The first Battlefield 2042 technical playtest starts Aug. 12, but players will be under NDA

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

What you need to know

  • Battlefield 2042 is the latest chaotic first-person multiplayer shooter from Electronic Arts and DICE, and it's coming later this year.
  • The game is bigger and more ambitious than ever, so EA intends to test it before its official release with dedicated players.
  • The first Battlefield 2042 technical preview test runs from Aug. 12 to Aug. 16, and is invite-only for a select few players.
  • Participants will also be under a strict non-disclosure agreement during the test, so it's unlikely any new footage will be released.

Battlefield 2042 returns the long-running Battlefield franchise, often considered among the best Xbox shooter games, to the near-future, and aims to be the largest and most ambitious title yet from Electronic Arts and DICE. To ensure the game can deliver on its chaotic promises, EA has promised a Battlefield 2042 beta with multiple stages, and the first of three is almost upon us. EA is hosting a Battlefield 2042 technical playtest, or preview, that begins on Aug. 12 and runs to Aug. 16.

This initial technical preview is designed to test core elements of the game in a closed environment, and players can only get in by receiving one of a limited number of invites. If you are lucky enough to be invited, you'll be limited by a strict non-disclosure agreement. That means no streams, videos, or other content can be shared from this Battlefield 2042 technical playtest. The test will run for a few days, with specific three-hour windows every day opening up the doors for players to try out the game.

This is a little different to the first Halo Infinite beta, which was still invite-only, but was open to players for the entire duration of the test and fully allowed any content to be made from the game's technical preview. Battlefield 2042 is planning a closed beta and an open beta that should relax some of the restrictions and requirements of this early technical playtest.

Battlefield 2042 officially releases on Oct. 22, 2021, and looks to be an exciting addition to the bustling first-person shooter genre. If you want to ensure access to Battlefield 2042 and gain early access to the game on Oct. 15, be sure to read our guide on preordering Battlefield 2042. You can also bookmark our ultimate guide to Battlefield 2042 for everything you need to know about this expansive and hectic shooter.

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