Nightwing Batman Gotham KnightsSource: WB Games (screenshot)

What you need to know

  • WB Games finally revealed Gotham Knights at DC FanDome.
  • Gotham Knights stars the Bat Family fighting the Court of Owls, but that won't be their only threat.
  • It is set to release in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

During DC FandDome, we received our first look at the rumored Batman game starring the Court of Owls. It is officially titled Gotham Knights, and it stars the Bat Family after the apparent death of Bruce Wayne. With the Bat Cave gone, the team now operates out of the Belfry.

Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family - Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin - to protect Gotham City, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals. You must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save Gotham from chaos.

The developer touts a "real, living Gotham City" that features 2-player co-op play between Robin, Batgirl, Night Wing, and Red Hood. And for those of you who prefer single-player, don't worry, it can still be played solo. WB Games also promises that the Court of Owls won't be the only mystery. Its nearly 8-minute gameplay trailer focuses on Mr. Freeze and showcases the aforemention co-op gameplay in action.

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Gotham will be compleyely open-world and Mr. Freeze is only just one of the villian encounters you'll come across while exploring the city, using the Batcycle and the ever-useful grappling hook.

Gotham Knights is set to release in 2021 for Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC. It is also coming to Xbox One and PS4.

Xbox Series X/S