AT&T Microcell draining batteries?

Is the AT&T Microcell sucking the life out of your Windows Phone batteries? Apparently there are a few Windows Phone owners who believe so.

For those not familiar, AT&T's Microcell is a gadget that picks up your cellular signal and carries it over your local internet service. It is designed for households and businesses that are in poor reception areas.

A short discussion has developed over at AT&T with one commenter stating with the microcell plugged in his battery drain on his Samsung Focus S is in the neighborhood of 15-20% per hour. Unplug the microcell and the battery drain pulls back to about 1% over two hours.

Now we are not certain if those complaining are using their microcell for data or connecting to their wifi internet network. If they are relying on the microcell for data, that could contribute to the increase drain.  But not knowing for certain, this is only a guess.  Personally, I've had an AT&T Microcell since day one (without it I only have half a bar of coverage at the house) and have yet to notice any increase in battery drain on any of the phones in the house.

AT&T hasn't commented on this issue and if there is a bug with some of the microcells, hopefully it can be addressed quickly. Curious, has anyone experience faster battery drain rates when your Windows Phone is connected to the microcell?

Source: AT&T; Thanks, Ronald, for the tip!

George Ponder

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