BenQ reveals new hardware for PC gamers, including a 'world-first' 4K LED gaming projector variant

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Benq Projector

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What you need to know

  • BenQ has numerous products on the docket, including 4K LED gaming projectors and new gaming monitors.
  • BenQ claims the X3000i is the only gaming projector available with its specific set of 4K gaming enhancements.
  • For its monitor releases, there's the EX3410R MOBIUZ 34-inch curved monitor as well as the 4K 32-inch EX3210U.

BenQ has a lot of stuff to discuss at CES 2022, starting with its X3000i 4K LED gaming projector. The company describes it as the "only gaming projector on the market offering exclusive intuitive settings for 4K HDR game audio-visual enhancement and low latency fast response for seamless gaming display."

But that's not the only 4K gaming projector on display. BenQ's also highlighting its TK700 4K FPS projector. It can handle 4K visuals at 60Hz with relatively low (16ms) input lag. It's going for $1,499.

The monitors, meanwhile, are the EX3410R MOBIUZ 34-inch curved monitor and 4K 32-inch EX3210U. The EX3410R offers a curved, ultrawide WQHD display and 144Hz refresh rate, as well as a 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync Premium support. The EX3210U features 4K 144Hz capabilities, sports built-in speakers, BenQ's HDRi image optimization tech, and a "sleek new white rear cover."

BenQ is also spotlighting its ZOWIE esports brand's 240Hz, blur-reducing XL2546K monitor, as well as its mouse fitting kit that gives players a chance to test drive mice before committing to a purchase.


TK700 gaming projector

Though expensive, this projector is one to consider if you're in need of larger-than-life competitive gaming action with minimal input lag.


EX3410R gaming monitor

Curvy in all the right places and packing a WQHD display, this gaming monitor will keep you in competitive shape with its 1ms response time and AMD FreeSync Premium support.

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