The Bash shell is officially coming to Windows 10

There has been chatter in the runup to Build 2016 about Linux and how it's going to work with Windows 10, and during the opening keynote we got the official announcement: The Bash shell is coming to Windows.

This isn't cross-compiled, it isn't a virtual machine, as Microsoft proudly announced on stage. This is the real, proper Bash on Windows 10. Microsoft has partnered with Canonical to include native Ubuntu binaries in the OS, and it can be downloaded directly from the Windows Store. You'll get access to native APIs, File System, VT100 and SSH support, as it brings "the power of open source command line tools to Windows."

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I love using Bash. It's fun.
  • So you can bash things?
  • Bash Shell on Linux.
  • I know. I'm making a joke about "bash" the command and "to bash" the verb.
  • Ah. Ok. I was just confused.
  • I thought you were continuing the joke with basing the shell on Linux, lol
  • No he wasn't. Let me help you out:  
  • I regret clicking on the link...
  • Ya let's see people do that on that on their iPad "Pro"s cause according to apple, people should be on iPads instead of 5 year old PCs. ****** morons
  • Ipad is nothing but a bad device. And cousin is so brain washed that he says iPad is better than PC and gaming console.
  • Bash is on OSX
  • And OSX isn't on iPad Pro. Point?
  • Technically is possible with a remote app
  • Actually they could, since i think it's partly bsed on BSD like OSX does, android can do terminal too, but on iOS would require cydia
  • Linux is a UWP! You can get it from the store?
  • Lmao
  • Great! now i can script stuff on Windows with ease. Though i could always do this with Cygwin
  • Can we slapt get, or am I asking too much?
  • Another sHELL? CMD, POWERsHELL, BASH... plus WMI, system registry, and some others interfaces to manage one OS. I spent all my life in Windows, but Linux or Unix with ssh, shell prompt and hell of config files in many different places, what changes between different UNIX/LINUX flavors still looks simplier. Am I right?
  • I don't think many people relaized that this is a huge deal
  • I would like to know
  • But its not the shell thats uniqe with linux, its the software you are using with the shell. How could it be any different than the normal commandline other than the look?
  • Developers use many Command Line tools which would be compatible with Bash on Windows.
  • I know, right?? I'm going to use this daily. I like Bash much more than DOS commands.
  • Finally. What took em so long?
  • Ballmer. Since they built their own linux distro for virtual network switching in Azure, they needed a way to manage it and I guess Cygwin or Putty were becoming tiresome. 
  • Bash on Windows, good news!!
  • This is huuuuuugge!!!!!!!!!
  • Aprils fool ;-)
  • I'll finally be able to stop using my Ubuntu VM for my classes that require me to code in Unix environments!
  • Careful with that
  • This is the very reason that holds me back on OSX. I need bash for my work.
  • To people who are new, it is Bourne again shell. Developed for Linux. Nowadays Unix also supports it. It is awesome.
  • Your average individual will not realize the importance of this but if it had been done in the early 2000's we would be in a completly different place computing wise.
  • Now if they give use the ability of mounting ext file system natively... that would be cool!
  • keep moving in a direction M$ one day you'll see we're in it all together