AT&T Lumia 920s lose AT&T branding, leave just the globe

Every single one of us dislikes the branding that carriers will do to a smartphone. Putting all those logos… well it just feels sacrilegious when you have devices that push the envelope on industrial design like the HTC 8X and Lumia 920. And while AT&T may not have completely rid the Lumia 920 of their mark, they did sort of start.

Members in the Windows Phone Central Forums have keen eyes and have pointed out that Lumia 920s being sold by AT&T here in the states seem to be missing a little something in the branding department. If you bought a Lumia 920 from them at launch in the top left on the bezel you had the AT&T Globe and the words AT&T. Now you’re just left with the globe. Why? Your guess is as good as ours.

While we’d all clearly love if these phones weren’t branded, we’ll take any small victories we can for a phone without carrier tainting.

Source: AT&T, Via: Windows Phone Forums

Thanks for the tip Kyle E!

Sam Sabri