What's better than a flight game? A flight game in VR! The first-person view of the cockpit found in the majority of these games lends itself well to the Oculus Rift; look around, see yourself in the captain's chair, and watch your virtual hands move the controls as your ship or airplane hurtles through space. If you're a fan of flight games and have an Oculus Rift, check out this list of the best titles that make you the pilot.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous will steal your life if you aren't careful; that's the draw of a universe with 400 billion star systems waiting to be explored in a ship of your choosing. Not only can you explore, you can also bounty hunt, trade, mine, and fight your way to renown. Elite Dangerous is a killer game on its own, but when you actually jump into the cockpit through the Oculus Rift for $59.99 you can take things are taken to the next level.

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Eagle Flight

Humans left the planet years ago, and in their wake, their great cities have fallen into disrepair. Flora and fauna have retaken Paris, setting an epic stage for this game. Eagle Flight lets you sit behind the eyes of an eagle as it hunts, plays, and fights for its life in the skies above and tunnels below La Ville-Lumière. Controls are handled just by leaning and looking around, giving you about as authentic of an eagle trip as you're going to get.

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Final Approach

Final Approach isn't your classic flight game; the original game mode had you stand in the middle of a busy airport. It was your job to guide planes safely to the ground by tracing a path for them through the air with your motion controller. The game has been expanded now to include aerial battles over aircraft carriers, rescue missions in cities full of emergencies, and air races around towering skyscrapers. If you'd rather be outside of the cockpit while flying, check out Final Approach.

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EVE: Valkyrie

Fans of EVE: Online will be immediately familiar with the backstory in EVE: Valkyrie, but as far as gameplay goes, the latter couldn't be more different. Valkyrie is primarily all about dogfighting; jump into one of three classes of ship, choose online or offline play, and start ranking up to unlock ship upgrades and more. There have already been four huge free updates since October 2016, making this game a real bargain despite its high starting price. For epic space battles with you in the cockpit, give this one a go.

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War Thunder

War Thunder has been around for awhile now, but it really took off (at least for VR enthusiasts) when support for head-mounted displays was added. Jump into the cockpit of a WWII or Cold War airplane and dogfight until you're content. Not only that, you can also use tanks, ships, and other vehicles to achieve victory over the enemy. If multiplayer PVP isn't your thing, there are also plenty of solo PVE missions to tackle. Best part? War Thunder is free!

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In FIRMA, you start out as a lunar delivery person making basic pickups and dropoffs. It isn't long until your boss (over your ship's intercom) starts giving you shady orders that must be followed. Although your ship is a boxy lunar lander, it handles like a dream. You can race it through canyons on a time trial or get toxic materials to the disposal site, and there are even times when you must fight off other landers with your side-mounted cannons. There's no multiplayer mode, but at $13, FIRMA is a great addition to your library.

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