Battle Monkeys, online multiplayer action for Windows Phone 8

Battle Monkeys is a new Windows Phone 8 game that has had it's fair share of success over on iOS and Android. It's a 3D combat game that can be played in single player fashion or an online, multiplayer mode.

With Battle Monkeys already being established on other platforms, you shouldn't have any problem finding opponents to battle.

Battle Monkeys has challenging game play, nice graphics and whether you're battling others or the computer it comes across as an entertaining game for our Windows Phone 8 devices.

Battle Monkeys' main menu presents you with options to play a single player game (you vs. three computer controlled monkeys) or tackle an online multiplayer game. The multiplayer game is managed through GameNet (registration required) and supports four players. Games have three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard).

You game board/battle arena is a 5 x 13 grid which is filled with random symbols. Each representing an attack or defensive move. For example, the meteor symbol allows your monkey to hurl a meteorite at one of your opponents. The first-aid cross heals your monkey or the mace symbol gives you a mace that can be used if you land adjacent to another player.

With each turn, you jump your monkey on to a square in the grid. Your range is highlighted in orange and you only have a few seconds to decide where your monkey is going to jump. After you jump, the symbols will shift and whatever your monkey lands on is your action for that turn.  Gaming tip... the symbols shift one square down after you jump so target the square just beneath the symbol you are wanting to use.

Repeat the process until all your opponents are taken out.

Speaking of the monkey's health, a health meter hovers over your monkey and theres a large billboard just above the game board showing everyone's health.

If you survive the battle you are rewarded with coins and gems that can be used in the game's store to unlock additional monkeys, upgrade your monkey and pick out a few new costumes for him/her to wear. You can get a jump on things by purchasing coins/gems via in-app purchases.

In just playing Battle Monkeys for a short period, it comes across as a fun little game. I did run into a few stability issues with the game crashing but not frequent enough to drive you bananas. Overall, Battle Monkeys makes a good first impression and is well worth a try if you are in the market for a unique approach to combat gaming.

Battle Monkeys is a free game that you can pick up here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • I've had Android phones for a while now but I had not heard of this game before. Mind you, I rarely bother to browse the store for apps but rather wait for someone else to recommend an application or game.
    Anyway, I've loaded this game up on my Android and Lumia 1020 and graphics, sound and everything else are exactly the same on both phones, so that's good. What isn't so good is that the game crashed on the Lumia after about three moves into the first match. I did however manage to play about five matches on my Android phone without incident.
    Has anyone else experienced any issues on their Windows Phone❔
  • It didn't crash on my lumia 920, but the game sucks anyways, it feels rigged.
  • Yeah, I know what you mean. I played it on easy and the best I could do was to finish in 2nd place. This was me playing as a single player against the CPU.
    It's an interesting concept for a game but ultimately not a game to write home about.
    I'm liking puzzle games at the moment for mobile phones and in particular Magnet balls for Windows Phone. That is a game I can pass the time with without getting angry or stressed.
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  • But in this case it was a positive remark: you immediately have many live opponents with whome you can beat your monkeys.
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