At least they got the names right!

AT&T is in a tight pickle around this site: they're at once awesome, for having the Focus S, Titan and Flash in addition to being the largest carrier in the US. That's good for Windows Phone. On the other hand, they tend be a bit sloppy sometimes and at their support for Microsoft has been bit under whelming (but we're a bit biased here too).

Some of that may be changing. We've seen some effective commercials, they do have plans for Nokia and though their stores are a bit haphazard, at least we now see some in-store promotion going on. From this pic from reader Jeff B., we can see AT&T pushing the $25-app card that Microsoft is sponsoring for new phone purchases.

Game changer? No. But we think AT&T is trying here so we'll give a tiny golf clap. Let us know if you see anything similar in your local AT&T store. Now give us an epic Titan commercial and we'll be happy ;-)

Thanks, Jeff, for the report!