nothing of relevance. You will also probably find they are doing the same on all products. People need to grow up and realize a stupid logo is probably the least offensive thing modern capitalism will do to you or others in any given day.
  • It all comes down how tough you are with them. Let them try to put anything on an Apple product.
  • Just got the 920 in yellow don't care as long as it's not VERIZON
  • The deathstar goes right along with the stormtrooper branding :)
  • Weird things, weird things Amurica.. We don't need 'em here in Finland! We also have different camera info. Only "NOKIA|Carl Zeiss"
  • Never bothered me actually on my 920.  Wait, unless my phone had the word "Sprint" on it, it didn't bother me.
  • I like it better there because it balance's out with the Nokia symbol there it looks alot more natural with it there. Just my opinion
  • What is capitalism coming to? Get that at&t branding back on there!
  • Verizon is by far the worst offender, every time. Their ENTIRE logo, checkmark and name, splashed horizontally across a vertically-oriented phone. And in the case of newer Samsung products, OBNOXIOUSLY branded into the Home button like a bad piece of movie product-placement.
  • Remember Cingular's little orange man? That was my favorite brand icon. :(
  • No branding on Entel Chile's (Vodafone) whole line of Lumia phones. Heck, my Lumia 800 didn't even had the carrier ringtone preinstalled