Beginner's guide to Behemoths in Battlefield 1

Behemoths are an interesting new feature of the Battlefield series. They only enter play when one team or the other has fallen behind in Conquest or Operations, and they are a clever way to even out mismatched teams.

Let's take a look at where each Behemoth spawns, how to use each Behemoth most effectively, and how to remove Behemoths from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

What triggers a Behemoth?

Behemoths enter the game in Conquest and Operations modes when a team has fallen behind. Behemoths last until the round ends or the opposing team manages to completely deplete its health bar.

In Conquest, if the difference in tickets meets or exceeds 100, the losing team will receive a Behemoth.

In Operations, if the attacking team fails to take a sector, they will receive a Behemoth on their next attempt at taking the sector.

Airship L30

The Airship L30 is a giant zeppelin filled with containers of hydrogen gas that let if float lazily over the battlefield. Players can run along the top of the zeppelin, but there are two mounted guns that can be used to protect against this type of attack.

There are also three seats with Becker Type M2 cannons that fire at enemies on the ground or in the air. The final seat, the pilot, lets a player move the zeppelin around the map while dropping bombs. Altitude cannot be changed, and the pilot has no repair function.

Anyone who spawns on the Airship L30 is automatically given a parachute. Players can exit any seat whenever they want, but only the seats on top of the zeppelin will let you exit and run around atop the frame.

Maps where the Airship L30 spawns

The Airship L30 has a chance to spawn on these maps:

  • Monte Grappa
  • St. Quentin Scar
  • Ballroom Blitz

How to attack the Airship L30

This Behemoth has small gondolas mounted on the bottom of it that house the gunner and pilot seats. These gondolas can be individually destroyed by gunfire, effectively lowering the zeppelin's lethality.

Stationary anti-aircraft guns on the ground should be immediately focused on the Airship L30. While the main frame is easiest to hit, you should focus on the gondolas first.

Any pilots on your team should also immediately focus their fire on the zeppelin. Once the gondolas are gone, you'll have a much easier time attacking without any reprisal. The gondolas will eventually come back if enough time passes, so focus again on them if they return.

Sections of the airship will catch fire as they are destroyed. Start at one end of the frame and work your way along it to deal the most damage. Try not to hit spots that are already on fire, as you can't destroy the same section twice.

The aftermath

When an Airship L30 loses all of its health, it will catch fire and fall to the ground. Anyone beneath the zeppelin will die, and most buildings will be destroyed. The burned-out frame will remain on the ground for the rest of the match and can significantly change a battle if it lands in the wrong (or right) place.

Armored train

If you see train tracks in the map you're playing on, you'll probably at some point hear a loud whistle — that's the Armored train, a fearsome vehicle with a wide assortment of armament.

The conductor takes the seat at the front of the train and has access to a 57mm cannon. When firing the cannon, the view switches to a third-person camera that shows the trajectory of the shell. The conductor can also spot enemies using binoculars when not moving the train back and forth and sounding the whistle.

The other seat in the front of the train has another 57mm cannon, but when fired, the camera doesn't switch to the overhead artillery view. In the rear cars there are four seats — two have an 8mm HMG, one has a 37mm anti-aircraft cannon, and the last is a 20mm cannon that faces the sides and rear of the train. All seats have 360-degree views other than the rear cannon.

Maps where the Armored train appears

The Armored train has a chance to spawn on these maps:

  • Suez
  • Amiens
  • Giant's Shadow
  • Argonne Forest
  • Sinai Desert

How to attack the Armored train

The Armored train's path can always be predicted thanks to those iron rails lying on the ground, so set explosive traps wherever you can. Use AT mines (conductors can't see them), AT rockets, dynamite, HE mortars, heavy grenades, and any other explosives to chip away at the train's health. Any stationary artillery on the map should also be directed at the train.

Turrets atop the train can be destroyed with concentrated fire — focus on these first to lower the train's firepower. You can also destroy the engine with enough damage, but it will eventually start working again as long as the rest of the train still has health. If the train is temporarily disabled, load the tracks with explosives for when it starts running again. The conductor will most likely try to escape the area and will run over your trap in the process.

The aftermath

When its health bar is depleted, the Armored train will explode and derail. Its smoking hulk will stay on the tracks, but it doesn't cause quite as much havoc as a falling zeppelin.


The Dreadnought is an enormous battleship that is available on maps that incorporate large bodies of water. These ships have devastating cannons and are relatively hard to hit due to their position on the open sea.

There are only four seats on the Dreadnought. The first is reserved for the ship's captain who has the ability to move the ship around and to fire the front cannons. These cannons are incredibly powerful and will level most buildings in one shot. If you're on land and hear an incoming salvo, run for your life. The rear seat also has access to two cannons of the same size — timing the shots with the captain's turrets will ensure devastation on the battlefield.

The two other seats have access to anti-aircraft cannons — ensure these are always manned, as aircraft will likely be the Dreadnought's downfall.

Maps where the Dreadnought spawns

Maps with large bodies of water will likely see the Dreadnought at some point. They include:

  • Empire's Edge
  • Fao Fortress

How to attack the Dreadnought

Due to the usual distance that smart Dreadnought captains keep between themselves and shore, the other team will have to depend on aircraft and boats to deal damage. Any available torpedo boats should immediately set out for the Dreadnought, and bombers and fighters should also focus their attack on the turrets and anti-aircraft guns.

If a captain foolishly moves the Dreadnought into shallow water, attack it with tanks, AT rocket guns, and whatever stationary artillery is available. This thing moves slow, so if it nears shore, you might be able to completely destroy it before it gets away.

The Dreadnought has a bunch of sections that, when disabled, remove a substantial amount of health. Work your way along the ship while trying to not hit parts that are already on fire.

The aftermath

When the health bar is completely depleted, the Dreadnought will go up in flames and sink. Unlike the Armored train and the Airship L30, it can't really change the way the game is played after being destroyed.

Your favorite Behemoth

Do you prefer the zeppelin, the train, or the battleship? Let us know in the comments section!

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