AT&T offerings wireless customers $100 to stick around

While we have seen wireless carriers offering incentives for customers to make the switch to their service, AT&T has announced incentives for customers to stick around.

Beginning today, all new and existing AT&T customers will receive a $100 credit to their wireless bill when they purchase a new smartphone, tablet, feature phone, mobile hotspot or wireless home phone.  This would include the Nokia Lumia 1520, Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020.

New phones can be purchased through the AT&T Next, Bring Your Own Device o 2-year commitment.

The offer ends on 3/31/2014 and is subject to change.  The offer does not extend to AT&T GoPhones (such as the Lumia 520), Machine-to-Machine, Enterprise on Demand and activations on Business Connect plans.  You can find all the fine print and details on this offer here at AT&T’s website (opens in new tab).

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • $100 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you will pay over a two year contract. T-Mobile is still the better deal. Of coarse that depends on your coverage.
  • If it wasn't for the fact that I'm grandfathered in to the "unlimited" data plan, I probably would have left AT&T by now.
  • I was grandfathered in decided to drop it for the family share plan was barely using the data and actually am now saving $20 a month but if you go above 4gb ya keep it for sure!! T-mobile is a joke! My friends phone drags after about 2gb well doesn't drag but you can tell a difference that's for sure!
  • It drags after 2GB because T-Mobile throttles you after your data runs out, rather than just charging you a fine and letting your bill continue to rack up, like ATT does. Tell your friend he can upgrade from 2GB to unlimited for $10 more if he needs to.
  • Not to mention he'll get 2.5gb of tethering a month on top of that.
  • I no longer get close to the 5gb limit....not even 2gb...since I was able to afford internet service at home. But, as the saying goes, its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  • If your area has good T-Mobile coverage, you may still want to consider, even if your grandfathered into ATT unlimited. We have 5 lines for $110 total, and can add unlimited to any of those lines for just $20 more. So that comes out to $22 per line for light data users, or $44 per line for unlimited data users. I'd be surprised to hear your att bill is better than that.
  • Unbelievable. I am paying AT&T $110/mo for 2 lines with... 300Mb/mo...
  • Lucky you, we were paying $120 for two lines with only 200MB data. Now I enjoy 500MB at 4G, and unlimited at 2G which can still stream Pandora well. I bet you watch your data usage like a hawk to avoid paying the overage penalties. I used to turn my data connection off at 190MB. I don't miss those days.
  • Yea I have four lines on ATT, TMo here we come. Just waiting on SIM unlock codes with ATT.
  • +1020
  • Being that I travel tmob wont work for me as their coverage looks like Swiss cheese. Coverage and phone selection is the most important part of service and ATT has that for me
  • Fair enough on the part about coverage. As for phones, you can use ATT phones on T-Mobile with few issues. I switched over two L920's and one Focus easily.
  • I tried a 920 on T-Mobile and never got it to work right. 4G and MMS never worked, so I gave up and got a temp 521.
  • I had the same problem at first. A couple of calls with T-Mobile still didn't fix the problem. Finally, I stumbled across Nokia's Access Point app that adds itself to Settings: Install that and it magically fixes everything under the covers, no reboot needed, by detecting the SIM type and updating some hidden settings.
  • Yeah I think all I had to use was access point. The focus flash required more effort/research since its Samsung.
  • I tried T-Mobile and got what I paid for. It simply doesn't work in the Seattle area. I just switched back to AT&T 2 days ago and am so happy. Too bad I missed this deal, but at least I got $600 in credit for switching two lines back to AT&T from T-Mobile.
  • That's awesome sooooo itching for that 1520 32gb
  • Scratch that itch and get you one :):):):):)
  • Is the valid for upgrades or only for new lines??
  • Its only available on new lines of service. Not upgrades.
  • Unfortunately for me and my gf, there are no phones we really want. Hoping for a high end Nokia with a screen size in the 4.7" - 5" range and having a camera that is the successor to the 1020's would be icing on the cake.
  • +1020
  • +920
  • From what I'm hearing, even Goldfinger is not the designated Camera Flagship successor. Sure wish there was a clear understanding whether to get Goldfinger or whether to wait for a 1020 follow-on.
  • Figures, my wife and I just purchased 2 1520s on Saturday...wonder if they will honor it being so close...
  • they will absolutely honor it. tell them you will return it if they don't.
  • Well, my 1520 arrives today so when I go pick it up I'll ask. I've been dealing with the same guy there for some time. I have a feeling he can get it for us. That and you're damn right I'll return it if they don't.
  • Agreed.. They have a 14 day return period so yes they will give you the credit
  • Same boat as you! Yep that's what I am going to do! Been with since 2008 and will return the phones and leave! A course im bluffing but I will be fighting it today, but politely.....being a jerk never works! Worse case on the phone ask for their floor supervisor they will usually take care of it.
  • Hmmm.. I just read the fine print on the link and it says.. "Activate new eligible postpaid wireless line  to receive credit." So that sounds like you have to add a line to your account to get the credit, not just buy a new device.
  • Just return them. Re-purchase one phone,then add your wife's line. I had to get creative over the holidays,and both my wife and I have been enjoying our 1520's ever since.
  • Hmmmmm
  • Change your phone number! (loophole?)
  • Nokia needs to drop AT&T as a premier partner like AT&T dropped QI W-Charging so they can embrace whatever Apple tells them to support. If Nokia offered all phones to all carriers more folks would go elsewhere quick. T-Mo is getting better quick.
  • +920 I will not remain with AT&T when my contract expires if they do not offer a WP with internal wireless charging.
  • I agree and disagree. Im a strong proponent for T-Mobile because you save SO much money with them over ATT. Sure att gives you a discounted phone every two years, but you can just wait two months and buy your phone on ebay/amazon for half price. And this is where I see the strategy behind Nokia exclusiveness. Lumia 1520 would not sell well on T-Mobile because users are not likely to pay $700 when they can get something like L521 for $70. Whereas on ATT, if your paying for the stupid contract anyways, you might as well get a high end phone. And by getting ATT to subsidize the 1520 an extra $100 in exchange for exclusiveness, you could attract a lot of users who only see the initial subsidized price of $0-200 when choosing their next phone. Meanwhile, if I want a 1520 on T-Mobile, I'll just buy one off eBay and unlock it. And it will have been cheaper because ATT subsidized it for exclusiveness.
  • My mentality is that I'm saving a lot of money on the truly unlimited lte service and only paying an extra $2 (insurance is $8) to be on jump. Tmo runs zero down promotions frequently. Of course, I only have to pay a slightly higher EIP until I jump again as early as, well, the next day if I haven't used my second upgrade. Device manufacturers are going to move so many more units on Tmobile. Next is not really as generous nor flexible. If you live in a major city and don't travel out to the sticks very often, I can't imagine why anyone would be on ATT. Even if you do travel, WiFi calling keeps you afloat.
  • So I just added one phone through next on Sunday and bought one online yesterday! They better honor this!!
  • They will I just called in as long as your in the 14day grace they will approve it.
  • Interesting if this ends RIGHT BEFORE the 8.1 devices would come out heh...
  • Ahhh! I just purchased 32gb 1520 last Friday. I hope I can call AT&T and swing into this deal, that's bad timing.
  • They'll definitely do it. For what its worth, here's a story... I called them and told them I wanted to cancel my contract and what would the Early Termination fee be. They offered me a new phone (I still have one year left in my contract) with a $50 off whatever it is currently on ATT or a $35 credit per month for three months. So $100 for a new line, they'll absolutely do it!!
  • It's not a new line though. I'm using my existing line, but just purchased the 1520 to replace my 920. I will definitely give it a shot though and see what happens.
  • Wow, $100 credit for a new 2 year contract. Run the math to see. I have 11 months left with AT&T and their contracts. No more AT&T branded phones for me.
  • You might want to check if you qualify for a move to AT&T Next.  I about a year left on my 2 year contract and got a text saying I qualified to move to AT&T Next.
  • This is not bad if you get a phone thru the Att next program. It just means you'll get the phone $100 cheaper.
  • You end up paying more with the Next plan, I'm not going that route
  • This might be enough to get my wife to move to AT&T Next.  We have a year left on our contract, but I got a text saying I qualified to move to AT&T Next.  I'd love to have a 1020 or 1520, and her 920 is cracked pretty bad.
  • I got that text too so I looked it up...turns out you just pay monthly: about $30 per month for 20 months for a 1520. I could have interpreted it wrong since I thought that sounded really stupid so you might want to search it up yourself, but that's what I saw.
  • Gee whiz! $100 dollars to get locked into a two year contract? GTFO
  • Better than yesterday when most people got locked into a 2 year contract w/out the $100
  • Here is a better idea: Call them up, tell them you are planning to jump to T-Mobile and ask them to offer you something if you decide to stick around. I do it every 6 months, and always get something in return. Last time, I got free text messaging for 3 lines for 6 months. Tell them T-Mobile will pay your ETF and I guarantee AT&T will offer you something even more than free SMS for 6 months. And this is not a dick move, they actually have a specific department for that.
  • Glad to know that! I'm about to jump from ATT to T-mobile! Do you think they'll do that on data?
  • The title of this article is misleading. You get $100 credit for opening a NEW line, not for just sticking around. Did I understand the fine print correctly.
  • Pretty much what I read.
  • What a joke, I'm still leaving to t-mobile. I'll save $60+
  • Already switched to T-Mobile :D 
  • Got my 1520 last wensday just called in and they applied the credit for 100 bucks to my account. Only if your in the 14 day period
  • Screwing Nokia Lumia 900 users again. First, they set our renewal date back from November to April, now they make sure the promotion conveniently runs out a week before we're all eligible for an upgrade.
  • You can always do att next
  • New lines only.
  • Does anyone have tmobile in Philadelphia I used to have it years ago and dropped it due to horrible service. This is back when they introduced the sidekick. I can't wait to leave att
  • Darn, this could work out for my cousin, but he can't upgrade until May.
  • They should offer the Black update instead.  Let's get this done!
  • Well if it means anything, Black for the 920 has moved from "Waiting for Approval" to "Coming Soon"
  • I agree and so many people here don't seem to understand how the business works. For high end devices there are few customers for Nokia to woo on T-Mobile. Add in that you get what you pay for, lousy coverage and International capabilities, and not many T-Mobile customers are going to plonk down big $ for a flagship device. L500's, sure, but 1020's and 1520's? I don't think so.
    AT&T has given Nokia consistent support for many devices for a long time. I'm not fond of AT&T but frankly, without them Windows Phone would be DOA in the US instead of struggling for traction.
  • While Tmobile does attract the thrifty, they sell a lot of iPhones and galaxies as well. People generally make more money over time. The success of the 521, introduction of EIPs and JUMP make a compelling argument for customers to splurge on their next phone.
  • If AT&T wants to encourage loyalty from me, how about hurring the hell up with the Black update on older Lumia devices? Of course, this has nothing to do with encouraging loyalty and everything to do with milking more money out of customers.
  • I got an AT&T Lumia 2520 3 weeks ago and they told me I will get the credit (so long as your account stays in good standing for 45 days).
  • Is this available to those who are still under a 2 year contract?
  • T-Mobile all day! We pay about $225 for 4 lines, 3 of which have new phones Xperia Z, iPhone 5c, and Nexus 5 all with 2.5Gb of data. A friend of mine pays ATT about $140 for a GS4 with like 3GB's or something. Ridiculous. I know T-Mobile lacks the more exciting Windows Phones but the savings are definitely there compared to ATT.
  • Hey ATT, want to reward loyal customers?  Let us upgrade our phones every year at the price you give new customers!!