AT&T upping data available on $40 and $70 plans

AT&T is bumping up data allotments on their $40 and $70 plans from 2 GB to 3 GB and 4 GB to 6 GB, respectively. The change kicks in November 2 and applies to Mobile Share Value plans.

To sweeten the deal, AT&T is extending their Double the Data deal for another two weeks, so you can grab 30 GB of data for $130 a month (which would normally get you 15 GB to split with family or colleagues). Include your tablet on the plan for another $10 a month, and tack on unlimited international messaging for free, and this isn't a bad deal at all. Just don't forget that you're paying $25/month for each line on top of that. Head over to AT&T to sign up (opens in new tab), if you're into it.

How many of you guys are with AT&T? For those of you that aren't, is the extra data enough to get you to switch?

Source: AT&T

Simon Sage
  • Thanks T-mobile for pushing these greedy carrier to do the unthinkable. *singing* How low can you go?...
  • Tmobile still wins. $30 for unlimited 4g. $10 for 2gigs + throttled because that's way better than getting overages without you knowing.
  • Service is pretty much no good though.
  • Ditto, I don't drop calls with AT&T, therefore, I will keep on family share plan, only pay $33 month for 10gbs for 5 phones :)
  • Upped to 30gb which is as close to unlimited as we are going to see again with AT&T.
  • They have night data plans
  • Not for me. I have the 10 gig plan on 2 lines. Never used more than 6 in a month. Don't need a higher bill for bandwidth I will never use. edit: This is on a Next plan for my 1520. Wife is still using an HTC one x, with no plans to upgrade unless it dies. I stream internet radio fairly often, only rarely stream large videos. I'm on the net quite often all day long. The 6 gig plan would lose the $15 monthly data charge. I do like to have that buffer, we do day trips quite often and rely on data for all sorts of things, sort of the reason for the smartphones to begin with.
  • Same here and I will just stick with the 10gb for now
  • So why don't you use the $70 6GB plan the article talks about? Like you say, why pay for something you aren''t using? It's $30/mo cheaper. (Unless you do Next)
  • The 10GB plan drops the cost of the lines from $25 to $15. For the 2 lines, that's still cheaper, but to me the $10 is worth the insurance of being absolutely sure you won't go over. Myself, I get wi-fi almost everywher I regularly am so the 2GB has been enough for me, the extra GB is a bonus now.
  • I was going to say the same thing. The cost of line dropping from $25 to $15 makes a difference. I am able to get 3 lines for $15ea  on the 10GB plan, and because my work offers a 24% discount it really makes it worth it as the discount is applied to the plan, not the line for the phone. 6GB | $70/m + ($25 x 3) = $145/m + Taxes | (24% Discount, $16.8)
    10GB | $100/m + ($15 x 3) = $145/m + Taxes | (24% Discount, $24.00) I also did the math, and being on the 2yr plan with them, most people will end up overpaying for the device (full price) by $100 or more. So even if you plan on upgrading all the time, if you have the cash to pay upfront, you'll save money on the long run. I miss the times where it used to be a compromise of staying tied to a carrier for 2 years for the benefit of getting the device for a cheaper premium.
  • Still on my 20gb plan after 10gb upgrade. Can't upgrade my device but no complaints here.
  • Yup! Got AT&T retentions to double my 10GB to 20GB about 2 weeks ago! Still paying the $100 plus 2 lines @ $15 minus my 25% FAN discount. Awesome Sauce!
  • How? The 10gb data plan can't be doubled or does it??
  • An actually change that affects us lowly single line 2 GB users? Seriously, between this and the 830 keeping Qi, Ralph de la Vega must've got himself into some high quality drugs. This is way unlike AT&T.
  • Agreed! Wife and I are on the 2GB plan and had to go over the last few months(renovating a house). We usually added another GB with only 3 days left in the cycle.  3GB will be PERFECT for the two of us. Thank you T-Mo!
  • Wish they would bump the 10 gig plan. I'm thinking about switching but I'm not certain that 10 gigs will be enough for five of us. I typically use 3-5 gigs each month myself. The kids haven't had data so I'm uncertain how much they will chew through.
  • For 15 bucks more you get the 30gb plan def worth it!
  • The difference is $30 I think. It is a tough call. My wife and I both have grandfathered unlimited plans. The kids have been on a data block which had kept the system from adding data. But they seem to have wised up and I sure can't afford an extra $100/mo for data.
  • Invest in some Wi-Fi routers, even if you gotta buy one for the kids friends it's still cheaper than overages. You can also talk to kids friends parents and mention it to them so your kids get their Wi-Fi passwords. 
  • You can bump up the 10GB plan.  You must cll and talk to Retentions and not regular Customer Service; they'll double the 10GB plan. It worked for me and now I get 20GB for the 10GB price.
  • Are you serious?
  • Yep. Did it a couple of weeks ago and had my data doubled to 20GB just like the special for 15GB or more.  Just remember, you must talk to Retentiions and not regular Customer Service.  This ends today as well. 
  • Got mine too... Supposedly the deal ended on October 23 because people have tried and werent able to. Doesnt hurt to call and complain though.
  • Article says they're extending the Double Data Deal.
  • Bezzy what did you say to them? I have the 10gb one and the don't want to double the data
  • In Pakistan, Mobilink have a 5gb 3g offer for under 2$ and 15gb one for under 4$.
  • I uped to 30gb as well. Was on 10, don't think o ever reached the limit but have gotten close. But I also never did any type of video streaming knowing that I could go over, now I stream Hulu plus constantly while also playing Pandora without ever feeling like ill come close. And with my gfs 25% off for being an epic nurse, it ends up being around 30 bucks cheaper!
  • Funny that cricket did this a month ago.
  • Verizon just inplace upgraded our plan from 50GB to 100GB. Keep in mind, we have no DSL or Cable.
  • Hmm.. I may reduce my plan. My wife and I are family share 10GB. When I logged on, I was surprised to see AT&T "recommending" the 2GB plan. It broke down our 3-mo avg (631 MB) and 3-mo peak (1.1 GB)... that's a pretty cool feature. so I can save $336.00/yr with the 2GB (which is about to go up to 3GB for the same price if i understand this article correctly?)
  • Yep! Reduced to 2GB plan. We work from home and are always on WiFi. 3GB will be perfect for us.
  • This is awesome!
  • Good timing, just switched to at&t!
  • Crap. I delete my comment instead of editing it. Can someone help me out. I see the article says it's $25 an additional line, but I see and am being charged $40. Also, is this a temporary bump in data or permenant? We are currently on the 6GB plan, but should be able to bump down to 4, getting 6, thus not losing anything. Unless, are they doing anything with the current 6 GB plan?
  • $40 per month is on-contract. $25 per month is off-contract (for plans under 10GB). For 10GB+ plans, the monthly off-contract access fee is $15 (on contract is still $40)
  • Our contract with ATT has expired. I guess I need to call them and have it reduced from $40 to $25 then. So, my understanding is the 4GB (now 6GB) plan would be $70 + $25 + $25 (second line). Correct?
  • Yes, and if you call retentions you could also get 20GB through the doubling of the 10 GB plan for an extra ten bucks per month.  $100 + $15 +$15.  You have to do it by today (10/31) and you have to call retentions, not customer service.
  • Three different retention agents said 10 to 20 had been deleted from the system and shouldn't have been given out. Didn't bat an eye when I mentioned sprints 20gb plan.
  • Too bad, I guess they closed that option.  Good luck!
  • Hopefully they up GoPhone soon as well.
  • Isn't better to go with ATT's Cricket plan than stay on their GoPhone plan?
  • It is unless you want tethering.  ATT won't allow tethering on Cricket for some stupid short sighted reason.
  • GoPhone comes with tethering and Cricket throttles LTE to 8mbit. That being said I do use Cricket, I'm just hoping GoPhone adds more data because I want the speed/tethering. EDIT: Actually take the speed limit off Cricket and I'd say screw GoPhone. I can work around the tethering bit.
  • Great, moving on up to 6 GB. I'll prob do a lot more sharing with my Surface now, since I normally only use 3-3.5 GB per month.
  • I can't find any information about the 2 week extenion, even on ATTs site. All I see is an Oct 31 dealine. Can someone point me to where ATT extended this for 2 weeks?  
  • is this deal any better than what cricket or tmobile offer? i'm looking to make the jump from verizon to a GSM carrier, with two lines, one of them being on a contract currently. i'm looking for the new carrier to buy me out of tha current contract. does at&t buy out contracts from other carriers when you switch?
  • Just checked their online offerings; the new pricing structure doesn't kick in til Nov 2nd (as this article states). So switching from my 10GB plan to either the 6GB or 4GB is more expensive. Come Nov 2nd, hopefully that won't be the case...would looooove to save $30-40/mo on data I'm not using...
  • Well, the cost savings for the data tiers doesn't work out like i thought. ATT has higher line charges for the lower data tiers vs the higher data tiers so my cost would actually go up if i switched from 10GB to 6GB lol Only in AT&T world would that happen. For reference, if you are on the 10GB plan, line access charges are $15/line; if you're on a 6GB or lower tier it's $25/line. I have five lines so my cost goes down for the data plan but goes up on each line...   And to think i thought i could save money...silly consumer LOL
  • I'm with at&t! But I don't know, I've been thinking heavily about just buying unlocked phones and heading to Cricket. I get the phone I want, unlimited data/texting, for a good $60 a month. Don't care too much about LTE all the time but as long as I got my 4G and good speeds and good reception, I'm good :)
  • Wow! That's expensive...
  • Sweet! Another birthday present for me! We're on 2 GB. The extra gig will be nice when my husband decides he absolutely has to stream the Tour de France again! Ouch, those overages.
  • i want to get pff a family plan and this $40 3gb plan looks nice.  too bad theres no real wp upgrade!!!!!
  • Got shot down three differnt times trying to bump my 10 to 20. Had a coworker try too and also was shot down. We were told that that promotion got out online and that it has been removed. Can only double starting at 15GB
  • Yep, I wouldn't mind them doubling my 10GB to 20gb...only use 2-3gb a month, so not going to the next price bump
  • Yeah, I may go with the 2 if they can give me 4. I can work with 4.
  • You have to call retentions, not customer service.  If you did call retentions, I guess they closed that window.  I got mine doubled about a week ago.   Edit - I see you called retentions, sorry.
  • I did. Retention said the 10 was removed. Starts at 15 and the 1 and 2.
  • WOW!  Canada is sure a total RIPOFF in comparison! On Rogers, one line on a BYOD plan with 2GB data is $80.  $90 if you get a subsidized device.    Each smartphone line is a RIDICULOUS $50 to add to a shared plan.  Canada mobile carriers suck.
  • is this unlimited talk n txt too?
  • All the other data plans are seeing increases but no love for 10GB plan which I have :(
  • Sweet! Just lowered my monthly family plan from $130 to $90!
  • At&t had an individual $40 plan? Where is it?
  • Is AT&T still paying ETF's from Sprint? We're talking about moving...
  • Happy about this. My wife and I share the 2GB, and we always have to cut back the last few days of the month because we're running out of data, and are too stingy to pay $15 for the extra gigabyte. This will keep us going.
  • its just a matter of time before unlimited data options come back....
  • By the way, you must either call or go online to officalliy start the new plans, they will not show up automatically. I just upgraded mine online.
  • The change isn't showing up for me.
  • Just logged into my AT&T account to make the change. It was not showing for me at first, but I went to change plan and selected the new 3GB promotion and pricing is the same as it was for my 2GB plan.