Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Tips, abilities, and how to play

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The Battlefield 2042 Specialists represent the core of the action-packed gameplay that has the potential to make Battlefield 2042 one of the best Xbox shooters, and thanks to their versatile wingsuit and multipurpose explosives, Sundance is easily one of the most powerful Specialists on the game's roster. However, since their capabilities aren't as easy to use as what some other Specialists have to offer, being effective with Sundance isn't easy.

If you're struggling to use Sundance's kit well (or if you're just looking for an overview of what makes them special), don't worry. We're here with a simple guide that goes over everything you need to know about playing as Sundance, including what their abilities are, some general tips, and suggestions for effective loadouts.

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Abilities and gadgets

Source: Electronic Arts (Image credit: Source: Electronic Arts)

Unlike most of the Specialists in Battlefield 2042, Sundance's kit is designed around providing them high mobility. Here are Sundance's abilities, traits, and gadgets:

  • Wingsuit Operator: When needed, Sundance can deploy a wingsuit instead of a chute.
  • Smart Explosives: Sundance can throw a variety of anti-armor, EMP, and scatter grenades.

Sundance's Wingsuit allows them to soar through the air at high speeds as they descend to where they want to land. Meanwhile, their Smart Explosives give them a variety of different grenades that are effective in a wide variety of situations. Thanks to the power of both the Wingsuit and Smart Explosives, Sundance is an incredibly capable Specialist who can rapidly deploy into an area and then make use of versatile explosives to adapt to whatever threat they encounter.

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Tips and tricks

Source: Electronic Arts (Image credit: Source: Electronic Arts)

These general tips and tricks will make you a more effective Sundance player, regardless of the Battlefield 2042 maps and game modes on which you're playing.

  • The best way to use the Wingsuit is to jump from an elevated position and then deploy it so you can rapidly fly long distances and land on an enemy's flank, taking them by surprise.
  • Try to spawn in friendly helicopters when deploying. You can immediately jump out of them and use your Wingsuit, and since helicopters tend to be higher than any hill or building on each map, you'll have plenty of room to fly (and land) anywhere you want.
  • Avoid flying into areas that have an enemy anti-aircraft vehicle nearby, as you'll likely be shot and killed while using the Wingsuit if the driver is paying attention and has good aim.
  • Since you have a large overview of the battlefield when flying around, use Battlefield 2042's ping system to highlight any notable targets for your squadmates.
  • Try to insert into an area without being spotted. This will ensure that enemies will be caught off-guard by your sudden arrival. If you're spotted before you land, you might be shot out of the air.
  • You can use weather events like tornadoes to get high in the air so that you can use the Wingsuit.
  • Don't hesitate to use your grenades. Anti-vehicle grenades automatically track to enemy vehicles (including aircraft) and do huge damage, EMP grenades can help disable the weapon systems on enemy vehicles so that your team can combat them safely, and scatter grenades are effective against groups of infantry soldiers.
  • After inserting undetected with your Wingsuit, using scatter grenades against a cluster of unaware enemies is a great way to clear an objective.

Battlefield 2042 Sundance: Loadout suggestions

Source: Electronic Arts (Image credit: Source: Electronic Arts)

Since Sundance is generally a Specialist who works best when using the Wingsuit to land on a flank and then get up close to enemy positions, the best loadouts you can put together for them are primarily focused around improving the effectiveness of this playstyle. However, there are also some other types of loadouts that work well for Sundance. Here are some loadout suggestions:

  • SMG/Shotgun with Armor Plate: Close range weapons like SMGs and shotguns are perfect for getting in the face of enemy soldiers. The Armor Plate gadget will give you an extra 20 health points, making assaults like this easier to perform.
  • Assault Rifle/LMG with Armor Plate: If you'd prefer to fight from a longer range after flanking enemy troops, using an assault rifle or LMG instead of an SMG or shotgun is a good idea. You won't be as deadly up close, however.
  • Assault Rifle with Recoilless M5 Launcher: This loadout is great for destroying armored vehicles after landing on their flank. Between your M5 Launcher and your anti-armor Smart Explosives, you'll have no trouble taking out that pesky tank.
  • SMG with C5 Explosive: Prefer a stealthier approach to taking out vehicles? After landing behind them with your Wingsuit, you can place a few C5 Explosive charges on enemy armor to blow it up without ever alerting the driver. Bring along an SMG to deal with enemy soldiers near the vehicle that catch you red-handed.
  • Sniper Rifle with Ammo Crate: Sundance's Wingsuit also allows them to reach good sniping positions, and it's also good for repositioning if you're being overrun. Bring along the Ammo Crate gadget to refill your reserves if you run out of ammo while picking off enemy targets.
  • Sniper Rifle with AA Launcher: If you want to help your team destroy enemy helicopters and jets while sniping, bring along an AA Launcher. Most sniping positions are open and provide long lines of sight, which are ideal when firing rockets at aircraft.
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