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Best budget B660 motherboards 2022

Aiming for a mid-range PC can still provide impressive results with the B660 chipset and Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake processors. We've rounded up the best budget B660 motherboards to lay the groundwork for your next build with a variety of sizes and feature sets.

Choosing the best budget B660 motherboard

A decent motherboard is the foundation of a custom PC even when you're looking to save some cash, so high-quality components are critical. In the B660 chipset range, Gigabyte comes out on top with its DS3H B660M AX board offering the best range of features for a fair price. Even better if you don't need Wi-Fi built-in, since the cheapest board on our list is a variant of that same Gigabyte model.

For those aiming for a full-size build, the Prime B660-PLUS D4 is an ATX board from ASUS with plenty of options for storage expansion and modern GPU support via its PCIe 4.0 lane. ASRock even accommodates RGB-loving gamers with their B660M PRO RS, touting 8-stage power phases for overclocking. Compared to some of the best motherboards available, any of these budget B660 boards can take you a long way if you don't mind sticking with previous-generation DDR4 memory.

Ben Wilson
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