Azedeem: End of Era, a Windows 10 Mobile game full of magic and monsters

Azedeem: End of Era is a fantasy trading card game that is available for Windows 10 Mobile. You collect a series of trading cards that represent a host of fantasy races to create a band of adventurers who travel a mysterious land, defeating evil where it may hide.

There are hundreds of encounters and dozens of cards to collect and defeat. Gameplay is reminiscent of the classic card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or World of Warcraft and the graphics are nicely drawn up with a fantasy art feel, somewhat reminiscent of Frank Frazetta.

Azedeem: End of Era is an entertaining game to spend a little time with, but may lack the action that many gamers seek. The free Windows 10 game is available for Mobile devices, as well as Windows Phone 8.1. If you are itching for a fantasy trading card game for your Mobile device, Azedeem: End of Era is worth a try.

Azedeem: End of Era

Azedeem: End of Era greets you with a primary menu that contains options to start/continue gameplay, access the game's settings, contact the developer, access the game's Facebook page and exit the game. Azedeem's settings are condensed with options to adjust the sound and music levels.

Gameplay begins with the selection of a screen name, race and skill set. Players have the option to play as an Elf, Human, Orc or Ogre with a skill set choice of Warrior, Mage or Healer. This selection dictates your primary gaming card.

The gaming map is an overview of the fantasy world with banners representing the available encounters. Silver banners represent side missions that you can tackle for bonus experience and gold while the Bronze banners represent the main story line for the game. Gaming statistics run across the top of the map screen that includes your experience points, card numbers and gold count. There is also a red banner that hangs down from the top right corner of the map screen that when tapped, reveals a gaming menu.

This gaming menu includes options to:

  • Visit the game's shop to buy cards and magical items
  • View the game's collection of cards
  • Return to the global map
  • View your inventory of cards where you can alter your party or upgrade cards
  • View your magical abilities and items
  • Access the game's settings menu

When you are ready to enter battle, just tap one of the banners on the global map and a short synopsis appears on the screen describing what you are facing. You can cancel out of the mission or jump into battle.

Azedeem: End of Era

Azedeem's combat screen has your cards lining the bottom of the screen and your opponent's cards lining the top of the screen. Magical traits and weapon choices for your cards line the right side of the combat screen, along with a Pass button. If you tap the Pass button, your character takes no action.

Combat is turned based. Tap on a magical item or weapon to use and then tap on an opponent's card as your target of attack. Vital statistics are displayed on the card that includes health and attack strength, allowing for a bit of strategy in how you approach a battle. Combat continues until all of your enemy cards are defeated or all of your cards are defeated.

Azedeem: End of Era

Combat victories earn you gold and experience. Gold can be used to buy items in the store and experience eventually allows you to upgrade your card's abilities. Throughout the game, Azedeem offers tutorial pop-up window throughout the game to walk you through features when you first encounter them. For example, when you first visit the Inventory screen the game details what each field on the gaming card reflects and how to upgrade your card.

Azedeem: End of Era

Combat does become more difficult as you progress through the game with stronger and more numerous enemies in each encounter. Alerts appear on the Inventory icon when cards can be updated and to have a fighting chance at success, you need to manage your cards carefully. Gameplay with Azedeem: End of Era combines elements of management, strategy and to some degree luck.

Asides from a few flashes of swords hitting your opponent or magic spells being cast, there is not a lot of visual pop to Azedeem: End of Era. The cards are drawn up nicely and have a fantasy appearance, but you will not find much animation to gameplay. For some, this may not be very appealing, but as a traditional fantasy trading card game, Azedeem does a nice job of things.

I would have liked to have seen a dedicated help section with the game, but as is, Azedeem: End of Era should appeal those with a fondness to trading card adventures. The free gaming title is available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices).

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