AT&T Matching to match their upcoming Penny Deal?

Okay... so you just purchased your brand new Windows Phone from AT&T and read about the upcoming Penny Sale. No need to start banging your head against the wall or scrambling to return the phone.  You may have some relief.

According to one reader, AT&T is honoring the sale price for those who have purchased Windows Phones covered in the Penny Sale (Samsung Focus, Focus S, Focus Flash and HTC HD7S) as long as the phone was purchased within the thirty day return window (which should cover all the new phones).

Mark from Seattle wasn't able to get a refund on the purchase but instead, was able to get a credit for the difference to his wireless bill. So, if you bought that new Samsung Focus S over the weekend it might be worth a call to AT&T to see if they will honor the Penny Sale.

Thanks goes out to Mark for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • Bwa ha ha... this is why I painfully waited.  I want deals!  Last year I had mine on the first day only to see killer deals weeks later.  Not this time. :)
  • Anybody else can confirm this? I'm going to try it out later today...
  • damnit, what about the Titan lol
  • Titan is included in the sale.
  • Well, thats good news. Of course as they article states, wouldn't hurt to confirm.  Just as a side note: when I bought my Samsung Focus (at launch last year) two weeks later a promo came out BOGO Free.  AT&T honored the promotion and allowed me to get a free LG WP7 phone for my mother.  I know AT&T can be quite vile, but I've always had cheery pleasant experiences with respect to customer service - as long as it has nothing to do with an iphone. :)
  • Another thing to note, just walk into a store with advertisement/promotion printed out in hand. A lot of times they don't know WTF goes on on the website. Really... I asked about the HD7S release date 1 week before it came out (but which was long being promoted on the website) and the sales rep had no clue.  I had to talk to the manager on duty and point at a print out before he said, "oh, yeah, we don't know a launch date." which is different from "HD7S, um no that phone doesn't exist." :)  Same thing with my BOGO promo being honored. Walked in with a print out. The -manager- told the sales dude to honor it.  They have more flexibility than it appears as long as you're nice.
  • Just called up AT&T and they said they won't price match for phones bought in the store. For once I bought something the day it came out only to see this happen :(
  • Did you threaten to return it? If so and they still said no I would go to the store to return it and see what they would do for you.
  • Yeah, I did threaten to return it, but they still refused. I'm going to try the store next, but they had warned me of a $35 restocking fee if I returned it. I renewed my 2-year contract when I upgraded, so I'm not sure what happens to that either, if I'll be able to upgrade again. Let's see what happens.
  • if the saving is more than 35 bucks, i say do it
    assuming they don't harrass you with plan charges...
  • Hmm... What if you buy a Titan on this Sunday? I put my old phone on eBay before the Black Saturday sale was a announced and I'd rather not go a week without a phone, haha.
  • I can verify that , yes AT&T will match the price.  I called yestersday and was offered an instant credit to my wireless account.  I was given a $199.99 credit on my wireless account even though I purchased the Samsung Focus S on November 6th (I ven purchased mine at the store and not online) .   Great customer service like this is what keeps me a happy ATT customer
  • I just got off the phone with AT&T - Dialed 611 from my cellphone.
    They would NOT price match my phone down.  I am going to the store to return it tonight.  I asked if I could just get credit on my account and they wouldn't budge. 
    She even asked if I would have called Sunday after the sale went back up to $200.00 instead of $0.01 and would I ask to be charged more.... At that point I knew it was useless.  So now I have to pay a $35 dollar restocking fee.  It is well worth paying $35 dollars to save $165 for the phone.  Stupid waste of my time though.
    Not happy with AT&T.
  • the customer service actually said that to you? i would ask for their manager if they did that, thats non-sense... i return skiis bought a week ago because the store decided to go 30% off on all merchandise on the following weekend, and got my money back, why is this being compared to if cost went up...
  • I just called 611 as well. They would not refund the purchase in line with the penny deal.  They gave no indication that this would ever be an option.
  • Called 611 and they would not budge on the crediting of the bill either... Going to be a pain to return the phone then order a new one, but well worth it.
  • I've worked on this all afternoon, to no avail. Talked to people at two AT&T corporate stores and a myriad of people on the phone at Customer Care, including a floor manager. Nobody wanted to give me a credit for the difference because I purchased the phone at a corporate store, and this was an online-only special. I don't know if its worth the hassle of returning, paying the $35 restocking fee, being without a phone for a couple days, then re-ordering the 1 penny phone in hopes of getting it.
    We need the details on how you guys were able to pull this off!
  • I love the people that say its not worth the effort to pay the 35$ restocking fee and wait a few days without a phone. Pay 35$ to save 199. Seems worth it to me. Plus, waived activation (18$). I'm very tempted to buy the Titan and the Focus. Just have to hold onto the 15$ data package for two months on the other line, then cancel. That means two awesome phones for 30.02+tax. Play with them for a few weeks and sell my least favorite on eBay.
  • Hold on to the data plan for 2 months and then cancel? What do you mean?
  • I had no luck at all with anyone from ATT about this...argh!
  • I wonder what would they do for upgrades instead of adding a new line or account?
  • I would assume that upgrades would be valid.  I'm more curious about those of us ineligible for an upgrade.  I bought an HD7S in June and it'll be 7 more months before I'm eligible to upgrade ("Congratulations!  You're eligible for an upgrade at full price!").  I'd love to upgrade to a Focus S for $0.01, but not for $550.
  • You need to be eligible for an upgrade or activate a new line to get this pricing. No way around that.
  • I'm still grandfathered in to my old $15 month unlimited data plan from my palm trep days. I bought a Focus last December for $150 on craigs list and slipped in my sim.  Works great, but now I want the  Focus S and with WP7 becoming more popular, it's less likely I'll find one on eBay.  The .01 deal sounds great!  Anyone have a creative idea on how I can upgrade without AT&T forcing me into a "SmartPhone" plan that costs me more but does nothing more than my existing plan?
  • I was told at my corporate store that my data plan was granfathered in and buying the phone on upgrade would nt change that  but I am getting on line tomorrow to chart with on line and make sure the story is the same  grandfathered in and upgrade for a penny.  If so the focus it is but I am hoping that they got the tittan in so I can play with it first see which one I like better  no titan in store its the s  for me if theres a titan ands I like it better   and I can get what I want for a penny and no loss of unltd data plan thats what I'll do online saturday morning.
  • When I first read this article, I thought "Cool!!  AT&T is really trying to change and improve their service!!"  I was all ready to get on here and give props.
    Then, I started scrolling down and reading some of the attitudes and bad experiences from people who tried to get AT&T to do right by them and realized once again that I was wrong.  The Evil Empire is still the Evil Empire.  We have had AT&T for over 8 years and I cannot even explain to you all why we continue to be dumb enough to stay.  We have had every type of billing and product problems in that time and very few easy results.  If you are lucky enough to get a rep that tries, you will usually be okay.  Otherwise, you lose out.  I truly feel for those of you unable to get satisfaction on this.
    This penny sale is tough.  I love WP, want a WP, want to support WP.  AT&T is the ONLY option.  I have no T-Mo in my area and Sprint reception is poor.  That leave a WP on AT&T or a move to Verizon where (no offense anyone) I do not like the Trophy.  Do I jump on a Focus S or Titan for a penny, enjoy my device but fight for 2 more years of poor support?  Or settle for something I like less on Verizon where customer service is always rated high. 
    I hate being me.
  • I have dealt with customer service very infrequently  on either landline internet or mobile  but the dealings have generally gone very well except for the fruasrating automated attendant pice of donkey cra+ which drives me crazy when internet is out reminding me  that I can go to repeatedly to fix common problemsThe only real issue I had was when I added our daughter to our plan for my wife and I they tried to take away all of my rollover minutes and I sent them a nasty letter of my letterhead (attorney) threatening  everything I could  they gave me back 75% of my rollover minutes  and soo we were happy.
  • Everyone complains, but how much do you use/need customer service?  I've had the same account with what is now AT&T since 1985 (yes the year cellular rolled out) and basically you use the service and pay the bill.  Occasionally I need to add the international plan for a month, but that process is easier now than ever, they even let you select the date you want it to drop so you aren't billed for an additional cycle.  The monthly bill is always the same, and other than upgrades to hardware and adding new devices and plans (ie. my wife and daughters iPhones a few years back) I go in, get what I want and leave.  Done! My only complaint is that they are trying to sell me a so called smartphone plan that is not even as good as my $15 unlimited data plan that I have had without a contract for many years now.  I was an early adopter to their data and I've been a loyal customer so I don't feel I should pay more for less.  Now if that is considered bad customer service, then they have an issue there.  Though I believe its a faulty marketing and/or sales program.  But anytime I've called customer service, they have done right by me.  So what does everyone keep complaining about with customer service?  How often do you need it?
  • The response from
    "In order to get the Black Friday Penny Sale price you will need to wait until that takes place to receive the pricing you have indicated.  Let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions.  Thank you.
    AT&T Social Media Team"
  • I called last night, and received my credit. =)
    The agent didn't know about the sale, so after 20-30 of her trying to find it, asking her supervisor and who knows what else, she processed the credit...which took another 15mins.  Somehow I got $210 credited back...give tax was bout $42 when I purchased my Focus S at the store, I guess I can't complain...
    So there you go... I'm sure AT&T will take care of your.  Worst case, pay the $35 restocking fee... Still worth it.  Cheers!
  • So I got a Focus Flash yesterday, should I return it and buy a Focus S/ Titan on black friday? Is this deal for sure? Is it only online or is it also in stores?
  • It says on line ONLY!!!!
  • I live in Huntington, WV and NONE of the local stores have the Titan....WTF????  But, they will gladly sell me an Android, cause "thats the best phone ever"  Microsoft needs to do some serious sales training to the AT&T people...
  • I got it done! Received a full discount on the price of my recently purchased Focus S by calling 611 although it took some case building on my part. Here was my argument:
    I am a long time customer with 2 lines who spends over $250 a month and I am within my rights to return the phone (purchased within the 30 last days) and then repurchase a new one for $0.01. But why should I be forced to go through the hassle of going back to the store and then waiting to get the new one online when ATT only needs to flip a switch and credit the account? Logical but it didn't seem to sway the supervisor I talked to. But this argument did - If I return the phone it will cost ATT more because they will take a loss on the phone I just returned plus I will be getting a new phone for only a penny which is another total loss of them. By simply refunding me the money they saved themselves a phone and kept a customer happy.
    Flattery can help. At one point the supervisor told me that the "system" wouldn't allow the process I was suggesting. I replied that I was sure that he was a supervisor for a reason and that a creative fellow could find a way around the red tape. He did, almost instantly.
  • I called AT&T this morning, and the customer service representative was unable to find the deal and said she would only be able to see the deal on friday. She did say that if the deal is available on friday, then my account will be credited with the difference. I also got a reference # for the call so I can follow up with them on friday. Hopefully it will work out.
  • I just came home with 2 HTC TITAN phones that cost me 2 cents!
    I went to my local Microsoft Store and the sales rep asked me if he could help us (me and my GF) with the phones. I told him if they can price match the TITAN for the upcoming penny sale I will take 2 of them. Sales rep called the manager over and he said sure!
    15 minutes later, we walked out with 2 shiny Titans and two $25 prepaid app cards, all for 2 cents. I still can not believe how great we were treated. We both had iPhone 4.
    The Titan deserves all the complements it is getting out there. Amazing phone...
    Thank You Microsoft.
    (The store I visited is in Santa Clara, CA)
  • some areas they can do that I asked at my corporate store and they said they are not allowed to mad match national ATT  which does not make any sense as corporate stores  but what can you do.