Today, developer Iron Galaxy released a new video showcasing some of the skills gamers can equip. Making use of all your abilities is the best way to eradicate the massive "Ravenii" threatening the kingdom of Dolorum. It's up to you to use your powers to transport civilians to safety while slaying enemies and completing other objectives.

Unlike a traditional action game, enemies can come at you from the ground or the air. These creatures, known as Jackals and Vultures, have to be dealt with in their own ways. However, these two don't compare to the armored Ravenii which tower over everything else. They're by far represent the biggest challenge.

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As seen in the video, there are a number of upgrades part of the game's skill tree. Some of these include the "Rune Slowdown" and "Air Recovery" abilities. Rune Slowdown is one of the most important skills in the game because it lets you freeze time, buying a few seconds to focus on a particular action. Air Recovery allows you to regain control when you are knocked down. This helps you stay atop of an enemy long enough to plan your next move.

If you love games like Attack on Titan, Extinction will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2018.

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