AT&T upping data available on $40 and $70 plans

AT&T is bumping up data allotments on their $40 and $70 plans from 2 GB to 3 GB and 4 GB to 6 GB, respectively. The change kicks in November 2 and applies to Mobile Share Value plans.

To sweeten the deal, AT&T is extending their Double the Data deal for another two weeks, so you can grab 30 GB of data for $130 a month (which would normally get you 15 GB to split with family or colleagues). Include your tablet on the plan for another $10 a month, and tack on unlimited international messaging for free, and this isn't a bad deal at all. Just don't forget that you're paying $25/month for each line on top of that. Head over to AT&T to sign up, if you're into it.

How many of you guys are with AT&T? For those of you that aren't, is the extra data enough to get you to switch?

Source: AT&T

Simon Sage